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  1. Canton Chris

    ISO used progressive press

    If you are going to Winter Range or can cut a deal with shipping, Sarival Slim’s deal looks hard to beat!
  2. Canton Chris

    Hopkins & Allen 32 S&W

    I use 1.1 gr Bullseye & the 78 gr Missouri bullet in a mid 30’s lemon squeezer. The smallest lee dipper is too big for this small of a load so I just weigh the charge out. I use lee dies as those were the only ones I could find for the 32 S&W that we’re available. It’s a very mild load but fun to shoot!
  3. Canton Chris

    25-35 ammo (no longer available)

  4. Canton Chris

    25-35 ammo (no longer available)

    Would you be interested in doing a face to face transaction?
  5. Canton Chris

    (SOLD) Colt SAA Cody tuned $1445

    Well, after watching this for entirely too long, if it’s still available, I would like to purchase it, please let me know. Thnx, Chris
  6. Canton Chris

    Selling all my cowboy gear

    If #9, the 25-20 Marlin is still available, I’d like to purchase it, thnx, CC
  7. Canton Chris

    Gun Cart for Sale

    I’ll take it if it’s still available, pm otw
  8. Canton Chris


    I’ll take it, sending a PM
  9. Canton Chris

    WTB: Original Winchester ‘92 carbine forend

    Check out Homestead Parts, they have new & possibly some original forends for your gun.
  10. Canton Chris

    Winchester 1886 Replica

    Might try this and get a Kick Killer pad if the recoil is harsh.
  11. Canton, think I might have messed up and shipped you the wrong knife, if so please let me know and we'll get it right. Happy trails  and sorry if I madde an error.


    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Canton Chris

      Canton Chris

      If you need it back I can drop it in the mail, just let me know!


    3. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Thoughtful, but not necessary! 

      Many thanks!

      Mike :) :FlagAm:

    4. Canton Chris
  12. Canton, Can you do pay pal for the Knife? If so #FORD514@SBCGLOBAL.NET, I'll need your 

    address for shipping, let me know.


    1. Canton Chris

      Canton Chris

      I sent PayPal yesterday from doublellsteak. Thnx, Chris 

    2. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Thank you!  usps 9405 5036 9930 0305 6056 95 going out Monday.

      Happy trails


  13. Canton Chris

    Powder coated bullets?

    I pretty much cast for all of my pistol calibers. Started powder coating about 3 years ago when I was shooting steel challenge with my 45 acp & had great luck with it, so when I started Cowboy Action shooting I powder coated those bullets as well. I use clear powder so they look like natural lead. I use the shake method, bake them in a convection oven & size then through my star lubri- sizer. Alway have good results. Another benefit of using multiple colors is that if your working up a load, you can use different colors for different powder weights and for different powders. I cast my own bullets because I can get the exact weights I want & close to the bullet diameters I want. (Gotta tip my hat to Tom at Accurate Molds as he will cut you pretty much any bullet you want & the mold quality is one of the best!) I currently shoot 44-40 & 38 Spl but just ordered a 38-40 mold because I just bought a pair of pistols from Reverend Ledslinga! I suppose I could shoot bullets “as cast” but like knowing that what I shoot has been sized for uniformity! I enjoy this part of the shooting sports, knowing that what I shoot is produced by me from start to finish. Kinda makes you even proud of your misses! Lol

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