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  1. New to black powder/frontier cartridge. Are all black powder substitutes allowed for SASS sanctioned matches and side matches? Is there any rule that would disqualify a participant from a long range side match for using synthetic black powder such as 777, black mz, etc? Asking for a friend. Thanks for your help!
  2. Razorback Red

    BP load advice?

    Shot my first FC match using MZ and loved it! Used 125 coated bullets and it all worked great. Thanks for all the advice. One question. I have a bunch of 105 grain coated bullets. Anyone ever load up 105s in .38 with substitutes? I’ll load some up for this weekend but just wondered if anyone had any input on how they work?
  3. Razorback Red

    BP load advice?

    Thanks. That helps. Can you please pm me your loads..by weight or by volume? BP compatible lubes for my guns? Non petroleum? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Razorback Red

    BP load advice?

    Hi, Wanting to play with 3F bp loads for my .38 and sts hulls. I have 105 coated bullets and sts hulls with pink and grey wads in my supplies. I have a Mec shotmaster and/or the Lee yellow spoon kit and also a spare .38 Dillon loader. I’ve read quite a bit from posts and a variety of sites, but I was hoping I might get a few tips and maybe some load suggestions pm’d using the materials I already have to just try it out and get my feet wet at a monthly. Any help is very much appreciated! Razorback Red

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