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  1. Trooper Ozzy

    Decided on the Baikal

    Don't chop it Bruce. First time skeet shooting on me at Leetown any Sunday morning.
  2. Trooper Ozzy

    Anybody shooting full length shotgun?

    30" full choke 1897 made 1907 30" full choke 1887 made 1892 I am 6'2".
  3. Trooper Ozzy

    SASS/CAS discussion from another site

    Just finished my second year. Have been able to shoot at 9 clubs. Not once have felt like a stranger, or not been approached and introduced to others. Try to pay it forward the same way at the home club. Lucky to shoot with many accomplished shooters that are always helpful and answering questions. Costume? Requirements? Jeans, boots and a hat. Really think that naysayers have a complex on getting beaten by a 60 to 70 year old. On the Cops and Cowboy shoots the modern firearms rarely beat an experienced single action shooter.
  4. Trooper Ozzy

    How much powder?

    Volume changes especially with APP. All those different size granules allow a lot of airspace that's not filled in with solid powder. Bottom of the bottle you are dipping "more" actual powder than at the top of the bottle...settling occurred smaller grains and powder at the bottom. The compression when seating helps out to solidify the charge. Note the grain equivalents difference on charts between 2f, 3f, 4f taking this into account. YMMV but not a critical item with black or APP like if you were charging smokeless Titegroup IMHO. Fill it up, seat the bullet, and have some fun.
  5. Trooper Ozzy

    How much powder?

    A full 2.2 cc of APP under a 200 gr RNFP Don’t tap it to settle it. Don’t strike it off to level it. Dip it and pour it in. Repeat as needed. As far as shotgun I reload Gunclubs. 4.3 cc with 1 1/8 oz shot and red wad . 4.0 cc with 1 oz shot and white wad. Height of the wad determines the amount of powder and shot.
  6. Trooper Ozzy

    Zastava M75 shotgun?

    Hone/polish the chambers, cut the barrels to your preferred length, cut a coil or two off lever spring and you have your custom sxs. I get a kick out of how good mine runs.
  7. Trooper Ozzy

    Zastava M75 shotgun?

    8 of them at my Cabela's this am. $299 retail. If I wasn't happy with my KMart Boito, I'd try one and slick it up.
  8. Trooper Ozzy


    Oban 14 year is a great one to start with. I got hooked, my brother ran the quarry in town supplying aggregate for the Chunnel. Like the 18 year($130) when available, but 14 year ($70) is my go to.
  9. Trooper Ozzy

    Powder on sale at Graf & Sons

    Thanks. 10 lbs Graf 2F delivered $162.00. Needed some value bulky black for my 10 ga 1887.
  10. Trooper Ozzy

    45LC reloading question

    8.1 gr Unique under a 200 gr RNFP for cowboy when I shoot smokeless. (Rossi 92 24" barrel) Had success using 9 gr under a 200 gr RNFP for deer season. Both didn't track more than 10 yards.
  11. Trooper Ozzy

    Favorite sweep

    You all know a double Texas Star is the most fun.
  12. Trooper Ozzy

    Favorite sweep

  13. Trooper Ozzy

    Looking for spur straps

    For fancier ones. https://www.chicksaddlery.com/spur-straps
  14. Trooper Ozzy

    Looking for spur straps

    https://www.statelinetack.com/item/royal-king-shaped-leather-spur-straps/E022823/. $11.38 pair
  15. Trooper Ozzy


    Barnacle Bill

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