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    Church, family, friends, the smell of gun powder and the clanging of steel, reading, Alabama football, playing with my guns, enjoying nature, traveling, salt sea air and sand between my toes.

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  1. Hopalong Mac McLin

    Outlaw Josey Wales coat in dark brown canvas

    I have one of these and love it!!!! Highly recommend this Pard. Thanks. Mac
  2. Hopalong Mac McLin

    Reduced - Cowboy Clothes 2X, 3X and Boots 13E

    Duc....please confirm that you received the gold and have shipped. Thanks.
  3. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SOLD Glock 19X-LNIB

    SPF to Preacher....I'll send you a PM
  4. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SOLD Glock 19X-LNIB

    The 19x is a Gen5 and was specifically designed using specs required by the military. Sig got the contract, but this is a fantastic weapon. I waited months for one. I understand that they are more easily found now, but the price is still a good one. Like buying a car with 3000 miles
  5. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SOLD Glock 19X-LNIB

    Blind Eye....They are Glock 3 dot, but appear to be very similar to the Trijicon sights.
  6. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SOLD Glock 19X-LNIB

    They are the three dot that come standard on this model. They are green. I will post photo later
  7. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SOLD Glock 19X-LNIB

    SD....I revised....Being a dinosaur, this computer stuff is foreign to me. $495 plus shipping or can FTF in North Alabama.
  8. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SOLD Glock 19X-LNIB

    FS- Glock 19x LNIB in original case complete with all accessories and paperwork. Less than 100 rounds...I have only fired it twice.. Smooth Shooter. 3 magazines, 1 17 Rd mag and 2 19rd mags, steel night sights (Not sure of brand but are similar to Trijicon 3 dot), match grade barrel. This is the Glock designed for the military to military specs (without the external safety). I am in North Alabama so can do a FTF or will be shipped FFL to FFL. Paid $599 (Using my LE Blue Label discount) plus tax new...very hard to find when I purchased it. $495 plus shipping. Great Christmas Gift!
  9. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SOLD H & R Pocket Pistol

    Well.....looks like I thought about this too long. Good catch Tryrel.
  10. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SPF Bolo Tie

    You just can't hide money, Big Iron
  11. Hopalong Mac McLin

    "Preacher's" shirt and collar

    Sent you a PM with my email address.
  12. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SPF - Scully black B-western shirt XL

    If anything happens with Doc, I'll take this one.
  13. We’ll just say $5 for shipping and $40 for shirt. Total of $45 to


    Phillip Lee

    2476 Honeybee Ln

    Frisco, Tx   75036


    send your address so I can get package ready.  My email is 


    1. Hopalong Mac McLin

      Hopalong Mac McLin

      Calvin McBride

      3742 S Woodtrail Rd SW

      Decatur, AL 35603


      I sent the address to your email address as well,

    2. Hopalong Mac McLin

      Hopalong Mac McLin


      I overnighted your money on Friday.  You should have gotten it on Saturday.  Please let me know when it is received.   It would be great if I had it by Wednesday so that I could take it to the SE Regional in Memphis.  UPS Next Day Air Tracking number 1Z97WY740198868412




  14. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SPF - Scully White B-western shirt L

    Great. I’ll take it. Please send payment address etc thanks
  15. Hopalong Mac McLin

    SPF - Scully White B-western shirt L

    Cimmarron, How is the fit of this shirt? If it is a full fit like a traditional Large, I will take it. If it runs tailored, it will likely be too tight.

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