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  1. levi littleton


    do not.... All LH serial numbered, Rodeos shown below FWIW the LH guns are a big step above the typical USFA Rodeo and worth more as shooters IMO. And the typical Rodeo is a heck of a shooter right out of the box!
  2. levi littleton

    Any experience with non-electric bullet feeders on RL550B?

    waste of time on a 550
  3. levi littleton

    Standard Manufacturing vs USFA vs Uberti

    Tough crowd. Lot of guns to shoot and then pull apart let alone video and comment on. Nothing stopping any of you from reviewing a Pietta. Get too it now
  4. levi littleton

    Lonesome Dove - Is it just me?

    Wife's horse matter of fact She's better now but starting horses as a 4 year is for young'ns!
  5. levi littleton

    Lonesome Dove - Is it just me?

    I have a "hell bitch". Didn't bother me a bit At least mine doesn't generally bite.
  6. levi littleton

    Lonesome Dove - Is it just me?

    Not Call's style. Or Gus' either.
  7. levi littleton

    WTB..fancy grips for a current production Uberti

    Cimarron Pre War. Current production 2nd Gen Colt grips will work as well.
  8. Looking for 2 pairs of nice grips to dress up a pair of Ubertis. Show or tell me what ya want to sell! Thanks...
  9. levi littleton

    Current Cimarron 4 Click SAA Revolver information

    I've converted 12 Cimarron guns recently, using a new (Colt style) Uberti hammer and trigger. All started with and ended with perfect timing. Uberti is on to something there. But acknowledge that is hard to actually believe. All but one gun came out with a reasonable trigger, as drop in parts. All could use a decent trigger job after dropping in the parts. The new 3 click safety has not proven to be reliable IMO. On a slow fire let off you can get a failure of the hammer to drop fully. So none of our guns have kept the new hammer and trigger. Past that the current Uberti guns rock! Current very reent production PreWar 32-20s and 44 Special. I don't remember the distance but 12 out of each gun off a bench at 15 or 20 yards. Besides going back to a Colt style hammer/trigger only adjustment was cutting the front sights down to shoot POA/POI. Loads were 115gr at 875fps and a 240gr at 850fps. And I replace the medallion grips off the 32s (and eventually the 44 as well) . More of what the 44 was capable of. I bought 3 of them (2 44s and one 44-40) and all shot pretty much the same once the front sight was cut down. First 48 rounds out of this 44 Special. I used the measurement off a previous .44 I cut down and sighted in at the range to model this front sight height.
  10. levi littleton

    SOLD 38-40's For Sale

    Hi Red, got the guns. Just wanted to say thank you.
  11. levi littleton

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    Had that problem on the 550. Did you wreck your "0" shell plate getting setting up? Or wreck 5 of them? If so how might I ask...hate to duplicate that one. I have an odd assortment of dies on my 550 at least 2 makers may be three to get everything they way I wanted it and ammo to run through all our 32-20s from 4 different makers. Hell on cases because of the different chamber sizes so lots of split cases after a few reloads. I should anneal them I guess. Used a grinder to cut my dies down as they were just too dang hard to cut on my lathe. Then a polishing wheel to get them back to something more usable. They all work fine now but as you say "now to set it up". Was gonna buy a new die set and start over using what I had leaned from the 550. And I wasn't looking forward to it! Had to cut down my sizing die to get started. Now I am seating on one die with a micro adjustment and roll crimping on another die that I really had to cut down. Appreciate the help #4!
  12. Just wanted to say thanks on the heads up for the shell plate!

  13. levi littleton

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    Dillon is having a hard time today. They say there is no "0" shell plate for a 1050. And then they called me back having found one ! Nice Really appreciate the help #4!
  14. levi littleton

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    Ol' #4? Would you be using the 380 ACP shell plate?
  15. levi littleton

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    Good to know. Last I talked with Dillon they didn't have anything to fit. I'll call them in the morning. Please lLet me know if you figure out what size shell plate you used.

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