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  1. SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    The Savage has 28 inches barrels and original wood. Nothing has been cut or modified on it.
  2. SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    I am in Reno, Nevada
  3. SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    Okay. I have the typos and photos sorted out. I hope. These are nice guns that need a new home.
  4. SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    Lots of typos and such. Auto-correct and I have issues. The Savage is $325 shipped.
  5. SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    SOLD - PENDING FUNDS I am selling my back up pair of Bisley Vaqueros in 45LC. Action work done by Wes Flowers aka West Fargo. One of the best with Rugers. Work includes: Removal of Transfer Bar-Short Stroked Hammer With Half Cock-Serrated Front Sight-Opened Rear Sights-Beveled Cylinder and Ejector Rod Housing-Shortened Base Pin (Helps in ejecting empties). Guns have been shot occasionally but mainly used as backups. Eagle Gunfighter grips and original Ruger grips. $1650 shipped for the pair. I SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Stoger Coach gun that is very slick and ready for competition. $350 shipped. Marlin 1874CB in excellent shape. Single piece firing pin, one piece trigger, peep sights, JM stamped good one. $1200 shipped. Savage SXS stock with double beads. Excellent cowboy trap gun or slick it up for competitive shooting. Single trigger. The Savage has 28 inches barrels and original wood. Nothing has been cut or modified on it. $300 shipped.
  6. Lead contamination prevention products

    Also if your lead levels are high try taking hawaiian spirulina which you can get at any drug store. It will reduce your lead levels.
  7. Families in SASS

    Thanks. I feel the same about your family.
  8. Families in SASS

    That's a great looking family Yusta. Thanks.
  9. Families in SASS

    I am shooting Winter Range with my son and my grandson. I have shot with a number of two generation families. Are there other three or possibly four generation shooting families active in SASS. Jackpot Jerry - father Moose Tasche - son Cottonwood Kid - grandson. David Thurman - grandson not shooting SASS
  10. Taylor gunfighter deluxe sold sold sold.. Thanks

    Possible FTF at WR?
  11. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    My apologies Allie. I thought I was on subject asking about families in SASS rather then only individuals. This thread is about individuals. Did not intend to high jack.
  12. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Question about people of SASS. How many multi-generation teams are shooting at WR? Are there any four generation shooters? How many three generation teams? I have seen a number of two generation teams.
  13. Sportsman Warehouse and Dillon are close to the range and both had Federals last week.
  14. WTB Eagle Gunfighter Grips (Bisley)

    I just bought two new sets from Eagle. They were very helpful.
  15. Youtube Cowboy Channel?

    Correct. I should have shucked on the run switching shotgun to left hand while drawing right pistol. That would save three seconds.