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  1. Texican Rangers Sharp Shooter category at Shindig 2017

    I appreciate the invite, unfortunately, Texas is just too big sometimes. Fort Parker is about 6hrs one way from my location.
  2. Texican Rangers Sharp Shooter category at Shindig 2017

    Another benefit of shooting Sharpshooter is I don't feel quite as outgunned by all the other shooters with short stroked guns.
  3. Texican Rangers Sharp Shooter category at Shindig 2017

    300 yards at a full sized Buffalo steel would be a lot of fun.
  4. Image of thumb after cap fires...

    Thanks for the offer. Not going to be able to make it to Blanco this week, but I'll give the website a look.
  5. Image of thumb after cap fires...

    Cool! Got a link for their website? Looks like a way better system then my snail style capper.
  6. Texican Rangers Sharp Shooter category at Shindig 2017

    Same here! While I have the utmost respect for the shooters that can run their guns that fast. I personally really enjoyed the challenge and semi-realism that sharpshooter added.
  7. 44mag Uberti??

    Hopefully, this is not too far off topic, but what did Uberti do to their 1873 rifle/carbines to allow them to be safely chambered in 44magnum? I have a hard time believing better quality steel alone can allow the toggle links to handle a steady diet of factory level 44 magnum ammo.
  8. Had a great time at Shindig last weekend shooting in their new category called, "sharp shooter." You use your main match rifle to engage the red Cody Dixon targets in a 10 shot pattern and then you shoot the rifle targets with your revolvers. Big thanks to A.D. Texaz and all other match organizers that made Shindig and the new category possible! The stage in the video allowed you to shoot the falling shotgun targets if your revolvers didn't have enough "oomph" to knock them over. No need to hit them with a shotgun after shooting them with the 45s. https://youtu.be/t9D1hEYWRIs
  9. Use Caution When Reloading

    Edit: Good to know the cause.
  10. Jiminy Crickets!! FIVE case splits!!

    Good points to keep in mind. I will say that personally, I have tumbled my brass for 2+ hours in citric acid and dawn with no ill effects to date. I also load quite a bit of 30-06 and 223 ammo that has been treated with citric acid, and I have never experienced case separation like Cemetery. The point I am trying to make is that I believe something else is wrong with Cemetery's ammo and or gun, but at this point is just all speculation on the internet. Still, need basic load info, a general idea of the OP's loading practices/methods, and an idea as to the condition of his rifle.
  11. Jiminy Crickets!! FIVE case splits!!

    Citric acid was discussed pretty heavily in a thread over on the Cast Boolits forum. The general consensus was that it would not harm the brass unless one used a very heavy concentration. http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?83572-Citric-acid-brass-cleaner
  12. Jiminy Crickets!! FIVE case splits!!

    Maybe I missed it, but are you loading with black powder or smokeless? If black powder are you sure the load is compressed? Might double check your powder throw to make sure something didn't loosen up causing a light load. I have seen cases like that separate before, usually because the brass is old and brittle, but five separated cases on one stage is unbelievable! If you had that much old brittle brass you should have had the cases crumbling on the reloading press. Headspace could be an issue, do the links on your rifle seem loose or excessively worn? If the bolt is squatting back too much after the round is fired this can cause the brass to stretch and separate. Either way, if the cases were failing upon firing it should have been obvious with a lot of blow back. I have seen cases sperate like this before for two other reasons. One was a wet chamber, the shooter had been misting the bore with water in order to keep the fouling soft. Apparently, a combo of water and grime made for a tight chamber and the case separated at the neck when the action was cycled. Another cause is fillers such as corn meal on top of the powder and under the bullet. Some fillers can pack like cement and get stuck in the bottleneck of the case, causing a case failure. For this reason, fillers are generally considered unsafe for bottle neck cartridges.
  13. 1860 Amy revolvers

    If you are not looking for competition guns, and you mainly want a lighter hammer draw, you might try simply swapping out the springs for reduced power ones. Quality after market nipples in combination with tight fitting caps really helps to keep junk out of the action.

    I paid $580 plus tax for a stainless Ruger NV about 2 years ago. Used guns, even slightly used are usually about $150-200 less than new. Blued guns are usually of less value than stainless ones, but in the case of Rugers, I think the value is about the same, just have to find someone that prefers Ruger's bluing job over their stainless. Probably worth about $380-400 per gun in a private party face to face transaction.
  15. Shotgun length of pull considerations

    I shot trap and skeet in 4H from about the time I was 13 to 18. We were taught that proper LOP was the distance from your elbow to the first joint of your trigger finger. Being over 6ft tall at 15 and short on cash; almost every gun I ever shot with was too short. I could get by with a short LOP provided the comb was built up enough to get my eye behind the bead. At 16 I managed to save up enough money from birthdays and odd jobs to buy myself a sweet Beretta 391 and have the high combed Monte Carlo style stock fitted and adjusted for me, man what a world of difference a fitted stock made! Now I am new to SASS, but I do not see how poorly fitted shotgun stock can be an advantage. If your 870 fits you better I would certainly recommend cutting back the stock to a more appropriate length.