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  1. Dr. O. R. Vet


    As a piano tuner, I've gotten some strange directions on how to get to someone's house out in the country. One was"turn right at the pasture with the spotted cow in it!"
  2. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Would you, personally, round it up?

    Well I find it interesting that the chapter number is "491", their post office box is "491" and the check number is "491". Too bad they couldn't have "rounded up" to make it $2491.00 !
  3. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Abstention dangit..

    +1000 on the CPAP machine. It truly can be a life saver. Dr. O. R.
  4. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Genuine GI Campaign Hats/ Both SPF

    I'll take the size 7 one. PM me where to send the gold. Dr. O. R. Vet
  5. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Don't Call Them Guns

    I have decided, when carrying my 380 S&W bodyguard in a pocket and someone asks me about the bulge, I'll just say "Oh, that's just my ole PDA* I carry around." * PDA= Personal Defense Accessory Dr. O. R.
  6. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Burial Options

  7. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Tell us your cat stories.

    LMAO Shotgun Clay, I'm sure your mind couldn't decide if you stepped in something cold and nasty or were being shot at with a very fast semi-auto. Clean up time? No, you. ?
  8. OK, I started a crazy cat stories thread so now we have to give our dog owners a place to tell their stories.
  9. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Tell us your cat stories.

    Not to tread on doc ward's memorial of his beloved cat, Violet, I think we could start a thread of stories about the crazy, funny or just stories about our beloved cats. I'll ll start. My soon-to-be wife gave me a VERY tame and loveable cat, named Tommy, that her recently deceased grand mother had raised frm a kitten. This kitten and his litter- mate--laid next to her in her rocking chair getting petted by the hour. (you can see where this is going) My best friend came to live with me while I worked as a Piano technian's assistant at UMKC. He taught in a split school in Overland Park KS. He would be home by 1pm and promptly plopped down on the couch and watched soaps all afternoon with the cat on this chest and he petting it alll afternoon. Because my best friend got a low number in the 1970 draft lottery, he promptly joined the Navy.. Fast forward 7 years and my best friend--and his new wife--came to call on me and my wife. He sat down on the couch next to his wife. Tommy, now 9 or 10 hurried out of my daughter's room and immediately jumped up on his chest and quietly laid down to be petted. I think he was purring before he landed. And they say elephants have long memories .....!
  10. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Can you name this young cowboy?

    Not too surprising. He was probably thunder-struck when he saw the ocean---and the girls on the beach! The native CA males didn't see anything out of the ordinary--their loss.
  11. Dr. O. R. Vet

    From our Australian Pards

    Clark Terry, a famous jazz trumpeter, was known for using this technique. My music fraternity, Beta Mu chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, had him as a guest artist at our jazz festival in the late 1960s. Dr. O. R.
  12. Dr. O. R. Vet

    Larry Potterfield remembered my birthday

    Well Warden, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm sure you're not getting any older -- just more seasoned! Will see you on Saturday at Owl Creek. BTW love to read about each wayward shotgun you bring home to redeem. Keep up the good work. And we all appreciate the videos you make. You make us all look good when shooting. Dr. O. R.
  13. Dr. O. R. Vet

    For Sale: 45 ACP Brass SOLD

    Dantankerous, I'll take the last can of 45acp cartridges. I will ship you a box with attached label to ship back to me. I'll include money order in box, if that is ok. Pls PM me your physical address, I'll PM you my particulars. Dr. O. R. Vet
  14. Dr. O. R. Vet


    +1. .......It's been 30 years for me, but YES, if you can still find it. Haven't checked in 29 years.
  15. Dr. O. R. Vet

    New Member and Guest Questions

    Why did I join?....... I had started in 3 gun about 18 months ago and realized that I was too old, too fat and too slow for those guys! So I started looking around for another shooting sport that I could keep up with. Discovered SASS by accident on the Internet and went "Wow, I get to shoot guns AND dress up like a cowboy!" As a kid growing up in the western Era on TV, the clothing requirements just added to the fun. (It didn't hurt that I didn't have to run around like a mad man, either) The toy guns we played with as kids--SA revolvers, lever action rifles, doubled barrel shotguns--we get to shoot for real........fantastic! I visited some local--and not so local--clubs as I was waiting for my new member kit and was thoroughly hooked. My only regret was not finding out about SASS 20 years ago. At 69, there's just a lot fewer years left to enjoy SASS and especially the PEOPLE in SASS. For anyone out there sitting on the fence about joining--hurry up! Time's a'wastin'! You're missin' the fun!

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