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  1. TBBandito

    A prayer for Mortimer Smith

    Mortimer was always a joy to shoot with! He exemplified the “Spirit of the Game”!! Rest In Peace!! TB
  2. TBBandito

    Big congrats to Dodge City Dixie, World champ LS

    Very proud of our Wartrace Regulators!! Congrats Dixie & Reno!!!
  3. TBBandito

    Randy St. Eagle World champ SD

    Very proud of our Wartrace Regulators!! Great Job Randy!!!
  4. TBBandito

    Papa Dave World champ Grand Patron

    Very proud of our Wartrace Regulators!! Good job Papa!!
  5. TBBandito

    Outlaw Josey Wales Coat XL 46-48

    Keep me in mind if it falls through! I'll take it! TB Bandito
  6. TBBandito

    Selling off a bunch O'Guns all CAS

    Hey Dutch, is the Cimerron '73 case hardened? Sorry to hear that your hanging up your spurs!! TB

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