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  1. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Ice House

    One of dad's first paying jobs was covering the cut ice chunks with sawdust in an ice house, then moved up to a Sawyer.
  2. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Anybody know who made this rifle

    Thanks for info, its a single shot .22, maybe a mauser but not a 98, any more thoughts or suggestions, this was a corner basement find. Maybe i can get some etchings of the symbols on side of bbl, DRD
  3. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Anybody know who made this rifle

    Just trying to find info for a friend, on the reciever all thats marked is duo, there are some stamps on the side but my eyesight isnt as good as it used to be, any info would be much appreciated, it is a 22. thanks DRD
  4. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Kaboom went the snowblower

    I live in the snow belt of the UP, what most people consider snowfall we dont even blink at, my driveway is 330’ long and when i snowblowed it i used an Ariens 11hp with 36” cut that i bought used great snowblower, probably one of the best machines out there, for heavy snow make sure its a two stage, electric start is nice, chains help, take care, stay safe, stay warm DRD
  5. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Where can I buy a Press for Campaign Hat

    Galls uniform supply sells them around 65.00
  6. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    How did they bathe?

    One can also take a sponge bath or a wh___s bath as we use to call it, uses minimally water and gets the stink out Take care,stay safe Drd
  7. Dead River Den, SASS#915


    Deuces number is on the wolverine rangers web page under contacts for range war,
  8. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Old war bond

    Thanks that web link was helpfull drd
  9. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Old war bond

    I was going through some old files in my safe and came across some e series war bonds that my mother had from i believe 1945 does anybody know if these are still valid or not? They are in a leather war bond wallet. Any info would be appreciated thanks, take care, stay safe drd
  10. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Range War call for volunteers

    Just keep faygo away from any fence post pounders
  11. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Range War call for volunteers

    I should be available, just let me know drd
  12. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    OT: Ruger Lcp ?

    Had a Bersa Thunder for a lot of years, think it was around 200 new, good gun, always went off accurate, and affordable, like a poor mans reliable ppk, sold it to a friend and its still going strong, the little .380s got a snappy twist when shot, carry a sp101 with .357 hornadays and its not. bad to shoot, trigger is a far cry from my old s&w model 19s tho Take Care, stay safe DRD

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