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  1. grey ghost

    WTB San Pedro Saddlery Canvas Pistol Belt

    I might have a lightly used 12 gauge belt. Have to do some digging. I know you say size 42 but is that your pants size or inches from top of buckle to hole on belt?
  2. grey ghost

    looking for 35 year old 410

    Bought my son a yildiz 410 side by side new that came with 5 choke tubes last fall I think it came from academy sports. Less than 500 new with selectable barrel for first shot I couldn't buy it fast enough
  3. grey ghost

    Uberti Cattlemen - Nickel Plated **SPF**

    I was under the impression the navy grip was the same length as the saa The army, 1860 army that is was the longer ?
  4. grey ghost


    No, because it can just as easily be unplugged. Lived in new York for a while
  5. grey ghost

    WTB grips for SAA

    Uberti or pietta or armi San Marco, the grips shapes vary greatly from different manufacturers, in my experience some of the San marco guns were very close to 2nd generation colt grips Even with the right manufacturer they were belt sanded with the grip frame so it never fits perfect I know a lot of guys on here have a box full of take off factory trips but narrowbot down a bit and it might help you
  6. grey ghost

    looking for s&w N frame grips

    Are you looking for presentation grade A little worn Perfect I have some in all conditions right down to some well worn pairs for those Smith's that have seen a lot of use
  7. grey ghost

    Wanted: 45 Colt brass

    Most good loading manuals will give you dimensions of the sized case at various points. I know with my yellowboy comparing dimensions from a fired case to these numbers revealed a vast difference compared from other guns. I did a chamber cast and that showed the difference, I called the people at brownells and compared the cast to what they gave as 45 tolerances for a chamber. I was about 6 percent oversize Still not saying your oversized because your brass could be brittle and work hardened. Measure your brass, compare it to other brass This is not a drop into another chamber thing, chambers vary Measuring gives you ideas which can be compared to known standards Explore don't jump in without being sure
  8. grey ghost

    Wanted: 45 Colt brass

    Good advice, Dial calipers are your friend. I've had our of spec chambers and out of spec sizing dies. What is your rifle
  9. grey ghost

    Wanted: 45 Colt brass

    I had a uberti yellowboy that had to be replaced due to a way oversized chamber. Also I'm hearing a lot of people talk about the toggle links (73,66, henry) guns not being head spaced right out of the box
  10. grey ghost

    Wanted: 45 Colt brass

    Seems like a lot of split brass, What are your guns? Have you measured fires cases to see if you have a large chamber in a cylinder or rifle? I literally have 20 plus loadings on some starline brass that are not splitting yet You also can aneal brass to eliminate brittle brass problems early in case life, with starline I never have had to Did have to 20 years or more ago on remington brass
  11. grey ghost

    WTS - Caliber 44-40 Revolver Pair

    no offense intended, I sell and buy a lot of guns online. my local dealers will mail hand guns for around 20 to 25 dollars usps that is their fee and the shipping, most of the time they can flat rate ship 1 gun, but i have at least 5 local shops that will do it for this price. might try calling around, just a suggestion

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