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  1. stag grips?

    Another vote for Mr. Grashorn.
  2. Shotshell Press for Black Powder?

    What sort of press do you all recommend for loading plastic shells with black powder? I have a MEC progressive press for smokeless shells that I have been able to get by with. I will size, deprime, and reprime the hulls. Then I pull the hulls off the press to load the charge of black powder, nitro card, fiber wad, I then put the hulls back on the press for the shot, and the various crimping stages. It's a bit of a pain to interrupt the progressive press in this fashion and was wondering if there was a better/easier way.
  3. Gun Engraver?

    Was curious if any SASS members here engrave or can refer an engraver? I'd like to add a four-word quote to the backstraps of a few revolvers. I want the lettering done in cursive or at least a fancy script of sorts, not just stamped lettering. Nothing too complicated just a personal touch I'd like to add to one of my favorite pairs.
  4. I Have This Old Gun...

    Shotgun Clay is right. I have the 4th edition, but the information on your particular revolver is the same. The only way to narrow down the date of manufacture or shipment will be a factory letter.
  5. Birdshead grip vs Traditional grip

    What style of shooting are you doing and what is your hand size? Personally, I love the longer 1860 "army" grip.
  6. I Have This Old Gun...

    I have the standard catalog at the house, I will have to look the serial number up later. Does your I frame have a flat or coil mainspring?
  7. Anybody know anything about HP Chromebook?

    While no personal experience with the Chromebook, every other HP product I have ever had has been lousy. I've had their laptops, desktops, printers, and cameras all were poor performers when compared to comparably priced alternative brands. For a replacement laptop, I would recommend a Dell. Seeing as its main uses are FB and general web searches you might want to look into some of the tablets currently offered by Mircosoft or Amazon. Tablets are compact and have easy to use touchscreens that will do about 90% of what most people use their personal computers for anyways.
  8. Concealed Carry at a Match

    I have a CC permit but shoot monthly matches on private property. The rules of the club state that all guns must be empty with open actions and revolvers empty with the hammers fully down. I have always understood private property rights trump any privilege a CC permit might offer. My concealed carry piece stays in my locked truck while I am shooting matches. In TX the vehicle is considered an extension of one's own home, so in short, anything I can legally have at the house, I can have secured in my truck even if it is parked on private property. Obviously, if it became an issue the landowner would have every right to ask me to leave, but I do not foresee that ever being a problem.
  9. Deleted after 30 days?

    How does one find or search the archived threads?
  10. 73, uberti or Winchester import

    Not heard about any issues with this particular safety just don’t like the principal of it. The 1873 already has a period correct safety that prevents the trigger being pulled until the lever is fully closed. If you shot and liked the feel of the Miroku don’t let me talk you out of one.
  11. 73, uberti or Winchester import

    In my opinion, both are good guns. The Miroku made Winchesters are very high quality, but I do not like the non-traditional safety they added to the bolt/firing pin. I know it sounds funny to be nitpicking a repo but I prefer the Uberti for the simple reason that they have at least tried to keep things traditional. If the non-traditional safety does not bother you I would get whichever one you can find in the caliber and configuration you want.
  12. Best Youth Shotgun

    To directly address the OP's question I can recommend shotguns made by or at least imported through CZ-USA. Good quality guns that are not super expensive. They offer a number of sweet little SxS in both 28 and 410ga. As others have said a 12ga might be better for all the reasons already mentioned, but if you do not reload, very light 12ga ammo is not that easy to find (at least in my experience.) While not cheap all 410 ammo is light on the shoulder. A .410 is an experts gauge when it comes to dove and clays, for SASS I think a 410 would serve a buckaroo just fine.
  13. Free Load Manuals

    Slim isn’t interested and Stumpy hasn’t responded. 9&10 still available.
  14. Favorite non SASS handgun?

    S&W 19s. Hard to beat the double action trigger on a classic K frame. (Edit) The grips are made by Craig Spegel.
  15. Free Load Manuals

    9&10 are still left. Springfield Slim take your pick. Stumpy Joe, you can have whichever one Slim doesn't take. PM will be sent to both.