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  1. Making some sense of Reloading Dies

    You will need a 44 powder thru expander if you are going to use the powder measure that comes with the Hornady LNL. I am currently using the Hornady Cowboy Dies and I like them. Another cowboy earlier recommended a Redding Profile Crimp Die I most definitely agree with this. This final step will save you a lot of trouble. Another thing I use and strongly recommend is a RCBS Lock Out Die a very good safety item.
  2. Goex powder out of Business?

    Pretty sure GOEX is owned by Hodgdon Powder Co.
  3. Update:Frontier Cartridge Revolver Tips

    I can run a two day match with my smokewagons 12 stages without doing anything to the guns. I use Mobil One synthetic grease on the base pins and bushings with 3F powder under a grease cookie of bees wax and lamb tallow in 44-40.
  4. For sale one Hornady model 366 progressive 12 gauge shotshell reloader with 32 bushings , extra parts and one large shot tube. $275.00 plus shipping.
  5. Prayers needed for a Cowboy

    Prayers for all the family.
  6. How to measure correct belt size.

    You sure that's not Kay's buckle??
  7. A Rye Declaration

    You never had that trouble when you were shooting Colts!
  8. A Rye Declaration

    Oh yea, he's the real deal when it comes to Cowboys. Just look at the word Cowboys in the dictionary and there is Rye's picture beside it. By the way I'm glad you can't see the throw up on my computer screen.
  9. Firelands Saturday

    Who won?
  10. Firelands Saturday

    Last Gun and me have a table to sell. Not the table but gun stuff.
  11. Firelands Saturday

    Now you're tempting me to not go to the gun show and come to the shoot.
  12. Firelands Saturday

    No one has said so I have to ask the question is the turkey a live bird? If it is I can tell you from experience you don't have to worry about Swiss shooting it! Last spring he had 5 turkey's 12 feet away from him and he wouldn't shoot!!
  13. Firelands Saturday

    Will there be gravy with the turkey? I really like gravy.
  14. Firelands Saturday

    Well, I guess, if I'm understanding you right, if your not at the shoot you can't get a ticket? Is that right?
  15. Firelands Saturday

    Could I facetime someone who is there to get a ticket.