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  1. Got a pair of Taylor gunfighter deluxe versions.38/357 . So they have the factory action job. With 5.5" barrels..They have been short stroked, they have the brass slip on sights, they have the low running iron hammers.. grips have been engraved with barbed wire.. These are my back up pistols I have moved up to Ruger Biesley's. And I'd like to get another set for back ups...asking $1,100
  2. Bayou Blast is in two months!

    See yall there
  3. Why would you do that?

    My biggest thing that I can suggest that really help me out was to stop staring at the Target and waiting for the buzzer...as in I look at my targets and mentally go through the shooting sequence in my head make sure my feet and my guns are where I need them.. I keep my eyes on my gun as I say my starting line at the buzzer I grabbed my gun and i follow my sights to my first Target and so o ...your eyes adjust faster from close to far then from far to close...
  4. Trail Boss

    I can get 2 or 3 5lb jugs of trail boss
  5. What guns/gear would you buy if you had a $4500 budget?

    Get with boomstick jay
  6. FS Men's Complete Rig by Aint Dunit

    Can you email me some pictures. .I can't view photo bucket from my phone. [email protected]