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  1. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Red Dead Redemption

    Many thanks for the info Tyrel, I appreciate it. You probably saved me a bunch of money.
  2. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Red Dead Redemption

    I have really been interested in this game. My son-in-law is a gamer and plays it a lot. I've watched some of the walk-through video's on YouTube and it has me asking this question. Can you play the game with high moral standards and get anywhere? I mean no killing and robbing and other dastardly deeds. I would be content just hunting and fishing and maybe getting drunk in a saloon every once in a while. Can you play the game as a 'Good Guy' without all of the brutality, does anyone know? Regards Claude
  3. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Shooting C&B Revolvers Indoor Range

    The indoor range that I frequent allows black powder firearms but you have to let them know so they can wet the lane down first. Their ventilation system handles the smoke well. It's a hoot! Everyone comes over wanting to know what you are shooting.
  4. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    New Shooter needs gun cart idea

    Straight Arrow Hombre makes a great one person cart.
  5. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Your favorite .38 special load for CAS.

    3.2g Tite Group over Missouri Bullet Cowboy #2 125g TC and Federal primers, 1.475 OAL.
  6. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Yet another project gun - Winchester 1887

    Great find Warden! I look forward to following this thread as with all of your projects.
  7. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Anyone enter for the giveaway Kirkpatrick class with Cobra Cat?

    My name is in the hat.
  8. Claude,

    I volunteered to take care of the grounds of the POP 2018 match and am looking for help emptying trash, filling water jugs, ect... will be asking around.

    Something to think on, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My e-mail is : [email protected] and my phone # is: 913-660-5618

    Hope the weather clears up soon, I need to shoot something!


  9. Hello Claude

    It was good shooting with you Saturday!

    Hope I didn't come on to strong given' you crape.

    Lookin' forward to next time!


    (at least I am)^_^

    1. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

      Claude Dirtbank, #104201

      Hey Asa,

      Not a problem here. It's always great shooting with you guys. Hope to see you at the shooting clinic Saturday.


  10. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    New Member and Guest Questions

    I joined SASS before I knew what I was getting. I joined because all of the club's around were SASS affiliated. I joined because I thought it was expected of me. Now that I know more about the organization the question is will I continue to renew my membership? Absolutely! Why? Because I am impressed with the aspect towards safety and the consistency of the rules. I don't need anything more than that. Now, what would I change? Not one darn thing! I'm tired of change! No, really, I'm too new at this game to have an opinion on that.
  11. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    SOLD Gunbelt and strong side/cross draw holsters

    I'll take it Buckshot. PM sent.
  12. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Milkman question

    When I was a child our Milk Man was Jim Maris. I would go to Kindergarten in the morning and mom would let me ride the milk truck with Jim in the afternoon. Why I remember that I don't know, just a good time to be alive I guess.
  13. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Anyone use Amazon Prime Photos for photos on the Wire?

    Thanks for posting this topic Mr. Riot. It got me to thinking about how much I hate photobucket. I also have Amazon Prime but never used the storage service, until now. Check out the nice no-dash 686 I left in the Test thread at the Saloon. Thanks again, to all. Claude
  14. Claude Dirtbank, #104201


    Test pic from Amazon cloud. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/BUfALztaQBrve1ptqiGuPvMtElTzSzH7OpwLXba8aZ1?ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy
  15. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

    Antique Firearms Calendar project

    Thanks for sharing this early Mike. I assume this will be for the 2017 calendar year. I'll be watching the news stand.

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