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  1. school shooting shooter dead

    Exactly! When the murderer stops, it's a win. God bless the officer.
  2. Shooting a "significantly modified" firearm?

    But SASS has dress requirements and rules.
  3. Shooting a "significantly modified" firearm?

    I say start another association. This one is what it is. I enjoy getting lost with everyone dressed in old west garb myself.
  4. other clubs

    The people of this game have helped my wife out more than I could have ever imagined. 99% great experience!! You can't find that anywhere else.
  5. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    I think the reason the cheating was brought up was due that it's possible someone could knock their glasses off purposely after having a bad sequence in that run. Not trying to argue, just clarifying. I agree with the rest of your statement.
  6. Cody-Dixon

    I need to get Nora Mae to try it out. She likes shooting long range. I've got an old Winchester 94 in 30-30. May have to get her some ammo!
  7. I don't guess you'd ever get any Texas flag garters would you?
  8. Buckhorn Sights

    As a life long buckhorn sight shooter, I recently went to the flat top rear and brass bead front sight. It helped tremendously on my times. I thing the best of both worlds would be to have a flat top rear, notch the front sight for say, 300, and know your holds. Although I haven't tried it out, I'm thinking a man could have a 'zero' to 300 lever gun this way.
  9. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    I told my wife, 'I'd hate to cut the barrel on an original!' Again, good luck!!
  10. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    If this was a 12 gauge and a shorter barrel, I'd be all over it! Awesome gun! Good luck with the sale!
  11. SOLD- Jimmy Spurs NMV's .357, 4 5/8"

    Two Spurs is a good man to do business with. He was absolutely polite and answered all the questions about these pistol to the best of his ability! The guns are as good as he said they were and waaaaayyyyyy better than me. Deal with absolute confidence! Thanks Two Spurs!
  12. ‘87 technique.

    You're absolutely right. I should've called them 'goofy clubs'. Not pesky. Have a safe day.
  13. ‘87 technique.

    Those darned, pesky clubs. Who needs 'em???
  14. Fancy Gun Rigs

    Didn't mean to hijack you thread here! I should reserve questions for PM. Apologies.