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  1. WTB Birdshead Gunfighter Grips

    I have purchased basic unfinished grips from eBay. I sanded them and contoured them to fit my sons hands well. It's a bit of work, but it was fun to do and they fit him well. Plus I was able to make them fit the frames well. These are maple. But other woods are out there.
  2. Walther PPK magazine for sale

    Blue or stainless? If Stainless I'll take it. Also I assume 380?
  3. Anything your looking to trade for?
  4. A.C.E.S and iOS 11

    Click matches to add a new match then scroll thru the types and SASS is listed.
  5. Midwest regional and match winner Billy the avenger

    Congratulations Billy - Great Job.
  6. Firelands Saturday

    Anything a new to Firelands shooter would need to know about the place before I get there?
  7. Indiana-Illinois State shoot is Sept 8-10

    Can anyone confirm that the 1911/WB mini match starts at 1:00 Friday?
  8. WTB Leather stock cover for Winchester 1897

    Taylors carries them. I bought one from them a few months back.
  9. Bullet for Rossi

    My sons Rossi feeds the 140 gr TC the best.
  10. Wolverine Rangers Range War SASS Michigan State Championship Sept. 1-3

    This year will be #18 for me. I missed 1999.
  11. Call for side match help at Wolverine Rangers Range War

    I'll take a 3:00-4:00 spot. Well JC and I will.
  12. Indiana-Illinois State SASS Championship

    JC Wade and I will be there.
  13. New Buckaroo rig.

    That's really cool. Beautiful rig, Doc Noper does great work.
  14. Guns of August 2017

    I sent mine and my sons in today. Looking forward to it.
  15. IBPG Match Announcement

    Can we still sign up?