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  1. Father Kit Cool

                                   It's unfortunate that some people are allowed to breath, I enjoy your posts immensely  & look forward to reading what you contribute.

    I hope that maybe one day  you can say 'stuff 'em &  grace us with your presence on the wire again..take care & best wishes.

      Regards from 'Painted Mohawk [ Aus ]

  2. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Farewell Post...with thoughts.

    There has been a lot of talk lately regarding the plethora of posts that are being made by a few egomaniacs to the SASS Saloon forum on a regular basis. Apparently, those who have posted to the forums for a long time yearn for the good old days when it reflected what they thought it should, and unhappy with its current format. The last time I checked, this is still a free country governed by a Constitution that allows everyone the right to free speech and expression. Let's start off with the definition of what can appear on the SASS Saloon forum. Looks like anything can be discussed except SASS related issues. Doesn't say cartoons aren't allowed. Neither does it say memes can't be posted. By golly it doesn't seem to prohibit posting jokes or videos either. There is no limit on how many can be posted or their content, so long as the guidelines are followed, and they are within reason. Seems straight forward to me. I like to think there should be something for everyone. Not everyone is into posting to the forums, in fact, based on the number of views on any particular day and the number of responses, the majority of readers do just that, READ. They aren’t into bantering back and forth with other members, joking around or talking about themselves and what they are doing. Instead they may come to be entertained, learn something new, or see what is being discussed. Which brings us to the question: What should be posted on the SASS Saloon forum? The answer would be: How about what the members want to see and are interested in reading. So how do we determine that? One simple method could be the number of responses the post gets. Members who post a laugh , a like , or a thank you icon which shows their appreciation for the post. The number of views is another possibility; however, this method isn't as accurate a gauge as expected. Why? Each time a new reply is posted, the same readers may come back which could be inflating the number. Therefore, determining what the SASS readers want to see can be a difficult task, and not one that a single group of members should be deciding, like the way it used to be, they say. We'll let’s go back in time to say 2011 and see what the SASS saloon forum looked like then. https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/258163-pretty-pictures/ https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/162007-best-breakfast/ https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/162145-i-see-the-hamster-finally-died-and-they-brought-in-a-replacement/ https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/162069-a-funny/ We'll I'll be. Looks like there were prolific posters back then too! Lots of pictures, jokes, etc. Maybe not as many as there are now, but, let's see...WOW, there are a lot more members now than yesteryear. A lot of new blood, with new and different personalities. That can be a good thing. Though some are opposed to change. So now that we've cleared up some misconceptions, let's review just some of the type of posts that populate the forum lately. Cartoons. They say that laugher is the best medicine, and I believe this is true. Nothing can change a grumpy attitude quicker that a good chuckle. And what's the fastest way to get this across to the reader...A picture cartoon. They are simple and get their point across quickly. Memes. These are photos that have text attached to them that can make what appears to be normal, into something funny. Jokes. These usually tell a story that are typically funny in nature or have a cool unexpected punch line. Videos. These can cover a lot of areas. There are music videos, educational videos, military videos, etc. They can be posted for multiple reasons. The member could feel that it might be something they want to share with others. Pictures. This category usually covers unique artwork or crafting skills. It can also be of a personal nature to be used for sharing. Games. The one that comes to mind is Wordy Words. This simple thread merely allows the reader to chain words through association as to their interpretation of the word itself. It can be fun, and I've jumped in a time or two, even adding a picture in lieu of the word. Stories. These for the most part do not invoke responses, however, are posted to entertain the reader. I consider Linn Keller as our resident story teller. So how does one determine which of these to post? I can only speak for myself. I spend a lot of time searching for items that would appear to be interesting to the forum readers. These are not just “Willy Nilly” posts. I usually try to find cowboy related items, as those will take priority. And the work doesn't end there. I review the number of views, the number of responses and the subsequent replies to try and find what our readers are looking for and enjoy. I'll back off if a trend is unresponsive. In other words, I try to do my homework. So now we've come to the proverbial forks in the road. What format should the SASS saloon forum take? Options? The Library Approach Everything is prim and proper in this type of forum. Nothing exciting here. Educational videos, artifacts, and other items that may be of interest to others. Everyone is limited to how many posts they can enter and must follow the librarians' rules for topic content, especially if it doesn't meet her expectations. The Saloon Approach Anything goes in this approach. Just a group of friends taking about anything and everything. A no holds barred atmosphere. Will there be the occasional trouble maker entering the Saloon trying to make trouble? Sure, but that's what the Sheriff (Moderator) is for. Everything is on for discussion and sharing, you just need to choose who you wish to associate with. Don't like the drunk in the corner causing a ruckus! Just ignore them as they aren't worth the trouble. The Facebook Approach Now this is the one where the posts are about sharing our lives with others. Let’s talk about what we did today. Share pictures of pets, etc. The Open Range Approach This approach is like the Wild, Wild West - wide open spaces. Anything goes in this forum. No rules, within reason. Those who want to post, can do so. Those that just want to read, can do so. Not interested in entering the Saloon for a drink, that’s your option. Maybe you would prefer a quiet meal at the nearby Boarding House. I'm sure there are many other scenarios, but I'm sure you get the big picture. Personally, I like the forum that extends the freedom to post what and how many topics they want. Excessiveness will be dictated by either the members themselves in their lack of viewing, responding or replying to them, or by the Moderators themselves. Most definitely not by a select member minority! And finally this brings us to the topic of Bullies. I see these as the name calling, let's pick on someone type. Usually they are part of a "clique", a small group that think alike and find safety in numbers against a single person. They can also be a single person themselves. Unfortunately, the Moderators can ban the single members, but the groups are harder to control. These are just my thoughts and how I see things. I expect that others see things differently, and that IMHO is what diversity is all about. As I leave the forums indefinitely, all I ask is that everyone just enjoy each other’s company and the contributions they make to the forums, regardless of what it is, or how many there are. Signing off.
  3. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Who is this Father Kit Cool Gun Garth?

