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  1. July Smith

    Ruger 32's to 38's

    Never mind I misunderstood the post.
  2. https://www.brownells.com/firearms/blackpowder/muzzleloader/maxim50-integrally-suppressed-muzzleloader-prod110309.aspx The Silencerco Maxim 50 is a suppressed muzzleloader that can be legally sold without the need for a $200 tax stamp or any forms etc. They can ship straight to your door just like any other muzzleloader or cap and ball pistol simply because in the eyes of the ATF these are not real firearms and therefore the laws governing suppressed firearms are not applicable. While I do like the idea of the Maxim 50 I am really not interested in buying one because I think the loading method is ridiculously awkward and many reviews I have read and watched have not indicated very good accuracy. All that being said, is it possible to legally suppress any antique firearm without a tax stamp/etc? I think it would be pretty cool to suppress one of those Sharpes style paper cartridge rifles. Legally it would still be an antique and being a breech loader would eliminate the Maxim 50s awkward method of loading powder and ball through the baffles. Or what about legally suppressing a cartridge rifle that was manufactured before 1898? While not cheap there seem to be lots of decent rolling block actions or Mauser actions that could be built up into one sweet and quiet rifle.
  3. July Smith

    Short stroke or not (pistol)

    To each there own. Personally, I like the look and feel of a short stroked and turned down hammer on a Ruger. On a Colt (or clone), I like the standard hammer profile and four clicks.
  4. July Smith

    Shooting C&B Revolvers Indoor Range

    I would suggest getting one of those conversion cylinders that allows you to shoot cartridges without modifying your gun. Loading a C&B cylinder with smokeless no matter how light is not a good idea.
  5. July Smith

    Recommend me a holster

    http://lobogunleather.com/iwb-inside-the-waist-band/iwb-belt-loop/ Not all IWB holsters are made equal. I use and recommend Lobo's IWB belt loop model. Splurge the extra $25 for the horsehide.
  6. July Smith

    30.06 verses 308

    I am blessed that I get to hunt quite a bit. My area is overrun by Axis deer and I have averaged 8-12 deer per year for the last 10 years. In my experience, there is almost no correlation between caliber and the animal's reaction. In fact, some of my best shots have left me with the most doubt when I see the deer calmly turn and walk away.
  7. July Smith


    I had an RCBS one. It worked well with all sorts of primers including federal. It also used standard shell holders. Only drawback is you had to mess around with loading primer tubes. Had to really downscale my loading set up so I went back to hand priming.
  8. July Smith

    California gun law question

    I'd sell what you have in GA and then buy what you can in CA.
  9. July Smith

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    I'm not too picky when it comes to eating chili, but when I make it I always put pinto beans and venison in it.
  10. July Smith

    30.06 verses 308

    On deer there is no difference between the two when it comes to performance. the 308 has the advantage of producing similar ballistics with light and medium weight bullets all while using a shorter case, shorter action, and less powder. The 30-06 seems to perform better with heavy bullets and can push bullets of any weight slightly faster than the 308 but again it's not going to make a difference on deer.
  11. July Smith

    WTS/WTT Leupold Scope VX-III 3.5-10x40mm

    Please close, will try listing another place.
  12. July Smith

    kimber hunting rifles

    A friend has one of the synthetic Kimber model in that 6.5 caliber everyone is so excited about. I like the post 64 style Winchester model 70 action. His is a nice smooth rifle that he claims is very accurate.
  13. July Smith

    WTS/WTT Leupold Scope VX-III 3.5-10x40mm

    One more bump and then I'll try listing this elsewhere.
  14. July Smith

    Firearms - Buy New...or Used ?

    Oh and don't buy anything you don't know anything about or the general value of.
  15. July Smith

    Firearms - Buy New...or Used ?

    For me when I buy used I try to run a basic function test, check they safeties, check the hammer for push off (if applicable) and check the muzzle crown. I typically walk away from anything with boogered screw heads or missing parts. Honest wear if priced accordingly is fine but I a neglected firearm is of no interest to me.

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