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  1. Need help from Merlin the Facebook Wizard

    Is this a legit site? They asked for a "refundable" $5 deposit, and then said you'd be charged $23 after talking to a technician. Have you used it?
  2. Treatment today at 1:00 pm, Wednesday 2:00 pm & Friday 2:00 pm. We are praying for you and medical team.
  3. Time for a song while we are waiting to hear from Jim No Horse. "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" by Alan Jackson
  4. Fun gun

    Why Lee Enfields are so fast. Thought this was very interesting. Makes me really want to get one.
  5. Fun gun

  6. Fun gun

    Rock Island 1911 in 22 TCM with addl 9 mm barrel
  7. Okay, this is strange or--------------

    I would just call it your family's Christmas Miracle Clock and imagine a time of hope and thankfulness with many blessings to come. Perhaps give thanks each day it runs for someone special in your lives. Perhaps it can be a reminder of getting another chance to send a card or to call someone that was important to you. A teacher, a neighbor, a childhood friend, a mentor, a military buddy... Enjoy the miracle and pass on the story and how you'll use the opportunity. Thanks. Merry Christmas. P.S. The real miracle won't be the clock, but the blessings you give and receive when you let others know how you are thankful for them and how they influenced your life...that will produce the real miracles. .
  8. Fun gun

    Pedersoli 20 gauge Howdah Pistol .
  9. Fun gun

    Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12 ga & another one in 20 ga. Money left over for ammo. .
  10. The Singing Cowboy Rare 1981 special

    Now, I can't get the Tumbleweed song out of my head. Not a bad thing, though. Thanks for the good memories.
  11. 1851 Yankee 44

    1. Do you prefer the 7.5" barrell over the 4.875" barrell? Both are on sale. I've never tried a 7.5" barrell. 2. It looks like the extra $25 Cabelas credit card offer is for in store in stock guns only. 3. The fine print on the $25 off for using the Cabelas credit card looks like it is not valid on promotions or other combinations, if I am reading it correctly. Still a great deal, but the extra $25 would make it really sweet and worth the 45 min drive. if you haven't had the Cabelas Card and apply for a new Card, you would get $25 off. Please correct me, if I'm wrong. Thanks .
  12. The Capt. Schaeffers are here (with new pics)!

    Have you taken them to the gun range? How were they?