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  1. TBBandito

    Trail Boss Powder

    I have great success with 4.8-4.9 gr for my 200 gr RNFP in 45 colt. Much lower and my Bullets tumble.
  2. TBBandito

    SOLD 30 carbine dies

    I’ll take 1 set! PM me with how you want your gold! TB
  3. TBBandito


    I’d love it... but I love my wife better!! Plus, just put in a new gas tank in the ol car!! Darn squirrels evidently love fuel lines! Come on someone... Tyrel’s toys are good!!!
  4. TBBandito


    Wow what a beauty!! Wish I was in the market!!
  5. TBBandito

    Leather butt cover for a 73 uberti

    Can either of you post a picture? Others of us might want one (or two)... thanks!
  6. TBBandito

    $500 Bounty on Widder

    We’re not too proud to wear pink in TN!! Great job rounding up that much Gold from this Wild Bunch! Proud to be from Wartrace! TB
  7. TBBandito

    How can you shoot this?

    Poking the Tiger?? LOL!!! is your bet on 8 pages??
  8. TBBandito

    Outlaw Josey Wales Coat XL 46-48

    Keep me in mind if it falls through! I'll take it! TB Bandito
  9. TBBandito

    Selling off a bunch O'Guns all CAS

    Hey Dutch, is the Cimerron '73 case hardened? Sorry to hear that your hanging up your spurs!! TB

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