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  1. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Wrong arena

    I think we should all start filling the stadium parking lots for BBQ and party’s. No tickets. No going inside. Just party and celebrate our freedom to say f$&k you dirtbags
  2. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Rock Bottom Can Be A Great Foundation

    Just thanks
  3. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Photo Caption Fun 2

    Dang. They’re playing another John Wick movie. Now where’s that cat
  4. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Wrong arena

    Well said.
  5. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Set of SASS Vaqueros For Sale

    The 4.62 was made specifically for getting dem hombres. Lol
  6. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Photo Caption Fun 1

    Orthopedic Reports: with proper placement cervical joints can be relieved of downward pressure without surgery
  7. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Armscor ammo .22 LR

    Tried it. Comparable to other cheap brands. Depends on what you are using it for. Tins cans on a stump great. Competing with a friend on a target. NOT. I have frequent jams with Amscor out of autos. Have had trouble ejecting from two bolt actions that higher quality does not do. Still can’t figure out why
  8. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Sick of rain !!!

    I’ve lived in a lot of environments. Loved Colorado, beautiful. Developed allergies I never had. Loved Washington State. Tacoma was 1/12 hours from the beach, 1 hour from altitude and snow, 3 hours to Yakima. (Unless your like me and made the trip in 2 hours and ticketed for a 130 mph in a 55 across the pass in a Suped up El Camino) long story on that one. Anyway it was way to wet for me and at the time, a lot of extreme progressive where moving in, outsiders began to be unwelcome. Totally understand. New York City during the seventies, no explanation needed. Texas, to dry. To much family too close. (Born in North Carolina and family from Tennessee, hence my Alias). Germany, Korea, no explanation needed. Kentucky well we’ll see what the future holds. Really too old to move again anyway. Lol. I have vacationed in 48 of the 50 states. My wife and I still want to visit the remaining two, Hawaii and Alaska and have friends in both places. Guess I’ll just get used to where I’m at and deal with it
  9. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Just needs a coat of paint

    That’s awesome
  10. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Sick of rain !!!

    Worse season in 20 years here. I have roughly 51/2 acres I mow. I can’t keep up. I refuse to mow wet grass, tore up a bunch of equipment doing that. My neighbor has two new mowers, mows wet grass and both his mowers are now in the shop. Tried to tell him. Youngens don’t listen to experienced folks no mo
  11. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Doing business in California...

    We need to start a go fund me page for the greatest Californian minority. Those who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. you guys and gals are in the worst situation possible.
  12. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Good Job Of Parking

    I don’t care if you have the rarest car in the world. If you have that much money hire body trucks, or park on the back forty. There is absolutely no excuse for rudeness. I don’t care how rich you are............ btw I have an old beat up pick up just looking for arseholes like him.
  13. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Loose Tooth

    The many positive uses of play guns. Hope he doesn’t try it with a real gun. (:
  14. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Looks like a fine way to get 'dobe-walled

    Too bad the similarities to many politiciansl is spot on. And, We are growing tired!
  15. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    He Shoots!!!! He....

    And I don’t think someone opening a can off WOOPASS would help!

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