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  1. Welcome Wagon Train McClain!

    Welcome Wagon Train McClain,
  2. Welcome Granny Franny Oakley!

    WELCOME Granny Fanny Oakley,
  3. Welcome Stretch McCain!

    Welcome Stretch McCain,
  4. Welcome Grinnin Jim

    WELCOME Grinnin Jim,
  5. Taurus Thunderbolt?

    Did I just see that this rifle prices at $4,000+? If so, not even an option. Am I missing something here?
  6. Taurus Thunderbolt?

    On a previous post regarding physical considerations, a Pard suggested Taurus Thunderbolt. Does anyone out there currently shootwith one of these, and if so, how does it perform? If you know of this firearm, any information would be appreciated. The reason I ask is after the suggestion I watched a bunch of videos on the rifle and almost all of them had the rifle jamming. I would not want to suggest a firearm that may further frustrate the shooter. Thanks.
  7. First Match Today

    Cactus Jack, Well done! I believe will have to wait a bit before sending you out on the Desert Trail again as Ol Pete.
  8. Compensations allowed for physical issues?

    Everyone so far: I'd like to thank y'all for the suggestions and will relay them to her. Going to the range first, I'll have her try my firearms and then hopefully at some future local match, get her to try some of the slicked up firearms from our local pards. Thanks again.
  9. O K I can't find where a person is/was

    Pat, Great job! This should be posted to the F.A.Q. Forum along with the other tutorials.
  10. Compensations allowed for physical issues?

    Lone Rider, I will look into the Thunderbolt for her.
  11. Welcome sharpeye!

    WELCOME Sharpeye,
  12. Welcome Amondo!

  13. Welcome Gunsmoke Gus!

    WELCOME again.
  14. Welcome Gunsmoke Gus!

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