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  1. Trooper Ozzy

    cataract surgery lens options

    Had mine done 15 years ago. Declined the option and wanted just 20/20. I wear readers for computer and close work. Bifocal Fishing sunglasses are my normal go to when driving and shooting. Anything closer than the end of my arm needs glasses, all else is fine.
  2. Trooper Ozzy

    AYA single trigger

    Are you cowboy enough to throw a stout 26" around?
  3. Trooper Ozzy

    AYA single trigger

    Look for Ejectors, if so not for SASS. Overpriced by half imo. If in great shape maybe $500 for skeet...maybe. Many were made for JCHiggins. A grand would get you Hand Cannon's SKB. Already tuned up.
  4. Trooper Ozzy

    Wanted: 45 Colt brass

    Make sure you are not over flaring the case to accept the bullet. Make sure you aren't over crimping with the 4th die. Overworking that case mouth might contribute to splits. Maybe measure your conversion cylinders to make sure one isn't over large in diameter. If you find a looser one make that your open chamber. Other pards might have suggestions.
  5. Trooper Ozzy

    Wanted: 45 Colt brass

    I'll bring you 150 cleaned and primed to the match Sunday. I've got more than I need.
  6. Trooper Ozzy

    Issues with a 1911

    Have you disassembled the magazines and cleaned and oiled, then reassembled?
  7. Trooper Ozzy

    thinking on buying a new SXS

    https://www.cdnnsports.com/zenith-tedna-c12c-12-gauge-18-5in-excellence-coach.html?___SID=U#.Wxb3lU4pA1I for
  8. Trooper Ozzy

    WTB Scary Black Gun in 9mm

    https://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/Hi-Point-carbines/Hi-Point-9MM-carbine.html Try a Rural King in your area. RK Guns is their gun website.
  9. Trooper Ozzy

    WTB Scary Black Gun in 9mm

    Scary and ugly enough? Don't make fun now! My 10 and 12 year old nephews think this is great. ( A whole lot cheaper 9mm than the AR .223). 10 rounds at a time slows them down also instead of a 30 count. Under $250 with tax and FFL on sale. Around $275 otherwise. No jams no problems lifetime made in Ohio warranty no matter who owns it. $800 gets you 2 with 1000 rounds for each.
  10. Trooper Ozzy

    Winchester 1873 Miroku - my internal pics and tweaks

    Had put the leather washer under the spring and smoothed the lever springs when I first got mine. Stripped with brake cleaner and Ballistoled for BP. Going to check that safety spring and plunger next. Thanks for the photos.
  11. Trooper Ozzy

    New production Winchester 1873

    I have one in 45, same length. No slicking or short stroke needed in my opinion. Cleaned and oiled, good to go.
  12. Trooper Ozzy

    Favorite Movie Line - 5 words or less

    Mr. Blutarsky... zero... point... zero.
  13. Trooper Ozzy

    Wanting to get into the Sport.

    http://www.wvcass.org Come see us on 20th for Wildbunch or 27th for Cowboy. You even get lunch. Damascus on 26th for Cowboy. Boy Scouts make lunch. 26430 Mullinix Mill Rd, Mount Airy, MD, 21771.
  14. Trooper Ozzy

    SPF Rossi Overland SxS hammered shotgun $425 shipped

    PM to Jax T. SPF
  15. Trooper Ozzy

    Sure hit front sight for 1873 Winchester

    Large one also on my Miroku 73 and Rossi 92. Just a few matches but like them.

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