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  1. Henry Single Shot Rifles

    Pat: Are these the rifles you are asking about? https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/single-shot-rifle/ Found the HO15-4570 Model at Cabelas:
  2. What do you look for on a club website

  3. What do you look for on a club website

    Mossy Pops, Well Done. Nice and clean with great interfaces.
  4. Double Jeopardy - Shooting Two Categories

    evil dogooder, AWESOME. Now that's .
  5. Double Jeopardy - Shooting Two Categories

    Abilene, Great advice. I would always practice any shooting style first; however, your mentioning it here is the best way to get this warning out to others who may be considering a shooting style they are not familiar with.
  6. Double Jeopardy - Shooting Two Categories

    Yusta B., Would shooting two categories still be fine if the second is Double Duelist?
  7. Double Jeopardy - Shooting Two Categories

  8. Double Jeopardy - Shooting Two Categories

    I like to think I pull my weight when I shoot with the Pistoleros. Even my wife, who doesn't shoot, picks up brass, while I spot the shooters.(double duty) If I shoot twice, I would have no objection to paying twice, and if my wife picks up brass the second time I shoot, then the work load isn't diminished. Seems to me it's just one more shooter on a Posse. For example, if another shooter joined the Posse, he is unable to perform Posse duties while shooting, whereas I would have a sub filling in for me.
  9. Help! How can we make the Wire represent SASS.

    Blackwater, Have only watched the first 20 minutes and like it already. Will continue the rest later. Appreciate you posting the link. I guess where I am coming from is the adage that we can all agree to disagree in certain situations. It's not a goal to suppress free speech, but IMHO, the use of foul language on a forum is unnecessary, regardless of the rules. Sarcastic remarks only prompt retaliation from some, in the hopes of escalating their anger. I don't consider it Political Correctness, but common courtesy. In a Saloon, it would be expected, but on a forum discussing SASS related issues, we are all adults (after all we ARE handling firearms), and should conduct ourselves accordingly. Just my take on what should be expected on the WIRE.
  10. Help! How can we make the Wire represent SASS.

    Blackwater, I found the quote in your signature regarding "Political Correctness" to be eye opening. It originally appeared in a telegraph message between President Harry S. Truman and General MacArthur just prior to the Japanese Surrender Agreement back in September 1945. In this case, President Truman played the part of the Moderator, General MacArthur as the SASS WIRE poster, and the Press as the forum itself. When MacArthur used a derogatory term to describe the Japanese in a telegraph to President Truman, like a good Moderator, the President advised MacArthur to not use the term when speaking to the Press. I understand this was a time of war, I do, and just like the sometimes heated discussions on the WIRE, some will post things the way they really feel, yet by doing so, they will portray themselves different in the eyes of readers. Therefore, did Truman "stifle" the generals' Freedom of Speech for Political Correctness? Possibly, but the scathing use of MacArthur's terminology to the Press would have not only been unnecessary and inflammatory, but would likely taint his image. General MacArthur has President Truman to thank for preventing that from occurring. Let's Thank our Moderators for following the wisdom that Truman displayed.
  11. Double Jeopardy - Shooting Two Categories

    I currently shoot in the Silver Senior category and with all the discussions on the WIRE about shooting Gunfighter I am intrigued. I want to continue my progress as a new shooter in my category and work on improving, and I'm not necessarily interested in changing categories; however, I would like to shoot Gunfighter in the same local club match. Has anyone tried this, and if so, are there any suggestions to make the transition during a single match between Silver Senior and would it be Silver Senior Gunfighter, or just Gunfighter? Also, does your local club require a separate Alias to shoot the two different categories? Does SASS require a separate Alias to do this? Does your local club charge you double for shooting same scenario? Would I have any issues with equipment? (I shoot New Model Ruger Vaqueros - Henry Big Boy Silver 38/357 - Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme 12 ga.) Should I avoid even trying this as a new shooter? Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the responses. Signed.... Gunfighter wanna be.
  12. Ms. Allie Mo,

    Is your mailbox full? Trying to send you a PM.


  13. 1860 Henry Rifle by Henry repeating arms

    Marshall Fire, Almost forgot. On the F.A.Q. Forum there is an interesting article on the history of the 1860 rifle, just in case you are interested. https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/261212-1860-henry-a-history-article/
  14. 1860 Henry Rifle by Henry repeating arms

    Lawman Mays: Nice pic. Who is the dapper gentleman you got to pose with your Henry 1860? Marshall Fire: Not sure if this is the post that Lawman is talking about, but thought I would provide the link. Pros and Cons of the Henry Rifle
  15. New to Cowboy Guns

    Rocky Dog, Welcome to the SASS WIRE. You'll enjoy this madness as much as the rest of us. And don't mind those of us who prompt a laugh or two, we're completely harmless, same as our ability to shoot straight.