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  1. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Aircraft Transport

    A good friend of mines dad was a p38 pilot, ended up being shot down andbecoming a pow, his dad passed away in early 2000, then 5 yrs later he recieved a call that a farmer in germany while plowing his fields unearthed pieces of metal one of which had the planes id no on it, they were able to trace it back to his dads plane and ultimately to my friend who has framed mounted on the wallunder a picture of his dad with his plane. take care, stay safe drd
  2. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    New forum member - couple of questions

    As others have said, go to a local club show up early help set up and help tear down, they will put you on the right path, things really have a strange way of working out, you can get into reloading fairly cheap with a single stage or a hand press, does it take longer yep, but its been done for a lot of years that way, the journey has a way of drawing ya in, once yu dip your toes in the water. Good luck, take care, stay safe drd
  3. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Ruger parts compatability

    Thanks, i had a brainfart on the hammer, you gave me a duh moment, but it sounds like the bbl may interchange, thanks again, drd
  4. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Ruger parts compatability

    Any ruger gunsmiths out here that know if newer ruger parts will fit an older ruger three screw, primarily bbl, cylinder and hammer. thanks, drd
  5. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Just for nostalgia

    Met the author when he was doing interviews, lot of stuff from mike in the book, 2d Lt Walford Michaelson, good book, take care, stay safe drd
  6. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Just for nostalgia

    I have a pair of skis and poles, given to me by a capt from the devils brigade, he trained us in winter warfare techniques, he became like a second father to me, his son became a brother, loved to listen to his stories, he was a tough old bird, think of him alot and what they went thru, take care, stay safe drd
  7. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Way OT: Invicta Dive Pro 12912 link needed.

    Church key, if your driving in a couple of days thats pretty dang good, when i had my double hernia operation i was down for a good two weeks, but then they gutted me like a fish filet. Take care, stay safe, heal fast, drd
  8. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Sheepskin vest

    Lowered price
  9. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    how well do watches hold up to the ocean?

    I have had timex, seiko and currently use a citizen eco drive watch, the main thing is rinsing them off after salt water use (started scuba diving in 1976), really like my citizen eco drive but it was also a gift from my daughters so i might be biased. Take care, stay safe drd
  10. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    A New Club [ Update post 30 ]

    Ravensbourne raiders, hill country long riders, the queens riders, take care, stay safe drd
  11. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Sheepskin vest

    I have a couple of handmade sheepskin vests for sale, the lighter colored one is my wifes and is a womens small, the darker one is mine and is a mens medium, they havent fit us for years so we are freeing up closet space, looking to get $200.00 apiece plus actual shipping.
  12. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Wire speed

    Mines thru my phone so its always slow
  13. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Ot trying to find name of movie

    Yeh i really enjoyed it but last time i watched it was seversl years ago i wanted to watch it the other night but couldnt remember the name, been on an african kick lately, and my wife gave me her old kindle so i can dowmload movies to watch in my downtime while out in the field. Take care, stay safe, drd
  14. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Ot trying to find name of movie

    Thanks that is it.
  15. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Ot trying to find name of movie

    Hello the fire, im sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out the name of s movie, i think it was something like ghosts in the night or lions of tssvo, it took place in africa while building the railroad and involved 2 man eating lions, i think val kilmer was in it ive tried googling it but mo luck, any kicks in the right direction would be appreciated take care stay safe drd

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