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  1. Which levergun/revolver?

    I shot there last month as a visitor...good guys. outside of Wilmington. Buccaneer Range Regulators 1460 Goose Pond Road Winnabow, NC 28479 Jefro [email protected] 910-330-7179 Date of Match: 2nd Saturday @ 8:00 AM
  2. SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    I put a pair of regular Altamonte's on. The Eagles were too skinny for me. Try them both ways. No need for light loads either. They just soak up the recoil.
  3. SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    Careful... if you buy those Bisleys you won't want or need another pair. Your hands won't feel right on any thing else.
  4. What's going on with Marlin?

    My Miroku 73 in 45 Colt is great. Buds has a 357 Rifle under $1000
  5. Winchester 1887 wanted

    Found this one unmolested (ca 1892) I will have around $600 total in it when it gets back from Tom in Ohio and has the 2 load in it. Keep checking your local establishments.
  6. Rossi 92 in .44-40

    Buy it and start shooting...I run a Rossi in 45 Colt and have little to no blowback with a full load. I started using APP which is remarkably close to the Black MZ you want to use. Now use Goex and big lube bullets, but can always fall back to APP if I run out in a pinch Regular bullets no special lube needed unless you go BP.
  7. 1897 Winchester

    Michael Orlen, Amherst MA Beats the rule...Good work, quick, inexpensive.
  8. Uberti '73 short rifle==PRICE LOWERED!

    Look into Walmart store to store money transfer. $8. Ready for pickup on other end in 10 minutes with a driver license and code number.
  9. Need help on a rule AD at the line

    When it is pointed safely down range. Also IMO there is no such thing as in AD, only ND. Case in point.
  10. If You Need a New Guncart....

    Not a requirement. I have cart pointing to a berm when I remove rifles so no sweeping anyone. I agree also with the muzzle down training. I have to click my brain when I go SASS. Trap, skeet, sporting clays, hunting...all muzzles down.
  11. If You Need a New Guncart....

  12. new but interested

    Been here a year and am on my final? Set of revolvers (Ruger OMV Bisley) after purchasing modifying and reselling 2 other pairs. Happy with my Rossi 92 in 45 cal with some slicking and different springs. But I just bought a new Winchester 73 45 cal just because. Started with a Chinese 97 and slicked it up. Added an older Rossi Overland hammered sxs, waiting on an original 1887 lever action to come back from having the barrel adjusted to shoot 2 3/4 inch shells. Did I forget to mention a generic hammerless sxs inbound as a spare after I work on it. Oh and I went to the dark side. Busy first year? Yours might be the same. Get out and shoot.
  13. Shotshell Press for Black Powder?

    Lee Load All for $50 Green Gun Clubs from trap and skeet nights, cheddite 209, all the way to the right end of the Lee Dippers for powder, the largest bushing for 7 1/2 shot, the short red CB1138-12 wad. Deprime, prime, when moving to middle dip the powder, back in press, insert wad, drop shot, precrimp, crimp. Black sharpie line across the bottom and box up 25. Can't be much simpler. If too stout (doubtful) use the pink wad and less powder.
  14. You have 3 Cabela's below the bridge if you are a troll, easy to see if that is what you are looking for. (Originally from the state of Superior)