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  1. Readers while shooting?

    Look into SSP eyewear. They sell glasses with the bifocal in the top corner. You can have the bifocal in the right lens and the left lens or in just one with clear in the other it works great for me. The glasses are called top focal.
  2. 1873 .357 Uberti rifle problem

    I have been having an issue with my 357 1873 Uberti rifle jamming. When it jams I can push the carrier back down close the lever and then open it briskly and it will clear and load the round into the chamber. If I operate the lever slowly it jams pretty much every time. It appears the base of the cartridge is running into the bottom of the bolt tab. It's much less app to happen if I work the lever briskly. This is happening with an aluminum carrier. With the brass carrier it happens seldom. I've included a picture that shows marks on the aluminum carrier where it is hitting, I presume, the bolt. Would you suggest that I dress the carrier in the area that it's been hitting? Or should I adjust the timing of the rifle to get it more clearance? Should I do both? Neither? Is it something totally different? All help would be appreciated.
  3. Bisley hammers?

    Barleycorn Outfitters sold me mine. Prompt service highly recommend.
  4. One shot transition drills.

    I would be interested to know some of your split times doing one shot transition drills. Also the order you fired your guns for those split times. Such as pistol, pistol, rifle, shotgun. Thanks in advance for those willing to share.
  5. Rossi 92 .45 Kicking Out Live Rounds - SUCCESS!!!

    Had the same problem with my 92 Rossi .38. Right cartridge guide was the problem. Put a spot of TIG weld on the back side of the right cartridge guide. Filed to the recommended dimensions on the Marauder page. Problem solved. Good luck Procedural Pete
  6. Straw Poll - Rank Points/Total Time

    Total time
  7. Sure Hit alternatives

    Ace Hardware sells brass channel that fits almost perfectly over the front of the site. Inexpensive and easy to glue on with black max.
  8. Cowboys/Cowgirls - what would attract you to Wild Bunch?

    WB sounds fun. I have an 1897 shotgun. I have A 1911 and a lever gun. But the 1911 and lever gun are not .45. I've spent so much money on guns and stuff for cowboy action I can't justify buying more guns for Wild Bunch. if I could use the guns I have I would love to try it.