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  1. grey ghost

    FS Several muzzleloaders and accessories PRICES REDUCED

    Does the hawken have the factory barrel mounted rear sight or is it missing
  2. grey ghost

    WTS Three Uberty Pistols

    I sent you several emails asking on for pics on the other ones If they dont sell send me some Thanks
  3. grey ghost

    WTS Three Uberty Pistols

    Not sure. I PM him a while ago and told him I wasnt getting any emails from him. Included my email address in the PM He proceeded to PM me telling me to email him. Not sure. 4 emails and 2 PM and never saw a pic
  4. grey ghost

    Maryanne, Ginger and Dianne

    Never found diane much to like at all Now rebecca had this thing for tight skirts...
  5. Really wish they would do the 38 wcf then
  6. Do they have a true colt style firing pin? Pietta that is
  7. Not that I know of, I called them and they had new old stock in 45 that was it. Does the remington series do the retractable firing pin?
  8. Getting back into the game after a long time due to medical issues. Wife wants to play too. When I last completed it was for fun only, what would I really use in the old west kind of thing. After a decade my go to was a pair of 38-40 colts with 5:1/2" tubes or a pair of San Marco guns identical to them with an original 73 38 wcf to go with. Say what you will about san marco (yes, some were very horrible) a good one with an action job and and the internals heat treated they were great and really close in feel to a 2nd gen colt. Shot almost every gun I could, Remington and Schofield and bisley but this is what I liked. Did most every caliber too. Uberti was great as well but I picked one up at a shop and am not fond of the new 3 click design, I might be able to get used to it but am not sure. From what I see if I want to go with 38 wcf uberti is it right now. I could do 44 wcf in a pietta which is my 2nd caliber choice. Also really prefer "black powder" frames I think wife has settled on 1890 Remingtons in 45, Any input?
  9. grey ghost

    Single Holster. Sold pending funds

    I assume saa, is it lined? are you listing any other holsters I missed the chance on the pair and the belt
  10. Thank you very much to all. Wife has always liked steampunk and found some items on historical emporium already tonight that are on order as we speak
  11. Thanks. Will check them out
  12. Dropped some weight and for the first time in years went to look for clothing. I see now COWS is gone, tonto rim no longer has a store and I was told wah maker is gone. I still am a 2x to 3x and working on it but my 5x dont worl st all anymore. Where are people buying now?
  13. grey ghost

    Pietta .36 BP Revolver $210 Shipped

    It is a 51 He sent me pics, looks good but I just hoped it was a uberti prior to him identifying the maker. I don't do well with the pietta tail on the grip frame on the older ones.
  14. grey ghost

    Identifying a Cimarron for proper part #

    Can barely make it out from the pic, looks like it is an a. Uberti
  15. grey ghost

    SOLD Colt SAA .45lc P1840 4 3/4 Blue CCH Ivory Grips

    Last colt I sold was January of 1994 manufacture. 5 1/2" 45 nickle with factory stag. Shot several matches with it. Not a safe queen. She brought 3 grand on gunbroker

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