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  1. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    To my brothers and sisters who served

    Thank you, and back at you
  2. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Liver Sausage/Braunsweiger

    Well, Yul. Looks like I was wrong. I checked the commissary in the import section. It’s Schaller and Weber. However, it’s made in New York. Why they have it in the import section is beyond me. I guess everything outside Kentucky is an import. Lol
  3. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Liver Sausage/Braunsweiger

    I buy my braunschweiger at the base commissary. It’s imported from Germany. Next time I go I’ll pay attention to the brand
  4. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    New “Rambo” Movie?

  5. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    How Faking Videos Became Easy — And Why That's So Scary

    That can’t be good
  6. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Seven years in prison...

    Very sad day
  7. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Time to clean up SPACE!

    Oh great, now my garbage pickup is really going to cost more
  8. Tennessee Trapper Tom


    Well, I’ll be danged . Welcome back FKCGG
  9. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Photo Caption Fun, Again #1

    What do you mean, I can’t breast feed in public.
  10. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Photo Caption Fun, Again #2

    And they said I couldn’t find a shark tooth on the beach, Ha!
  11. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    What features & options do you require in your vehicle

    A comfortable seat, 4x4, heat for winter, careless about ac. Windows that go down. V-8 with towing capacity. Room to put groceries I’m a necessity kinda of guy. The wife is a different story. Wants every bell and whistle the world can provide. And yes we camped together. I was rarely seen. Bare minimum is my requirement
  12. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Birthday Jump

    Finally I can say. That Uber cool. Good driver
  13. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    David Hogg AGAIN!!

    That fact that this idiot gets any attention is amazing. The leftists that foot the bill really have their heads up their fourth point of contact
  14. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    OT: The SASS Wire Pet Thread

    My mother in law was a royal pain in the arse. She left her children, my wife and sisters early on for 3 more husbands. She was a mean drunk and passed early. Leading up to meeting her, because my wife really wanted a connection, we discovered that not only did she love dachshunds, hers had recently passed. We got a nice one for her and took it on our first visit. I’ll leave out all the nasty things she did during that visit and just tell you this part. We gave her the dog, she was in love immediately. After we left, her last husband called us to tell that the pup after she put it on the bed. Waited til she left then pooped and peed on her pillow. Pay back is a bit$&.
  15. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Bad Analogies

    Those are priceless Doc, and in the military I’ve heard some that would leave a person totally confused.

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