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  1. Joe Breed

    WTS 94 Marlin in 32 H&R Mag

    Just a little smoothing of the action.
  2. Like new 94 Marlin in 32 H&R Mag. $1600.00 plus shipping in conus.
  3. Joe Breed

    Sale pending For sale SKB 100

    I PM you.
  4. Joe Breed

    SKB 100 12 ga SPF

    I messaged you.
  5. Joe Breed

    38 Special Brass - All SPF

    I'll take one. Send me info.
  6. Joe Breed

    Photo posting

    Thanks for the help.
  7. Joe Breed

    Photo posting

    How do you post photo's to the forum?
  8. Thanks Joe,

    You got a nice jacket.

    Please send funds to:

    Gary Reith

    10880 Bosshard Circle Road

    Arbor Vitae, WI. 54568


    Deputy King

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    2. deputy king

      deputy king


      Got your check today.

      Sent out the coat also.

      Thru USPS.

      Tracking number: 9505 5102 9912 7319 1324 95

      Take Care

      Gary (Deputy King)

    3. Joe Breed

      Joe Breed

      Received the coat yesterday. Very nice. Thank you. Did not realize it was so heavy.

    4. deputy king

      deputy king


      Deputy King

  9. Joe Breed

    Power factor

    How do you figure power factor and what is acceptable power factor at major SASS shoots?
  10. Joe Breed

    73, 87, Marlin for sale

    I'll take the 87. E-mail me at chief9bullie@comcast.net

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