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  1. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    A true friend - Am I

    It can buy a House - But not a Home It can buy a Bed - But not Sleep It can buy a Clock - But not Time It can buy you a Book - But not Knowledge It can buy you a Position - But not Respect It can buy you Medicine - But not Health It can buy you Blood - But not Life So you see, Money isn't everything. And it often causes pain and suffering. I tell you all this because I am your Friend, and as your Friend I want to take away your pain and suffering. So send me all your money and I will suffer for you. A more true Friend you will never find.
  2. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Place Your Bets

    Kid, Maybe a visual will help those who only look at the pictures!
  3. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Motorcycle speak

    Got the idea from Country Wildmans' post on naming his motorcycle.
  4. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    My new baby. Any suggestions for a name?

    Scarlet Bomber
  5. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Please, can we just go now?

  6. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    I'd rather hit my thumb with a hammer than...

    Lawman, If you do decide to purchase another truck, make sure it has all that new technology in it, like this cell phone holder, for example....
  7. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Ammo questions

    Gentlemen: Thank you again for all the information, references and guidelines. My first question is this: What is the difference between the two Lyman publications that have been referenced above? I'm assuming they cover two different facets of reloading? Are they mutually exclusive? I'm also going to guess that the Lyman Reloading and Cast Bullet guide (5/94) I received with my press should not be used? Does a book that covers every single type of bullet caliber and cartridge necessary if one plans to only reload 38 spl and 357, or it just doesn't work that way? Lastly, I found the box with the reloading equipment I received and here is the model. Is there anything I need to be concerned about since this equipment is apparently quite old? Tests to be performed? Appreciate everything I am learning here on the WIRE.
  8. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Think you're lost, then what street are you on?

    "COME AGAIN! Where are you?" "And where are you trying to get to?" " Nowhere in Particular" "Then go two blocks south to the bus stop"
  9. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    76 rifle in .44???

    Is it possible that his research took him to Custer's Last stand in which Henry and Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifles were used, by the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes and not by the Cavalry? The Indians referred to these arms as "many shots," and "spirit gun," which showed a measure of awe and respect for these rifles. More than twenty of them were used against George A. Custer's 7th Cavalry and their single-shot Springfield carbines at the Battle of Little Bighorn (Battle of the Greasy Grass) in June, 1876.
  10. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Lost Puppy

    No dog left BEHIND policy is the rule!
  11. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Ammo questions

    Tyrel: Great presentation and easy to understand. Really appreciate you taking the time to put it together, not only for me, but for those who are just as interested. J. Mark: I actually already have a basic reloading machine that was donated to me a long time ago; however, have not had the ability to allocate the time that will be needed, as yet. I will check to see what the reloading model is and that will be the reloading manual I'll purchase and at least get the reading part under my belt. As for your last statement, we are good now in the Saloon, and glad that you are serious and somber in your reply. Griff: Still pleading ignorance here, but does a Cast Bullet Handbook, regardless of whose it is (ie. Lyman vs Dillon) apply regardless of the Make/Model reloading equipment you are using? As you can see from my reply to J. Mark, my reloading equipment may not be a Lyman.
  12. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    What $800 dear.

  13. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Car washes

    And even those hand wash events don't do a full clean either! Car washes have gone to the dogs.

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