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  1. Randingo


    Everything is sold.
  2. Randingo


    BTT. price lowered
  3. Randingo


    Made for the SASS NV. .357. 4.32” barrels.
  4. Randingo


    Yes, NMV. Nope. Unfortunately I won’t make it.
  5. Randingo


    Jim Iversen made me this rig two years ago. It's currently set up with a cross draw but I also have the left strong side holster. My wranglers are a 35" waist and on this rig I have to use the closest hole. Have worn it in only 5 matches. The gun belt (.357), shot gun belt (12ga & .357) and knife are sold together. The left strong side holster is in Colorado and will be shipped in September when I return home. $350.00 Shipped. The Loading Block is .45LC. $30.00 Shipped. (SPF) Thanks!!
  6. Randingo

    Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited (JM) .45L SPF

    It's yours. PM SENT.
  7. Pick this up from a local Pard who was selling off all his gear. He shot Frontier Cartridge with it.. I bought it thinking I would eventually want to shoot Classic Cowboy. I am in the medical field and will be leaving on a mission trip in early September. I will be selling off all my gear to fund this. This Marlin is the first item. 24" barrel, two stocks, normal wear and tear. Action in smooth but not sure if its' ever been worked on. Please PM me with questions. Thanks $700.00 Face to face in Plano Tx or $750.00 shippped. Sold Pending Funds.
  8. Www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkM71JPHfjk Can’t make it link. But you need to watch it!!!!!!!!
  9. Randingo


    I am still fighting that fight!!!
  10. Randingo

    Cowpokes Annual Match - Albany, Ok.

    Deadline 6/16? Postmarked by then or received by then?
  11. Randingo

    Ruger Bisley Blue SPF

    Sure thing. I am currently in Colorado but will be back in Texas the 10th.
  12. I am in Texas not too far from you and if you can meet up next weekend I will gladly take this from you for your asking price.

    1. Randingo


      Sure thing.  I am currently in Colorado and will be back in Texas the 10th.  Will that work?


      Randy. 719-565-7463

  13. Randingo

    Ruger Bisley Blue SPF

    Ruger Bisley in very nice condition. Has small scratch on right side of barrel. $475.00 shipped
  14. Randingo

    Why I don't have a tattoo

    Here ya go!!

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