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  1. I am interested in the knife you advertised. Would you do $40 shipped? I'm in northern  Maryland

    Snake eye


    1. Lone Roc Ranger

      Lone Roc Ranger



      What's your zip code there Snake-eye?



    2. Snake-eye, SASS#45097
    3. Lone Roc Ranger

      Lone Roc Ranger

      Mark, shipping will be 7.25.  I will do $42 shipped if that is acceptable.  Roc

  2. SPF - CVA 'Trade' Knife and Sheath - REDUCED

    BTT for last try
  3. Ruger New Vaquero SA Revolver 45 Colt

    BTT for last shot
  4. WTB 308 Full Length Die Set and Trim Die

    BTT one more try
  5. Ruger New Vaquero Bisley SA Revolver .357 mag

    BTT for a last try
  6. I have a Winchester 1897 12ga E series that's a good shooter but not real pretty. You may have to consider a new recoil pad unless you want to add a leather butt cover the way most do.  It is $350 and here is the link to my ArmsList ad.







  7. I prefer RCBS but will consider other brands.
  8. Pard, just curious as to how much you sold your 1897 win for? I have a similar one I am thinking about selling. Please let me know, I would appreciate it. Regards, Roc

    1. Nearsighted Nate

      Nearsighted Nate

      Howdy. I ended up selling it for $650.

    2. Lone Roc Ranger

      Lone Roc Ranger

      Thanks for the information!

  9. Sorry, no I do not have a 44 mag conversion. Also I looked again for the missing pin and can’t find it, but I did find a larger pin that I will include, however it will need ground down.
  10. Ruger New Vaquero SA Revolver 45 Colt

    Was asked who rebarreled it. So updated ad. I sent it in to Ruger and they replaced the barrel, repolished it, did a function check and test fire before returning it.
  11. Ruger New Vaquero Bisley SA Revolver .357 mag

    I’m removing my comment on the B2 marking on the back side of the grip panel since it is off topic and not relevant.
  12. Yes, good eye. I never use the pins when I load, so very likely missed place one.
  13. SPF Spurs and Straps

    Mr. Brass they are yours pending receipt of funds. Contact me for payment info.
  14. CVA ‘Trade’ Knife and Sheath Very similar in style to J. Russell & Co.’s Green River Works The knife was only sold by CVA (Connecticut Valley Arms) in kit form between 1979 and mid ‘80s. It is German 440-C stainless steel, or so they say. $40 + shipping The last picture is how the kit was received. It was obtained at the following site which also has additional information about it: http://iknifecollector.com/profiles/blogs/cva-knives
  15. SPF Spurs and Straps

    Spurs & Straps These were purchased back in 1987 in the small town of Bay City Texas. Can’t remember the shop name. They were never worn. The spurs are plain chrome with brass buttons and rowel. Straps are marked Champion Turf. No marking on the Spurs. Length tip to tail is 5 ½” Inside width is 3” Outside width is 4 ½” Rowel diameter is 7/8” $37 shipped as a complete set