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  1. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    The NFL caved....

    Mickey d’s ?
  2. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Light Pack

    Wake up PR, that is the accessory bag . Shhheeez. And I thought you had served. Oops my bag, you did identify it. It’s hell to get old. I thought at first that it was my mechanics bag, they look the same you know. Except that attaches to the back of it. So many years of back problems. Can’t wait for women’s lib to catch up
  3. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    So looking forward to first match since my bike crash

    Good PR, I haven’t been able to return yet. So report back how much fun you had. Hope you shoot faster than the wire operates.
  4. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    SASS Wire Saloon is S-L-O-W!

    I now can run a stage faster than the wire can load. New competition. Think I’ll set up a stage here on my range and test this theory. If I win then I’ll make it my goal to beat it. Gotta beat someone okay, that made no sense. To much coffee too many words from the wife. Maybe my goal should be to beat the wife in conversation. Okay that doesn’t work either. Crap! I shoot out for fun anyway. I married her because she’s a genuine individual unlike anyone I’ve ever meet that puts others above herself, and she’s lots of fun. ( She made me type this)
  5. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    SASS Wire Saloon is S-L-O-W!

    Still ain’t gettin no better. I’m actually listening to the wife now while waiting. I’m learning about things about her girlfriends I never wanted to know.
  6. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Bored... let's talk about the Henry Big Boy!

    I had a Henry big boy for about 6 month. Beautiful rifle. But I had nothing but problems with it. Couldn’t get thru a stage. At the time I was just trying new things. I had a 73, a 66, and a 60. I sold the Henry and luckily got most of my money back. I seem to have been a rare case, because others didn’t have the same issues.
  7. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Not political - power structure

    Have enuff and you’ll finally fight back
  8. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    A Man Named Smith

    Always wondered where that name came from. That was really cool SJ. Thanks
  9. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Police Car Ride Announcements

    Imagine if all cops did that. It would probably deter a few.
  10. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Preakness Runs Saturday

    Wife has been burning up here pocket bock getting ready for the race. Not a gambler myself. No lucky streak in me, everything I get is hard earned. No doubt she’ll put us in debt yet again. She comes from a family of gamblers. Her father won their childhood home in a poker game. Three years later lost it in a fire from you guessed it a poker game of drunks that were smoking. Drinking and gambling is a recipe for disaster. All my winnings over the years have been off drunks. Go figure if youre going to drink don’t gamble. If you’re going to gamble don’t drink. BTW. I’m ahead way ahead in all games with this rule. Level heads are the best offense
  11. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Lt. Col. Oliver North - soon-to-be NRA Prez

    The liberals extreme left have drawn their swords. Those that draw theirs in defense are covered by many others scriptures. We need leaders are are drawn to serve in defense. You quote scripture from a view of either liberal, or agnostic view. If you believe that you have a right to draw arms against an attacker in self defense, then your statement is at odds with your belief. We need strong leadership willing to step forward for freedom regardless of your religious beliefs. Please don’t quote Christian scripture from a singular point of view. You must understand all the Bible’s compelixities to make an argument. You have a right to your opinion and I respect that. However without a full understanding you are picking and choosing solely to support your belief. This is is not an attack on you Mark J Flint. I just think that just as soldiers study the Koran to know the another view and understand the other side, so should you study the Bible to make such judgmental decisions based on his religion. We are all in this together. Knowledge is the key to defeating our true enemy. Even it is ourself. Hope to meet you down the trail. I wish you speed, aim and success in your endeavors
  12. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Doing The Math

    Excellent read
  13. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Reluctant prayer request

    Prayers are up
  14. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Preakness Runs Saturday

    Not I said the blind man. Lucky me, the wife has $226 on account ready to blow.
  15. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Pleasant Surprise

    I have used big o since the early eigthies. Never paid for rotation balance or flat repair. I’ve actually had two sets of tires replaced free of charge because I kept up with all required maintenance thru big o and the tires didn’t last the guaranteed mileage. I’ll never use anyone else

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