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  1. An interest in a S&W 1911 in trade?
  2. After a little research I think I'm going to agree with Lead Friend and pass.. The search continues..
  3. That's a concern.. Don't know who did the work and can't test fire..
  4. Looks like that.. But not 45-70. Wish it was..
  5. Looking to trade a S&W 1911 .45 for a Sharps type rifle.. A gentleman has a Pedersoli 45-70 that has been reamed to 45-90.. It has two triggers and what I would describe as musket type wood (goes almost to the end of barrel).. I'm new to this style / type rifle.. Mainly planning to shoot paper at distance had hunt white tail.. Any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance..
  6. I have shot a little long range with modern firearms and think I would like to do so with a more traditional / historic platform.. What caliber / rifles are most commonly used.. Any thoughts / suggestioNs would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance..
  7. Thanks, but not looking for trades

  8. Selling off a bunch O'Guns all CAS

    Email sent on the 1873..
  9. SOLD Gunbelt and strong side/cross draw holsters

    That was fast.. If you have one for 45LC LMK
  10. Trying to gather some CAS guns while thinning the herd of some tactical stuff that I've accumulated over the years. When my AR10 sales Im looking to get an 1873 in 45LC.. The top of my budget is about $1000.00. Ive seen that there are different models: Sporting, Competition, Short Rifle, etc. My requirements are that whatever I get is supported by the after market. Something that can be upgraded in the future when and if I feel I need it and it must be reliable. What should I steer clear of? Should I try to hold out for a factory "competition" rifle / carbine or just something stock and have work done to it later? Thanks for your time..
  11. Oilskin Dusters for sale.

    P.M. sent on Large Duster