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Claude Dirtbank, #104201

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  1. Leather Shotgun Belts--#2 & #3 are SOLD!

    Bumped again for a great person to deal with.
  2. Leather Shotgun Belts--#2 & #3 are SOLD!

    #2 - - I'll take it. PM sent.
  3. Comparing BlackMZ vs Grafs Reenactor

    Great video Warden, very well done!
  4. Claude,

    I volunteered to take care of the grounds of the POP 2018 match and am looking for help emptying trash, filling water jugs, ect... will be asking around.

    Something to think on, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My e-mail is : [email protected] and my phone # is: 913-660-5618

    Hope the weather clears up soon, I need to shoot something!


  5. RCBS

    I have a similar story Asa, but it was with the 505 beam scales that came in the Master Kit I bought years ago. The scales started sticking real bad, wouldn't balance. Gave RCBS a call and had new nylon pivot blocks in less than a week, no charge. I still use the Rock Chucker for 45 Colt, 45 Schofield, 357 Magnum and a couple of rifle calibers, 30-30 and 375 Winchester. Recently I purchased their Cowboy Dies in 45 Colt and couldn't be happier. I have always thought RCBS was good stuff even though the bulk of my reloading now is done on an XL650.
  6. Hello Claude

    It was good shooting with you Saturday!

    Hope I didn't come on to strong given' you crape.

    Lookin' forward to next time!


    (at least I am)^_^

    1. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

      Claude Dirtbank, #104201

      Hey Asa,

      Not a problem here. It's always great shooting with you guys. Hope to see you at the shooting clinic Saturday.


  7. New Member and Guest Questions

    I joined SASS before I knew what I was getting. I joined because all of the club's around were SASS affiliated. I joined because I thought it was expected of me. Now that I know more about the organization the question is will I continue to renew my membership? Absolutely! Why? Because I am impressed with the aspect towards safety and the consistency of the rules. I don't need anything more than that. Now, what would I change? Not one darn thing! I'm tired of change! No, really, I'm too new at this game to have an opinion on that.
  8. SOLD Gunbelt and strong side/cross draw holsters

    I'll take it Buckshot. PM sent.
  9. Milkman question

    When I was a child our Milk Man was Jim Maris. I would go to Kindergarten in the morning and mom would let me ride the milk truck with Jim in the afternoon. Why I remember that I don't know, just a good time to be alive I guess.
  10. Anyone use Amazon Prime Photos for photos on the Wire?

    Thanks for posting this topic Mr. Riot. It got me to thinking about how much I hate photobucket. I also have Amazon Prime but never used the storage service, until now. Check out the nice no-dash 686 I left in the Test thread at the Saloon. Thanks again, to all. Claude
  11. Test

    Test pic from Amazon cloud. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/BUfALztaQBrve1ptqiGuPvMtElTzSzH7OpwLXba8aZ1?ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy
  12. Antique Firearms Calendar project

    Thanks for sharing this early Mike. I assume this will be for the 2017 calendar year. I'll be watching the news stand.
  13. Who Got You Started?

    A gent by the name of Walnut Wrangler. I had showed up at the Powder Creek Cowboys just to watch and more especially, to find out where the range was. I had been planning on getting into Cowboy Action Shooting and had a pretty good idea of what I needed and the cost but before plopping down that kind of cash I wanted to meet some of the club members and see just exactly what I would be getting in to. WOW, what a cool place! I just walked back in time 150 years. The first gentleman I met was Walnut. After visiting a bit, I think he knew he had ‘a fish on the line’ and he wasn’t about to let me get away. It wasn’t long and I had everything I needed to shoot the match, ammo and all. I made it through my first match without a safety violation, woohoo! I continued to borrow the items I needed from him and a couple other cowboys for the next few months and Walnut would always call to take inventory for the next match I would be attending. That was last April. With Walnut’s mentoring and friendship, I was able to get into this sport with relative ease. Many, many thanks Walnut and God Bless. Claude

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