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  1. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    For Sale: Uberti 1866 (Short Stroked) 45 LC (SPF)

  2. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Spelling contest 1

    Short tempered
  3. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    For Sale: Uberti 1866 (Short Stroked) 45 LC (SPF)

  4. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    For Sale: Uberti 1866 (Short Stroked) 45 LC (SPF)

    Thank you Rattler. Yes these are New Model Single Sixes. I’ll correct that. Cowboy up
  5. Uberti 1866 45 LC has been short stroked. (Don’t know who did the work, but did a good job) picture shows length of stroke. $875.00 plus shipping FFL to FFL. No box. ( still available) Pair of blued New Model Single Sixes in 32 H&R plus set of Lee dies. $1250 plus shipping. SOLD
  6. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Another bout with the Big C

    Prayers on the way
  7. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Hey...a gal has to stretch her legs sometime!

    Nevermind. I don’t want to get barred. You’re baiting father
  8. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Pets - get out the hankies again.

    She is a Toy Minn Pinn. I’ve almost always had Labradors, but when my last one passed the wife got Darby. We’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old. She was born on Christmas Day 2009. Weighs all of 6 pounds and sleeps behind my knees every night. She’s a real joy.
  9. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Pets - get out the hankies again.

    I’ve a lot of human friends over the years. I’ve learned to say they are better off, we had good times and I’ll see them again. Maybe! But I’ve had to say goodbye to a great number of BEST friends, and while I know they are better off, they visit me in all my new best friends. In my dreams, my daily walks, my visit to the pet food aisle, everything I do reminds me of them even when many of them is physically no longer with me. They are part of me and my soul. They have have walked with me through all my life paths and still do. They are with me always and yet I miss them as though they are not here, when I know they are. They are and will always be my best friend and companion. i miss you. Lady, Major, Brandy, Bo, Dugan, KD, and Derby. Thanks SJ. I think ill I’ll go cuddle with Darby
  10. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Raised Pancakes

    I hardly ever eat pancakes for many reasons, but dang that sounds good. Interestingly, this morning my wife made me banana walnut pancakes with local honey for syrup. First pancake I’ve eaten in years. Ill be sure to share the recipe with her. I was spoiled this morning since it also is the first meal she’s cooked in years. I’ve been doing almost all the cooking in the almost 40 years of marriage
  11. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Car washes

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I now drive a dirty Yukon for most off the winter. I have gone thru the best car wash in town, deluxe wash, $ 12:00 bucks. Get home and theres dirt still all over the bottom half. Waste of my money. I could do better to hose it off on warm days
  12. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Surgery tomorrow. Update 1/29/19.

    Prayers are on the way
  13. Today I had an appointment at Norton’s Leatherman Spine to see if anything can be done for my spine problems. Instead of a nurse taking my vitals height and weight, it was a PA fresh of of school to do the job. He writes down the measurements. And leads me to a room to see the surgeon. Once in the room in sits at the computer to enter the collected data. When he gets to my height he looks at me and asks how tall I am. I said I used to be 5’ 10 1/2 “ or 701/2 “ some 40 years ago. I paused and said that he just took my measurements and I’d like to know how much I had shrunk. What did you measure. He laughed, said he was sorry that I had shrunk so much. I was now 68” or 5’ 6” . i did, of course correct him that I was 5’ 8”. This man is college educated. Mistakes are mistakes. But it didn’t leave me with a lot of faith in our education system.
  14. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Protect your Identity when filling up.

    Good idea. I’ve never seen gas gift cards. I’ll have to check around and see if I can find them. Twice in the last two years my card info was accessed at a gas station in Ohio when my wife was traveling home. These would be great for her trips. Locally, where we fill up the stations are continually checked for skimmers by the owners and by the local police that eat at these locations. It’s actually fairly easy to check for a skimmer, grab the scanner and see if you can get movement. If you can, don’t use it, and report it. However this not not foolproof, as crooks are getting smarter. Best to pay inside
  15. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    What do you call him?

    Careful you might cause gender confusion. Ma’am!

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