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  1. Still waitin on email and address of where to send the money

    1. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude

      Big Sage

      Sorry I thought I had replied to you already.  They are $18 + $7.50 shipping for a total of $25.50  Please send your check to:

      Terry Schultz

      258 Zimmerman St.

      N. Tonawanda. NY  14120-4509

      my email it [email protected]


  2. Nickel City Dude

    Freemason Question

    Got your email and will send you the white one.
  3. Nickel City Dude

    Freemason Question

    They are both the same price ($18 + 7.50 shipping) I only have the one white one because it is just a prototype, but I have pleanty of stained ones. You can contact me direct, here is my email address. [email protected] NCD
  4. Nickel City Dude

    Freemason Question

    Thanks for the feedback. The idea of the white one is to simulate the stone that was used for making temple buildings. But most of the furnishings in a lodge room are stained wood with a clear coating. I have been making and selling the ones with the stained wood finish for a few years now and I just figured I would solicit some opinions on the white finish experiment.
  5. Nickel City Dude

    For some reason this makes me think of Lumpy...

    I purchased a new to me gun a wile ago and I didn’t want the wife to know so I figured the best place to hide it is with the other guns. I theorized that just like the best place to hide a tree would be in a forest, hiding my new gun with the others would be the best solution. About two weeks later my daughter came over and commented “dad did you get a new gun”? The wife heard her and that was the end of my deception.
  6. Let me know when your Masonic temples become available.  I would gladly pay $18 plus shipping for one.


    aka Donald Jackson

    Bershba 449 and Palo Duro 1239

    <[email protected]>


    1. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude


      The wood ones are available now.  I only have one white one as it is an experament.  If you would like one of the wood ones they are $18 + $7.50 shipping to the 50 states.  You can send me a check or use my Paypal account which is the same as my email address  [email protected] .

      My mailing address is: Terry Schultz

      258 Zimmerman St.

      N. Tonawanda, NY  14120-4509

      Thanks for the interest.


  7. Nickel City Dude

    Freemason Question

  8. Nickel City Dude

    Freemason Question

    This is a little off topic but I need the opinion of some fellow Masons. I make and sell little wooden temples containing Corn, Wine and Oil for the Fellowcraft degree. I have two versions of it and I would like to get the opinion from you as to which one is better. Both are made of wood. One is stained and varnished and the other is painted white. I have attached a picture of them both. Please let me know which one you would choose if you had to lay out $18 for one.
  9. Nickel City Dude

    looking for team to start group at new range

    Where are you located?
  10. Nickel City Dude

    Uberti Gunfighters in 44-40 Price lowered

    just a friendly bump
  11. Nickel City Dude

    coach guns

    I have a Pedersoli WE. But mine was a bit rough out of the box. Each lock had a lip on the tumbler which gave it a 20 pound trigger pull. I had to tune the lock down to a 4 pound trigger pull. But I love it now and would buy another if I needed to. Just needed a little TLC.
  12. Nickel City Dude

    Improvised brass cleaning media - failed experiment

    I WET tumble all my brass. Makes them nice and shinny and easy to fine for the brass pickers.
  13. Nickel City Dude

    32 Pocket Pistol wanted

    I have two Iver Johnson 32 cal. pocket pistols and neather one works right. The one shaves lead and the second does not always fire. I gave up on them and purchased a new Bond Deringer that works every time. I would sell both of the IJ for $300 if you are interested.
  14. Nickel City Dude

    32 Pocket Pistol wanted

    Why do you hate the lemon squeezer?
  15. Nickel City Dude

    Casting and loading

    I think that it would be easier for you to get yourself a lubrasizer like the one from RCBS or a Star. Pan lubing is very labor intense. When I was molding my own lead bullets that is what I used. Now I get molly coated bullet and use a Mr. Bullet feeder on my Dillon 650, this makes for less work and a lot faster. I live near Buffalo NY and we get some pretty intense winters here too.

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