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  1. The Capt. Schaeffers are here (with new pics)!

    Have you taken them to the gun range? How were they?
  2. Decorated Atlanta Fire Chief Fired

    RELIGIOUS FREEDOM For Chief Cochran, His Faith Is More Important than His Dream Career By Sarah Kramer Posted on: | November 16, 2017 If you would have asked a young Kelvin Cochran what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would have said, “a firefighter.” Though the former Atlanta fire chief has realized his childhood dream by serving as a firefighter for over 30 years, he’s had his share of ups and downs. Early in his career, Chief Cochran experienced racism in the fire department. He was given a designated bed and designated dishes in the firehouse so no one had to share with the “black firefighter.” But it was because of that hardship that he has been dedicated to promoting a work environment without any racism, sexism, cronyism, or any other “isms.” And he did so successfully. In fact, there were no complaints of discrimination under Chief Cochran’s leadership in Atlanta. An investigation proved that. Yet in 2015, he was fired by the City of Atlanta, simply because he wrote a men’s devotional in his personal time that mentioned his belief that sex is intended for marriage between one man and one woman. Alliance Defending Freedom is challenging Atlanta’s actions in court tomorrow. Chief Cochran was fired for his faith, even though he has a record of excellence as a firefighter. In 2009, President Barack Obama appointed Chief Cochran to fill the highest position a firefighter can reach in his career – the U.S. Fire Administrator. He served in that position until the Atlanta mayor begged him to come back and serve as the fire chief there in 2010. But his childhood dream came to a halt in 2015. Because Chief Cochran holds a belief about marriage that is unpopular with the Atlanta government, they made it clear that he was no longer welcome. They suspended him without pay for 30 days and ordered that he participate in “sensitivity training.” They launched an investigation into his conduct. And even though the investigation showed that he had never discriminated against anyone, he was fired at the end of the 30-day suspension. If the government can punish a distinguished firefighter – a presidential appointee – for living consistently with his faith, what’s stopping them from punishing any one of us? He could mourn over the loss of his career. He could retreat. Instead, he is standing for his rights and the rights of others who simply wish to live according to their faith without fearing government punishment. To him, it’s a greater honor to serve God than to serve as fire chief.
  3. Trial today. Chief Cochran was fired by the City of Atlanta, simply because he wrote a men’s devotional in his personal time that mentioned his belief that sex is intended for marriage between one man and one woman. Could you be fired from your job as a policeman or fireman, if the Mayor of your city didn't like your religious beliefs? https://vimeo.com/119800019?ref=em-share
  4. Tear Down Cross Shaped Veterans Memorial

    So, what can we do? Hope you'll check out two organizations that take on religious freedom issues for FREE. Yes, for F R E E! One day you or a friend may need them. Time to stand up. Whether you are Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, or other religion, their attorneys will represent you for religious freedom issues. They have been winning cases for military personnel, nurses, firemen, Nuns, churches, school children, teachers, businesses, synagogues, cake makers, farmers, printers, coaches, football teams, cheerleaders, police departments, etc. All at no charge to their clients. See Liberty Institute https://firstliberty.org/ and Alliance Defending Freedom http://adflegal.org/ Watch their videos and read their current cases. You'll be shocked, amazed, and thankful. .
  5. Veterans Memorial Ordered To Be Torn Down... "Veterans memorials are living reminders of the service and sacrifice of those who gave their lives defending our country’s freedom. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit declared unconstitutional the historic cross-shaped Bladensburg World War I Veterans Memorial, which has stood since 1925 in honor of 49 Bladensburg-area men who died during WWI. First Liberty Institute intervened in the case on behalf of The American Legion whose seal is prominently displayed at the memorial’s center. First Liberty, working with the law firm of Jones Day, filed a petition for rehearing en banc on behalf of The American Legion on November 1, 2017. The case is pending with the Fourth Circuit." "The immediate attack on such memorials revolves around a lawsuit brought by the American Humanist Association challenging the 92-year-old Bladensburg World War I Veterans Memorial." .
  6. Jim, We are still praying for you. How are you? Del Rio Pete
  7. Jim, Forgot to mention one of my favorite missionary aviation books is "Hey! God, Was That You?" by Ron Gluck. One of the things I like about the way the book was written, is it is just personal stories and most all the Chapters are just two pages long. Quick & easy to read. So, just think of your book as 100 stories with each chapter about two pages long. Easy peasy. Story #1. The story of Cowboy Jim No Horse. How he got his name. Story #2. Oil Well Fires & Texas Story #3. A Cowboy & His Dogs Story #4. Pretty Doctors in Times of Trouble Story #5. Fights With The Killer Knife & Rescuing Fair Maidens Story #6. Fire Ants In My Pants Story #7. English Gents, Rangers, & Small Cowboys Go for it. It'll be fun for all of us. Bet you won't be able to sleep without thinking of a story.
  8. Jim, I imagine most of us "old" guys have asked our wives... "Honey, are you going to miss me when I'm gone?" To the retired guy who is now always around the house... Answer... "How Can I Miss You, If You Won't Ever Leave?" Interesting title. OK, we can go with that. So, what are the Chapter Titles? If you once had technical skills, you still have them. Now you have your life experiences, so start writing. You'll have to also write a song to go with that title. Can you sing or play a guitar? I guess you already know there is a song "How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?" by Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks 1972.
  9. JNH, Maybe the pretty doctor just likes you coming back so she can hear more of your cowboy stories. Perhaps you should start writing a book. Bet it would be interesting. Funny thing about having medical issues is you have to learn about body parts you never knew you had or what their purpose is. Of course, we'll continue to pray for you. Thanks for letting us know how your journey is going. Now, get started on writing your book. What will the title be?
  10. Pray for my brother. Hospice called in.

    Dear Heavenly Father, Please give comfort to Ben, his brother, wife, and children.