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  1. WTB Spencer carbine repro

    I had an original M1865 in fantastic condition and I let it go.....
  2. WTB Spencer carbine repro

    Not authentic, but probably the best option for me. 95% of my cowboy guns are in 45. LQ
  3. WTB Spencer carbine repro

    Going to call them tomorrow, I got wrapped up in some other stuff this week that's taking up all of my time. Do you know what caliber it is? Thanks!! LQ
  4. WTB Spencer carbine repro

    No msg received ?
  5. WTB Spencer carbine repro

    Thanks, Willi - only looking for those two calibers. LQ
  6. WTB Spencer carbine repro

    I'm in Northeast Florida. Cool, I will give them a shout tomorrow. Thank you very much for the lead. LQ
  7. .45 Colt or 56-50. Prefer trades, what are you looking for? LQ
  8. Looking for 1875 Army Outlaw Grips

    You may end up doing a little fitting like I said. I filled the locating pin holes with epoxy, and then redrilled them to get a good square fit. I went with the mex eagle and snake grips. I thought they would be kind of distracting at first but I got to like them.
  9. Looking for 1875 Army Outlaw Grips

    http://gungrip.com/remington-1875-grips-and-uberti-1875-and-1890-grips.aspx LQ
  10. WTB (testing the waters) 71/72 Open tops 38 or 45

    I have a pair in 38 and a pair in 45. Been shooting them for at least 10 years steadily, no issues. They are my go-to black powder cartridge pistols, because of the gas ring incorporated into the cylinder and the ease of cleaning & repair in general. Enjoy! LQ
  11. Bisleys sold pending funds to Brother Jim. Pleasure speaking with you !! LQ