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  1. lightning rifles

    I have a Pedersoli in 44wcf and have never had any trouble with it working ok.
  2. Favorite Primers?

    Make mine Federal.
  3. Spotting Scopes

    Check these people out. Great selection great prices and excellent service every time I have bought from them. Be sure and check out their demos. http://cameralandny.com/
  4. Firelands Charity shoot

    Just because it's a charity shoot can we still shoot fast and clean?
  5. Need recommendation(s)

    There is no best. There are a lot of good ones. I like to use several different ones and I am continually cross checking them and gleaning the best from each one of them.
  6. Firelands Charity shoot

  7. Firelands Charity shoot

    Only five stages?
  8. SOLD Colt 44-40 Nickel 7.5" 3rd Gen

    Unfired 44-40 Colt, 7.5" barrel, Black Eagle Grips, black powder frame, bullseye ejector, in lockable presentation case. Very very slight turn line on cylinder. $1750.00 plus shipping.
  9. Handloading Question

    IMHO the Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Press is the best single stage press made. When you look at all the advantages, no need for shell holders, extremely easy resizing of anything, dies slide in and out no threading involved, very positive primer seating. Also great customer service.

    Man, I had a great time, and one of my shooting fantasies was fulfilled this past weekend. I beat Sixgun Seamus!
  11. For Sale 38-40 Guns, Brass and Dies SPF

    Has not been short stroked.
  12. For Sale 38-40 Guns, Brass and Dies SPF

    Thanks Rye, too bad you don't have another Colt to trade.
  13. For Sale 38-40 Guns, Brass and Dies SPF

    I will check. Be a couple of hours to get back to you.
  14. For Sale 38-40 Guns, Brass and Dies SPF

    Lookin for a Colt 7-1/2" blued in 45.