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    Shooting, western stuff, horses, dogs and grandkids.

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  1. Dusty Wyatt

    Goin' to Tombstone

    Wyatt Earp going to Tombstone. Might make an interesting story.
  2. Dusty Wyatt

    My Dog Charlie Died This Afternoon

    I am sorry to hear this Yul. It is so very hard to lose them.
  3. Dusty Wyatt

    A bad day in Tennessee

    I am very sorry to hear this. It always hurts to lose them.
  4. Dusty Wyatt

    Lost my buddy tonight...

    Very sorry to hear this. It's always hard to lose them.
  5. Dusty Wyatt

    Not a Good Night, it Seems

    Sorry Doc. It's always tough. At least she went easy.
  6. Dusty Wyatt

    Another one gone

    Rest In Peace.
  7. Dusty Wyatt

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    Been laid up the last two weeks and been doing a lot of reading. In the last 4 days I've read the last 3 Jesse Stone novels that were actually written by Robert B Parker and am half finished with an old Tony Hillerman, The Fallen Man.
  8. Dusty Wyatt

    Poly framed 1911

    No. Thank you.
  9. Dusty Wyatt

    The Magnificent Seven

    Still enjoy the original. Was in the hospital last week and the new one was available to watch. Didn't even finish it. Turned back to The Animal Planet.
  10. Dusty Wyatt

    The Ranch

    Made it through the first, but never made it to the second.
  11. Dusty Wyatt


    Saw the trailer a while back and decided to pass. Not a Costner fan anyway.
  12. Dusty Wyatt

    End of Trail Yesteryear

    Great Pics!! Thanks for posting them Jake!
  13. Dusty Wyatt

    Westerns - they just don’t make them like they used to

    Not to bad. Funny stuff!
  14. Dusty Wyatt

    Night of the Grizzly

    Pretty darned good movie. Clint and Leo Gordon. If I remember right, they mixed it up a couple of times on Cheyenne too!
  15. Dusty Wyatt

    Thank you Professor Joyce Malcolm

    I received a fifty dollar Barnes & Noble gift card for my birthday. Now I know which book I will be using it on!

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