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  1. Totes Magoats

    Just for the looks it would get

    Really throw folks off and load BP rounds when you break it out at the WB match! Totes
  2. Totes Magoats

    Would you shoot this match?

    Folks might want to start working on that Tom Selleck mustache.
  3. Totes Magoats

    Would you shoot this match?

    You had me at "No entry fee" Totes
  4. Totes Magoats

    Mernickle Holsters

    My wife has a steel lined holster rig from Mernickle, fits her pistols great. I run a Kirkpatrick LH09 rig that is lined (my personal favorite). Can’t comment from first hand knowledge on how well the non-lined holster hold their shape. But, I’ve seen others that are happy with them. Totes
  5. Totes Magoats

    Possible a new category?

    It's all fun and games until I get to the shotgun. Man, loading/shucking those little .410's is a pain. I do have a little single shot .410 that ejects hulls at about 300 feet per sec. I do enjoy shooting .22's every chance I get. Totes
  6. Totes Magoats


    Thanks for all the input. I may try the white border around the black targets and see how the club likes it. Totes
  7. Totes Magoats


    Just curious what folks thoughts are on Targets. I set up a number of matches yearly at our local club. Typically, I paint the targets black with some sort of stencil in the center of the target (circle, star, etc) in white. Anecdotally, I notice that the targets that have a stencil in the center, more rounds are near the center vs. just plain targets with no stencil. On matches near a holiday, I may paint a theme stencil in the center of the target (small green Christmas tree in Dec). My Questions: What color do you prefer for targets? What color do you hate for targets (maybe white for BP shooters?) Does a stencil or other contrasting color on the target distract you or does it help "aim small"? Totes
  8. Totes Magoats

    Finished new Cuffs

    Did you do the stitching by hand? I would like to try my hand at something like this, but if I had to buy a leather capable sewing machine, that may keep me away. Since I don't have experience, it would seem that hand stitching those cuffs would take a lot of the total time? Nice cuffs by the way! Totes
  9. Totes Magoats


    I'm a newbie, just under 4 years under my gun belt. I have shot very few of the style of stages mentioned here. But I do know from experience that there are 3 types of stages I really dislike shooting: Shooting while sitting down Shooting while sitting down shooting while sitting down Other than that, I wouldn't mind shooting some of the old style stages once a year or so. But, if there were 2 matches the same weekend and one was as described in this thread vs. one that had close/fast stages, it would be an easy decision. Close and fast every time for me. It's just what I enjoy. Totes
  10. Totes Magoats

    Good Shooting Glasses

    I think it all boils down to if you need RX lenses or not. I bought the Tombstone shooting glasses by Oakley and love them, but now I need RX and they won't work for me at the range if I have to read/score/etc. I have been using my polycarb glasses recently, but they don't have side protection... Not ideal. I tried those top bifocal glasses (SSB's) and they DID NOT work for me. Ok, for pistol, but no way on the rifle. I returned them. Last week, I bought some of the 'stick-on' bifocals on Amazon and now have those on my Oakley Tombstones. I am hoping to get the best of both worlds now. I will shoot my first match with them on Sat. If these stick-ons don't work, I will pony up for full-blown RX shooting glasses. Likely will be RX lenses for my Tombstones since I like them so much! Totes
  11. Totes Magoats


    Great prices! Someone please buy those Blackhawks before the voices in my head take over! Totes
  12. Totes Magoats

    “Iron Cowboy” fun

    It sure was fun getting to try out the different categories all in one match. Man, I am terrible at shooting outlaw! Totes
  13. Totes Magoats

    I give up!

    That’s good news. Now I don’t have to keep track of putting the even numbers in the left barrel and the odd numbers in the right. Totes
  14. Totes Magoats

    I give up!

    What the heck do these numbers mean in the shot cups on Claybuster wads???? I searched the Interwebs and can’t find anything on why they would be there. Totes
  15. Totes Magoats

    Source for 38 special brass (once fired)

    I got an email last week from GI Brass Locker. They are selling once fired .38 Special for $37.50/1000. Seems like a good price. Totes

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