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  1. I'm easy to find!!!!

  2. HossMunny

    What exactly is a gamer?

    Probably someone that gets offended by it.
  3. HossMunny

    how to clean leather after mouse urine

  4. HossMunny

    10mm vs 45 acp

    If you have to shoot in self defense, you're going to be vilified no matter what. Ammo, any additions to your gun, slogans added, everything.
  5. HossMunny


    I've had Surefire and Streamlight. I used Pentagon back in the day. These are a fraction of the cost and just as reliable. I've carried one for years every day with no complaints. https://www.fenix-store.com/fenix-pd32-led-flashlight-2016-edt/
  6. HossMunny

    When is your Breaking Point?

    I had one MSV last weekend. I hated it. I was really upset at myself. It was the first time that happened and I'll make sure it's the last. Couldn't stand to have that on my name.
  7. HossMunny


    Welcome!! Don't be nervous. We all have questions! Good luck and have some fun.
  8. HossMunny

    Texas State match

    Great match. Thanks to the Texican Rangers! We'll see y'all soon!
  9. HossMunny

    Texas State match

    It was well put together and well ran. We had a great time.
  10. HossMunny

    Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    I wish I could like this more than once!
  11. HossMunny

    New rigs

    Nora Mae Munny and I received our package today from JMLeather. I was blown away. These holsters are stout. Very stiff, comfortable, quality workmanship. Every single step of the process was great. Mr. Ross walked me through the ordering process and made my wife's rig exactly how she wanted it. Her smile was worth it! Thanks JM Leather. You've got life-long customers. I can't speak highly enough! If you're looking for leather, look no further. Great folks! http://jm-leather.com
  12. HossMunny

    Concealed Carry Firearm Questions

    I am a fan of 1911s, they're great guns and easy to conceal. I carried one for years. I now carry a Glock 26 if I'm around my small town and/or need a little extra discretion. If I'm in a big city or traveling, I carry a Glock 19. The reason I've chosen these is due to magazine compatibility and reliability. I will carry a 26 with a 10 round mag that sits flush. My reload is a 17 mag. I have either the 26 or 19 in my truck and the other on my person. This allows my wife to use the spare if needs be and we have mag compatibility. I use JM custom kydex and love them. The holsters are stout and comfortable. I wear mine strong side, exactly where my Vaquero sits at matches. One consideration is clips instead of loops on your holster. As a former instructor, I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone pull a firearm and the whole holster come out with the gun. Stick to positive snap or solid loops. That little bit of convenience doesn't trump my life. I want my gun AND ONLY MY GUN when I pull it. Antoher is ammo capacity, even though some will say, 'if you can't get it done with however many of fill in the blank caliber'..... I've never heard anyone say 'I wish I'd have had less ammo in that gun fight'. Stay safe, hope this helps.
  13. HossMunny

    How would you handle the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Do what I always do. Go shopping when there's an NBA or NFL game on TV. That's when the zombies aren't there.
  14. Married to Nora Mae Munny

  15. HossMunny

    Happy Easter

    He is Risen!!! Feel free to message it to me. Thanks.

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