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  1. Kirkpatrick Leather shotshell belt. 12ga. single and double loops, 38 cal loops. Marked 12/38 and 44C, presumably 44" length to middle hole. Wear marks and scuffs as pictured, leather is soft, no cracks, stitching appears fine. Good serviceable shotshell belt $75 shipped. First I'll take it posted here get's it. Thanks.
  2. Fireball #7709 Life

    FS/T Winchester 94

    Still available!
  3. Fireball #7709 Life

    Alabama State Championship - Shootout at Cavern Cove

    LOL! So, I'm riff-raff?! Have to see if I can make it work, sounds like fun!
  4. Fireball #7709 Life

    FS Uberti bolt, 89 sight and 97 stock

    @Chili Peper Pete parts for that old 66?
  5. Fireball #7709 Life

    WTB Glock 17 magazines

  6. Fireball #7709 Life

    WTB/T need some 9mm brass

    Thanks Al. I think I've found what I need, if it falls through I'll message you and see if you still have it. A gallon bag is probably over a 1000 pcs and that would have done for me.
  7. Fireball #7709 Life

    WTB/T need some 9mm brass

    Thanks for the lead! Not sure I want that much. GSSF may be a passing fad.
  8. Fireball #7709 Life

    WTB/T need some 9mm brass

    Looking for a couple thousand. Prefer yellow brass, but nickels not a deal breaker depending on price. Whatcha' got laying around? Shoot me a PM with qty and price please. I have a box of a 1000, 40 S&W new Starline I'd consider trading. Thanks.
  9. Fireball #7709 Life

    Alabama State Championship - Shootout at Cavern Cove

    The link isn't working for me?
  10. Fireball #7709 Life

    FS/T Winchester 94

    It is 30-30, I should have put that in there. Thanks.
  11. Fireball #7709 Life

    FS/T Winchester 94

    Winchester 94 Centennial, offered in 1994 as a limited edition. 30-30 Winchester, 26" half octagon/round barrel. Outstanding presentation grade wood! Shot to sight in the Lyman tang sight, original barrel sight included. With original box and papers as pictured. Be the envy of your pards on long range side match day! $1000 shipped to your FFL. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Trade offers considered, please send me a PM with what you have and what the deal is, i.e straight across or this gun and X amount of boot, etc.. Thanks.
  12. Fireball #7709 Life

    FS/T Lyman Ruger 45-70 Centennial set

    Still available!
  13. Fireball #7709 Life

    Transfer bar post got me wondering....

    Not that I've seen. It would also require a trigger to work with a half cock notch, to be able to load, to keep the firing pin out of the way of the cartridge rims. Power Custom makes a trigger/hammer kit, but it is in the regular Blackhawk profile AND still utilizes the transfer bar. This would be the closest I've seen and you could weld up the hammer and take the transfer bar out. https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/trigger-group-parts/hammer-parts/hammers/ruger-colt-style-hammer-new-vaquero-trigger-kit-prod25444.aspx?psize=96 At the price of a "kit" like this, there are smith's out there that do the work for about the same amount of money. Probably limited demand, cost and maximum liability are keeping a drop in kit from becoming a thing.
  14. Fireball #7709 Life

    Hornady primer pick-up tubes

    I didn't realize these were getting hard to get. I've had Projectors and what follows doesn't look like a bolt in conversion to me, but it might be worth a shot.(online pics make it hard to tell) Lots of forum stories of Hornady's lack of customer service too, but maybe you'll have better luck. This https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/help-hornady-pro-jector-small-primer-tube-gone-mia.394141/ suggests you may be able to convert to this https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/00005095210/lock-n-load-ap-progressive-press-primer-feeder-system Good luck.

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