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  1. The Ballad of Lefty Brown

    My better half and i watched this ladt night, we both liked it, thought it was a good movie drd
  2. Revolver CCW opinions

    Carried a s&w model19 with a 21/2bbl for a lot of years, switched to a ruger sp101 several years ago, easy to carry, accurate. Still wish i had the smith though, best trigger ive ever felt.
  3. 20 gauge for CAS shotgun?

    Hello, i used a 20 gauge Rossi for years, then my wife started to shoot matches, she wanted a 97, got one in 12 gauge, so i got tired of buying 12 gauge for her and 20 for me, so i switched to 12 gauge out of convenience, never had issues with shooting the 20. Speed has never mattered to me, i shoot my 12 just as slow as I shot the 20. take care, stay safe drd
  4. Sold -- Thanks

    Sent Ya a pm
  5. Virus protection for laptop

    Thanks!! Is that available online?
  6. Virus protection for laptop

    Hello the fire, a little off topic, but i am wondering what other virus protection is out there, currently am using norton but want to change if possible when my subscription runs out. Thanks, take care, stay safe drd
  7. Dual Sport/Adventure Riders?

    Check out aerostitch located in minn, they are online as well as a mailorder catalog, they cater to dual sport riding, make a fantatistic jacket and pants, and a great dual sport riding boot plus many other adventure gear, couple of good series to watch to get your excitement up are the long way down and the long way around, take care, stay safe drd
  8. Dual Sport/Adventure Riders?

    Good advice, ive been riding a long time, first bike was a 68 bridgestone, then a norton commando, first Dirt bike was a kz 175 i believe, currently ride a harley dyna, have rode the klr, bmw, and hondas version, they handle different than a dedicated street bike or dirt bike, good for both but not great, take along a basic repair kit with you, water purifier some emergency rations if heading into the back country, good source for equipment Is Aerostitch in duluth minn, another interesting option is made by Ural, old school setup 2wd styled after the zundap and bmw from WW2. take care stay safe drd
  9. Air Force plans to fly the B-52 into the 2050's

    I miss watching them flying low over the house, they are impressive, got to go onboard one when the airbase used to have open house, now we dont even have an airbase.
  10. Trying to remember a term

    Never flew tandem, when i flew them only the single seaters were out, if i remember right when i got my first flight certficate the instructer said we were in the first few hundred that had been certified, lots of fun got to fly them with my dad while he was still around
  11. Trying to remember a term

    Yeh, starting with the chute open was nicer, only instrument was a mirror to make sure chute was inflated, did a few non static line jumps, still remember looking at the 2x4 on the wing strut that you had to stand on. Remember being dragged across a field while trying to dump chute too during unexpected wind gusts, lot of fun tho
  12. El Paso Saddlery pancake holster for 4.75" SA **SOLD!**

    Wolf Creek, sent ya a pm. DRD
  13. Trying to remember a term

    I remember many years ago i got certfied in a para plane (basically a go Cart with counter rotating props and a large parafoil style parachute on it), about a year later got a letter from i believe disney world asking if i wanted to fly in with a bunch of other paraplane pilots, all i could think of was one big gust of wind and a lot of tangled parachutes falling quickly to the ground i said no. take care stat safe DRD
  14. Purple Feathers for Soot Ladies

    If i remember right, years ago sashes were worn by soot lords i believe they were purple or red but i dont fully recollect. take care, stay safe drd
  15. OT - Small pickup truck recommendations?

    My wifes got a nissan 4wd frontier, gets 20-22 mpg, 6cyl engine she absolutly loves it, toyotas are overpriced, good little truck