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  1. Black Angus McPherson

    The Tesla Valve

    So, to me, the question becomes: "Why isn't the Tesla valve used?" Also, what is a Reed valve? Angus Not-an-engineer McPherson
  2. Black Angus McPherson

    How many of us actually had Cowboy guns before we got into CAS?

    I had two brass frame Colt '51 Navys. Neither of which I've ever shot at a match. I had to buy pistols, rifle and shotgun to start CAS with smokeless powder. Come full circle and now I'm shooting BP out of steel frame '51's. Angus
  3. Black Angus McPherson

    The big blizzard of 2019 in TN

    My son is down there, near, Nashville, for some training. He's supposed to be heading back to Missouri tonight. I hope any problems have been worked out by then. Angus
  4. Black Angus McPherson

    Somebody didn’t make it through 2nd year English

    Years ago we had a guy around here, Steve "Don't be confused" Miserany, who owned some appliance stores. He ran some of the worst, silliest, most amatuerish ads you could ever hope to see on tv with him rollerskating around his store. The kind of ads they make fun of in cheesy movies. He was invited to talk to a college class (psychology?) one day, and he said people would regularly come into his store to complain about the ads. When they did he'd end up selling them a dishwasher. Stupid like a fox. Actually, I've heard similar stories about all the memes with misspelled words and bad punctuation. The responses from people correcting them helps to let them know how many people are actually seeing them. Angus
  5. Black Angus McPherson

    Question for other LEO's

    +1 Angus
  6. Black Angus McPherson

    Need help: Where does this Dillon 550 part go?

    I'm sitting here wondering how that piece popped out. From the pictures the piece looks undamaged and appears to be held in place by some kind of pin. How the heck did it come out and how difficult was it to put back into place? Angus
  7. Black Angus McPherson

    Bird Strike

    I had a mosquito fly up my nose last summer. I darn near spilled my ice tea into my BBQ. Angus
  8. Black Angus McPherson

    Blizzard of January 2019

    So far this morning we spent about an hour and a half shoveling snow. That got us out to the cars, cleared enough snow so I could open the cars to start them up (after clearing snow away from the exhaust pipes) and about 20' behind the cars towards the road. About 50 yards to go to the road. Indications are that the entire lane is snowed in. No visible tracks from anyone. After lunch I'll head back out to shovel some more then, maybe, see if I can get a car out to the paved road to see what kind of condition that is in. I'm guessing the paved road will be ok. Getting there will be the problem. Getting to work tomorrow is questionable. Sure wish I'd bought that snowblower at an auction last summer. Angus
  9. Black Angus McPherson

    Beef (updated with link to cookbook)

    I didn't notice until you mentioned it. But, the supervisor with the black hat and clipboard looks like he's wearing boots. He also seems to be the only one that does not have his pants legs rolled up.
  10. Black Angus McPherson

    Blizzard of January 2019

    I haven't measured it here, but it's above the ground clearance of the cars/covers about halfway up the wheels. I've been wondering if I'll be able to get down the quarter mile of gravel road to the paved road on Monday. The neighbor down the road that had a plow moved a couple years ago. Then again, if the paved road doesn't get plowed I ain't going nowhere come Monday. I've got about a 30 degree dip going down then back up as soon as I get to pavement. The dog (Border Collie) has been enjoying it. But she comes back inside with snowballs covering her legs and belly. Our old Dachshund would have been in way over his head and would be making tunnels underneath. Angus
  11. Black Angus McPherson

    Would you like to come to Australia

    Oh, sure, but try to find a gas station. Angus
  12. Black Angus McPherson

    New Hat for Noz

    As it should be. The hat looks great. It suits you well. Angus
  13. Black Angus McPherson

    Would you like to come to Australia

    Wow, very nice. I'm already a little jealous of whomever gets to take advantage of your offer. Good on ya, mate. Angus
  14. Black Angus McPherson

    Elastic shell loops - SASS legal or not?

    Thanks, all, for enlightening me. The "no elastic" thing may have been something I overheard many years ago when I started out in this game. I could have mis-heard or got it out of context or even heard correctly from a pard that didn't really know what he thought he knew. I'm glad I asked here instead of jumping in on an ad saying "You can't use that for CAS!" Angus
  15. Black Angus McPherson

    Elastic shell loops - SASS legal or not?

    I am under the impression that elastic shell loops are not legal for SASS. However, in the not so distant past, I have seen two+ shotgun shell belts/slides for sale on the Wire with what looks very much like black elastic loops for the shells. Also, a number of years back, I saw a shooter at an annual match wearing a black nylon shotshell belt with plastic buckle and elastic loops. I didn't say anything at the time because he was a club member at a club that had a reputation for ignoring some transgressions of members. I do not want to look like a jerk by asking the question on someones ad, but, are elastic loops legal or not? Legal or not, they sure don't look cowboy to me. Angus

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