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  1. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    How did they bathe?

    One can also take a sponge bath or a wh___s bath as we use to call it, uses minimally water and gets the stink out Take care,stay safe Drd
  2. Dead River Den, SASS#915


    Deuces number is on the wolverine rangers web page under contacts for range war,
  3. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Old war bond

    Thanks that web link was helpfull drd
  4. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Old war bond

    I was going through some old files in my safe and came across some e series war bonds that my mother had from i believe 1945 does anybody know if these are still valid or not? They are in a leather war bond wallet. Any info would be appreciated thanks, take care, stay safe drd
  5. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Range War call for volunteers

    Just keep faygo away from any fence post pounders
  6. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Range War call for volunteers

    I should be available, just let me know drd
  7. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Anyone ever heard of Wings cigarettes?

    Ive got a 2 pack of pall malls that has the pan am logo and name on it from when they used to give them out on the plane, take care, stay stay drd
  8. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    distilling pond water

    I use an item called an earthstraw to pump out of well then use a water filter(katyhadin) to filter the water, the earthstraw fits into any well caseing and is basically a hand pump that goes next to your installed pump, i believe bison makes a heavier duty stainless one. They have larger gravity fed filters for more volumune, the earth straw works great, been using at an off grid camp for 5 years now even in winter, hardly ever run my generator to power regular well pump. take care, stay safe drd
  9. Dead River Den, SASS#915


    To me that was when saturday night live was actually funny
  10. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    hydration packs

    I use them for work, and like them, mine is a camel back, they have cleaning kits and winter kits for the hoses, mine was bought for me but think you can get them cheaper than a 100.00, bladders are pretty tough, i like mine because its also a small day pack, distributes the weight to your shoulders, and if your wearing waders , makes water access and transport easier. Take care, stay safe, drd
  11. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    You could earn more in a grocery store

    Bought a mauser out of a barrel full of guns at a woolwrth a few years ago, ( okay more like 30 years ago), local holiday gas station used to sell guns till about 11 years ago, and yes the farmers daughters look like that around here, lots of finns
  12. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Aircraft Transport

    A good friend of mines dad was a p38 pilot, ended up being shot down andbecoming a pow, his dad passed away in early 2000, then 5 yrs later he recieved a call that a farmer in germany while plowing his fields unearthed pieces of metal one of which had the planes id no on it, they were able to trace it back to his dads plane and ultimately to my friend who has framed mounted on the wallunder a picture of his dad with his plane. take care, stay safe drd
  13. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    New forum member - couple of questions

    As others have said, go to a local club show up early help set up and help tear down, they will put you on the right path, things really have a strange way of working out, you can get into reloading fairly cheap with a single stage or a hand press, does it take longer yep, but its been done for a lot of years that way, the journey has a way of drawing ya in, once yu dip your toes in the water. Good luck, take care, stay safe drd
  14. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Ruger parts compatability

    Thanks, i had a brainfart on the hammer, you gave me a duh moment, but it sounds like the bbl may interchange, thanks again, drd
  15. Dead River Den, SASS#915

    Ruger parts compatability

    Any ruger gunsmiths out here that know if newer ruger parts will fit an older ruger three screw, primarily bbl, cylinder and hammer. thanks, drd

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