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  1. Crinkled cases with 44-40

    If you are going to shoot black powder in a rifle the 44-40 is the best way to go in my opinion. The video below is how I load the 44-40 with black powder. Certainly more steps than most would care to do, but the end result is worth it as a black powder shooter.
  2. Shipping long guns?

    Second this! Make sure the receiving FFL will accept a shipment from a non-FFL and be sure to include a copy of your driver's license. My local USPS does not accept firearms from an individual, not sure if that is the local postmaster or if it is a USPS policy. I ship all my guns insured through UPS.
  3. 1886 Pedersoli

    I love the 1886 action! I’ve got two Brownings both like paper patched ammo. The target that looks like a clover leaf was shot at 50 yards with the carbine, and the 1.5” 3-shot group was shot with the rifle at 100 yards.
  4. Here is a list of Mass compliant Vaqueros;

    Just curious, but what is different about the compliant vaqueros?
  5. Colt prices: true or not

    A $20 gold piece contained roughly an ounce of our gold correct? In the last few years we have seen the price of gold fluctuate as high as $1800. Today the price of gold is just under $1300 per ounce. I sure don’t see a lot of Colts in that price range, some but not a lot, never have seen a new one for under 2 grand.
  6. Western Books to Read

    The miniseries with Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones is great, but the book is even better. You won't regret reading. Currently on book 4 in the Dark Tower series by Steven King, so far I am really enjoying the series and King's style of writing.
  7. Western Books to Read

    Have you read any Larry McMurtry? Loved Lonesome Dove. Streets of Laredo, Dead Man’s Walk and Comanche Moon were all pretty good sequel/prequels (except for the ending of Dead Man’s Walk.)
  8. Cowboy that daily carry's what?

    Year round I carry a S&W 340 (no lock variant).
  9. Whitetail Hunting question

    When first married the only center fire rifle I owned was a Winchester M70 in 22-250. We never went hungry, but I did pass up a lot of shots that were not ideal. A 22-250 loaded with a 55gr Hornady SP is absolutely leathal on Axis and pigs. I mainly shot my deer in the head. A 22-250 damages a lot of meat in the chest. I have probably killed 12-15 Axis with my 22-250 only once did I need a second shot, and to be fair I would have needed a second shot with just about anything. I do most of my hunting now with a 30-06. The 06 loaded with Barnes X bullets makes very quick and clean kills. Here’s a buck I got on Friday at my parents place.
  10. How is this going to affect our game

    In Texas the sign posted by the OP would have no effect on me with a CC license. Only signs citing the 30.06 or 30.07 penal code can restrict my carry privileges. The no gun signs that resemble no smoking signs do not effect me.
  11. Frontier Cartridge Question

    In the 44-40 I use a large lube groove design by NOE. http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/product_info.php?cPath=37_209&products_id=234 All my 44cals and larger get loaded with a case full of 2fg Goex, anything smaller gets 3fg. I do not load substitutes anymore, and I do not use fillers. As long as I use a BP appropriate lube the fouling stays nice and soft and accuracy is reasonably good even at the end of a match. If you do not cast your own bullets, I would recommend melting off the smokeless lube and re-lubing them using either the pan lube method or a pre-lubed wad under the bullet as you suggested.
  12. Favorite Primers?

    I have tried primers made by Winchester, Remington, CCI, Federal, and Wolf. I only had issues with Wolf, irregular cup size, and depth, missing anvils, just all around poor quality control. On all my pistol ammo I use Federal brand primers. For rifle ammo I prefer CCI. I only use magnum primers if I am having serious issues with unburned powder.
  13. WTB: grips

    Not sure about Moose, but I have a number of very nice looking grips from Patrick Grashorn. To my knowledge, Grashorn mainly works in elk, but I know he offers grips in a number of other types of horns and antlers. http://grashornsgunworks.com/
  14. New Winchester Miroku 1873 or Marlin 1894cb

    I am not knocking the Marlin 94 design. As I said in my earlier post, it is a utilitarian firearm, meaning it is rugged and dependable. Yes, some special edition runs with case hardened frames do look nice too. Again, if we are talking new currently made guns I believe the current Winchesters made by Miroku are far better than the current Marlins produced by Remington.
  15. Ran into a scammer on the Wire Classifieds

    Username? Certainly sounds like a scam. Over on the S&W forum, I have been contacted by a number of scammers responding to my WTB ads. Messages are always odd, deals are always too good, and payment methods are always some sort of gift card code.