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  1. Indoor CAS in Niles, Ohio! Saturday Feb. 10, 2018

    Watch out for Seamus if your spotting. His pistol loads probably won't penetrate the paper!
  2. What have you received because of SASS?

    SASS has taught me a whole new way to humiliate myself.
  3. Tusco Long Riders, First Match of 2018!... Maybe..

    I'm still tryin to get over the shock of seeing Stonecreek shooting smokeless. What's next?
  4. Tusco Long Riders, First Match of 2018!... Maybe..

    Rye, you'll have to ask him. The only stage that he shot anymore powder puff loads is when he got up to the firing line, said the line and started to shoot his rifle. He tried to get it to fire a few times then realized he'd forgot to load his guns! You probably had hoped we had forgot about that eh Seamus??
  5. Tusco Long Riders, First Match of 2018!... Maybe..

    All the practicing this winter is finally paying off, and I almost shot clean too. Seamus forgot his pistols. Had to shoot his grandkids capguns.
  6. FOUND THANK YOU WTB used MEC Supersizer

    I highly recommend a supersizer for your bases. And it's fun to use!
  7. For Sale Pedersoli Lightning 26" 44-40

    btt with lower price
  8. C&B revolvers : brass vs steel frame

  9. The rye miles dancers

    Isn't it amazing how one guy has so much talent? He can dance and shoot? Is there anything he can't do??
  10. For Sale Pedersoli Lightning 26" 44-40

    Why don't all three of you buy it and you can share.

    Sorry no deal it is SPF.