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  1. Beat up, ugly, rusted - don't care. I am looking for a World War 1 era (1911-1921), US property marked Colt M1911 slide & frame to rebuild. Complete pistol is fine also, but I'm not looking to spend a lot of money. Just a suitable platform for a WB build up. Whatcha got? Thanks! El Q
  2. LQ Jones

    FS: Two S&W Non SASS

    Nice pistols !! BTT
  3. Once the w-2s start going out, then you'll start getting some hits I'm sure. Great rifle at a great price ! I'm thinking I'll see one of these in 2019 myself. El Q
  4. LQ Jones

    SOLD Colt SAA .45lc P1840 4 3/4 Blue CCH Ivory Grips

    I'd like to get a look in his gun room.
  5. LQ Jones

    SOLD/TRADED: non SASS APF AR-10/.308

    Sent you a PM Rudy LQ
  6. LQ Jones

    SOLD/TRADED1860 Iron Frame Henry 45 LC $1250 shipped

    Really nice gun !!
  7. LQ Jones

    SOLD/TRADED: non SASS APF AR-10/.308

    Thanks. Been very happy with it but haven't been shooting it since I got an M1A !!
  8. Excellent condition, mounted on pine board. Has trigger lever and remote, 1911 & Benelli MP 90/95 inserts. Heavy item $275.00 shipped. Thanks!
  9. 70s? Excellent condition and fun! One mag, no case. SOLD Thanks for looking! LQ
  10. APF - 18" medium barrel with Miculek comp, 16" top rail guard. Gunfighter charge handle, TruGlo 30/1-6x dual illuminated BDC scope. 45° offsets, VLTOR stock. + 2 Pmags. No case, SOLD LQ
  11. LQ Jones

    Looking for Uberti 45 Henry

    Life has a way of doing that !
  12. LQ Jones

    Looking for Uberti 45 Henry

    I've got a brass frame, blued 24" in 45 Colt, also very good condition. Been wanting a steel frame, maybe we could set up a three-way. LQ
  13. LQ Jones


    Short stroke? LQ
  14. Thank you, Brazos. PM me payment instructions? LQ
  15. Ok. Brazos, if still available I'll take the holsters & belt. PM sent. El Q

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