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    I'll take the other two Pietta. Will send PM.
  2. Boots and Boots

    Just received my boots. They are better than stated and a dam good deal!!! Thank you!!!!!
  3. I Hate to Do It, But...

    I got lots of hair! Just not that much. Darn nice hat!!!!!!
  4. I Hate to Do It, But...

    If it only it was 7 1/4 .
  5. When shooting frontiersman, if a malfunction or miss fire occurs or if the stage calls for a reload, is it acceptable to change to a new loaded cylinder that maybe on the shooter. If so, can the cylinder be on the belt in a loop designed for it? If no, then what do ya do?? Thanks!!!!!
  6. Pietta 1858 case color SPF

    PM sent.
  7. Pietta 1858 case color SPF

    Is this still available?
  8. Tent Hammock

    Spent a few nights in one. They sleep cold. Most will use two down quilts rather than a sleeping bag. One goes under the hammock and the other is on you. In the hammock you loose insulation from the ground. An insulated mat may help but not that much. No tossing and turning either unless you want to fall. Ya can't just jump up and run to the out house real quick like. No matter what the manufacture says, water will run down the guide lie even if you tie drip knots in the line. If you want good sleep, stay away from them!! Thermarest and many other companies produce very small and compact air mattresses. I use one and love it. They do loose pressure at night due to the change in air density. As the temperature drops at night the air becomes condensed and your mat feels like its loosing air. When it warms up again the mattress will expand. Not the best tip I know. Good luck!!!!
  9. R lee Ermey rip

    Your watch here has ended. Take up your new post and stand ready. For it is our duty guard the streets of Heaven. Semper Fi my Brother!!
  10. Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    I'll stand with ya Pat! Your speaking true! Cowboys never had race guns. Hollywood invented them!!
  11. Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    I agree. "Shooting" cowboy isn't that much fun anymore. Dressing the part and hangout with other Cowboy folk is the best part. I miss shooting from the saddle, throwing the dynamite and having to reload and shooting at something other than a square. It's gota be FUN!!!! Continue to make this all about speed and we might as well change the name (Single Action Speed Shooting). I much prefer Cowboy!!
  12. Boots and Boots

    I'll take #3. Boulet 17". Please send payment info. Thanks!!!!!!
  13. Buckskin Pants - SPF

    SPF to Irontree.
  14. Buckskin Pants - SPF

    Wrangler jeans. 35" waist 34" length. My inseam measures 32" .
  15. Buckskin Pants - SPF

    Buckskin pants. Unknown maker. Leather is very soft. Buttons are wood. Have small hole in right knee that has been patched from inside. No belt loops. I am 6' tall and 200#. They fit me well. $175.00 shipped. Please PM with questions. Thanks!!

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