    In a recent post, this question was asked: So I thought I should provide some background. I like to think of myself as a pioneer, venturing into a new territory, surveying the landscape and trying to find a place to call home and be amongst strangers that although we have never met in person, I can eventually call them my friends. I first started posting to the SASS Wire I wanted to make my posts about a New Shooter to CAS. I couldn't find much in the forums that tracked the progress a new shooter made. Questions were asked by new shooters, and several answers were provided; however, nothing followed the progress of that new shooter, so with that in mind I started including the posting of videos and details of my progress so that other potential new shooters thinking about getting into the sport could see what they were up against. I asked questions, researched the internet and with the assistance of the SASS community, hopefully left a trail they could follow. Along the way, I looked for things that I felt would be helpful to the members and that's when I suggested creating the Abbreviations and Acronyms list which to date has been viewed 4,647 times. As I became involved in the Wire, I wanted to get other Members involved as well, so I tried to come up with unique ideas such as the SASS WIRE Posse. I found that many a new member started posting questions to the Wire and were rarely acknowledged other than having their questions answered. I set up the Posse with the goal to encourage current members to extend a welcome to those new members and enlisted the assistance of Ms. Allie Mo to identify them for us. I began creating a variety of wanted posters specific to the new member, to eliminate the “clinical” aspect of the welcome... ...and eventually came up with my own set of Welcome Declarations, as I like to call them. I set a criteria of 5 posts to become a member of the Posse and created special badges they could use when they welcomed the new members. They were free to apply them to their own Avatar set up permanently, if they so desired. I also tracked all new members in a spreadsheet and periodically posted these totals. In addition, tracking was maintained of how many each member, even non-Posse members, had extended a welcome to. I then noticed that there appeared to be a divide between those who posted to the SASS Wire and those who posted to the SASS Wire Saloon. There are many members who never venture to the SASS Wire Saloon forum. Reading the types of posts that appeared on the SASS Wire Saloon forum, I again wanted to try and get more readers involved besides just reading other member posts. So, I started a post with an opening paragraph of a western sort story. It required that each response be an addition to the storyline, and hopefully a cohesive short story would result. Eventual a title was chosen by the contributors and was eventually called "Rangers Justice". Sometimes I post items that I believe extend a feel of comradery. Such a case was last year when I posted a Santa wish list. This was a very time-consuming labor of LOVE tribute to our members by asking them what they wanted for Christmas, and then surprising them with pics of their individual gifts. In the past I have also created and posted numerous charts and graphs for example for last year's EOT. I’ve created many a F.A.Q. tutorial that have been incorporated with step by step instructions along with pictures as to how things can be accomplished on the forums. When I read other member posts, I will give a thanks to responses to questions I didn't ask, as a way of showing my appreciation for them for taking the time to respond, even if the OP didn't. IMHO, this should be a common courtesy extended to any member who responds to another member’s question. I also like to include special posts created specifically for our readers. Case in point: When J. Bar Binks made a post and in it he alluded to his birth date, I marked my calendar for 2 weeks later and in the meantime created a birthday cake exclusively for him. In conclusion, some have implied that the proliferation of posts I make are a plea for attention, but I would counter that instead these same critics will start their own self-absorbed post drawing the attention to themselves. This post, on the other hand, is meant only to provide an in-depth view of where I wascoming from; however, I’m sure my critics have other ideas. If you have made it this far, I respectfully extend my gratitude for you taking the time to read this entire post. I hope the effort I put into the forums was helpful. I'll get off my soap box now and hopefully those reading this post will have a better understanding of who Father Kit "Cool Gun" Garth is, what I stand for, and more importantly the lengths I will go to, the commitment, and the thoughtfulness I infuse in creating my posts to either of the forums. There are others with the same mindset, and like them, I trust that you will see me as a contributor and not an egomaniac to forum posting. I am leaving the forums indefinitely. Best wishes to those that I have made friends with.
  4. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    These are not your circus balloon animals!

  5. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    How to know you're a BAD Cook.

    When you can make LAVA in a pot!
  6. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    You could earn more in a grocery store

    "Seriously! Like, are you totally high right now?"
  7. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    The Power of a Badge

    Make anything with horns mad, and I for one, would not want to be in its way! Bull or cow.
  8. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    The Power of a Badge

  9. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    JFK and the Declaration of Independence

    July 4, 1957
  10. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    From our Australian Pards

    The aboriginies make and play these instruments from eucylyptis trees hollowed out by termites. Watch closely as to the continuous sound they are able to produce. They do this by not only exhaling to make their sounds, but at the same time they are exhaling, they are breathing in through their nose to store air in their lungs to use to exhale. (Try to blow air out your mouth while at the same time breathe through your nose. I guarantee you can't even come close!) Here a brief video of how they are made, followed by modern day versions using the didgeridoo.
  11. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    The Old Prospector

    There are a few lessons for us all here. NEVER be arrogant Don't waste ammunition Whiskey makes you think you're smarter than you are Always, always make sure you know who has the power DON'T mess with old folks ... they didn't get old by being stupid
  12. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    It's Monday alrite.....

    Pat: Coke also works to remove that stubborn build up on your battery posts. Just pour a little at a time and the corrosion will vanish before your eyes!

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