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  1. gmmccaslin

    F/S Leather covered canteen

    I Will Take It.... PM forthcoming... G Mac
  2. gmmccaslin

    Hunting-Fishing or Belt knife W/SHEATH #1

    Nice Snag Again....
  3. gmmccaslin

    Fancy Custom ELK horn knife w/sheath.

    Just got the knife in today. I have large hands and really like that large elk horn grip. Very nice knife at a good price! G Mac
  4. gmmccaslin

    Fancy Custom ELK horn knife w/sheath.

    I Will Take It! PM forthcoming for payment info, etc. G Mac
  5. gmmccaslin

    Fancy Custom ELK horn knife w/sheath.

    Very Nice! What kind of steel is the blade?
  6. gmmccaslin

    FYI: Davidson's has Marlin 1894 .45 Colt rifles in stock

    I would still look for one of the "JM" stamped 1894 Cowboy Limited in 45 Colt. I know where one is at w/ box and papers. PM me for info. G Mac
  7. gmmccaslin

    original Winchester long guns

    The 1892 in 25-20 octagon barrel #3854xx for $895 could be a nice snag depending on the condition of the barrel. DOM 1907
  8. gmmccaslin

    Marlin 1897 Cowboy .22 LR For Sale

    That's a very fair price. Those rifles are excellent shooters.
  9. gmmccaslin

    1873 Rifle in 44Mag

    Listen to Ramos... but buy a JM stamped pre Remlin model. PM me if interested.
  10. Not being a SASS member, can a respond to a WTB add about a rifle I want to sell?


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