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  1. Catlow4697

    Gun Sleeves/Covers?

    Go buy the longest pair of jeans you can find then cut off the legs then sew across the cuffs .instant long gun covers
  2. Catlow4697

    How important is it to have matching pistols

    I would suggest having two revolvers in the same caliber because there is less chance of forgetting ammo ..You have to decide on the feel in your hands of grip frames and grip panels. The barrel length affects balance ( point ability ) .at targets. If going for a look in costuming then go for it. A second revolver won't be your last purchase of a revolver ..What looks good in the movies doesn't always work in real life. I have a double shoulder hoster rig that I will wear when shooting Josey Wales.It is very impractical to draw from ,so is used for looks and transport of revolvers on the line. Remember safety first and always ,then have as much fun as you can . CATLOW
  3. Catlow4697

    Upside Down Photos

    My cell posts pictures upside down so I rotate the phone 180 degrees then take the pictures because I don't know how to rotate them after taken and don't have grandchildren to show me how .
  4. Catlow4697

    Need a holster for new pocket pistol. Shoulder rig?

    Maybe a suspender holster . Chech out Ted blocker leather web sight . A full size shoulder holster is a lot of bulk for just a pocket pistol. Maybe someone will post pictures of their holsters You could modify a vest pocket by making it deeper then add a leather insert as a holster. Take care CATLOW
  5. Catlow4697

    Need input on a F250 with 6.2 gas engine

    2016 is the last year with a steel body Ford changed to aluminum for 2017 model year. My 2017 F250 4x4 has the diesel 6.7 . The ride is much better with a lower tire pressure and / or different tread pattern. Take along test drive ,a very long test drive as the difference between 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton trucks is considerable. Turning diameter is bigger and parking is like a school bus . If parking in a garage will the truck fit? Drive it home and try it . I can't use a parking garage. 4x4 ,20 inch wheels and a bed cap these are all things to think about before you purchase a truck. Good luck . CATLOW
  6. Catlow4697

    Dillon 650 vs Lee Loadmaster

    How many pages will this run?
  7. I want to buy a right hand cross draw leather holster to fit a Colt saa with 7 1/2 inch barrel. Most any color will do. Anybody coming to Winter Range have one to sell? I will be there on Wensday only . I am not shooting Winter Range. Thankyou CATLOW
  8. Catlow4697

    Wolverine Range Range War SASS MI State Championship

    Thankyou for all your years of hard work and it is going to take a very dedicated person to replace you. CATLOW
  9. Catlow4697

    Outlaw Josey Wales coat SOLD PENDING$

    I really wish that I were smaller or the coat a few sizes bigger. That is a very nice coat CATLOW
  10. Catlow4697

    WTB: Mernikle Crossdraw

    This was not a hijack of any thing .questions that I asked weren't spelled out to start with. If in your opinion I hyjacked anything I apologize Sorry Sorry
  11. Catlow4697

    WTB: Mernikle Crossdraw

    What length are the holsters? which hand guns fit? thanks CATLOW
  12. Catlow4697

    2019 Shoots at Ghost Town (Findlay Ohio)

    This is very nice shooting range. Lots of shade ,very level . They shoot 6 stages and provide a lunch .,only about one hour south of Toledo Ohio .I have been there 4 or 5 times and plan to go back this summer. CATLOW
  13. Catlow4697

    Michigan's state match--registration open

    This year will be 21 years that I have been shooting Range War .Excellent Match with great stages .Lots of camping on the property. Best banquet dinner ever,, last year Prime Rib dinner..My money will be in the mail. Catlow
  14. Catlow4697

    Cost per round of reloading

    I know a Cowboy shooter who buys his ammo by the case both 38's and 12 ga. Why you may ask because I asked that question , his answer was I am a lawyer and don't have the time to reload. I love to shoot and it a relaxing break from my job and the people I meet on the range are so different from those at work. When reloading your time doing it from scrounging lead ,casting bullets ,cleaning brass and etc.has to be added to the overall cost. Up front cost of reloading equipment is an investment that can be recouped when selling such equipment down the road. If shooting Black powder or substitute then you have to reload to get the results you need . Which equipment you buy depends on how much you shoot and how much time you want to spend at the loading bench. I had more time than money back in 1971 , so I bought a used RCBS Rockchocker ,still have it used now for 100 rounds of rifle each year. Dillon Squaredeal was a step up then two Dillon 650's and a Dillon shot shell loader.. Dillon loaders retail prices increase each year 5 or 10 years from when purchased you will get your money back and have saved money on reloading.

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