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  1. July Smith

    Cast mold advice for Win 1873 38 special

    It's a little heavy by SASS standards but I like Accurate's 36-175L for both 38 and 357 loads. Check out the link, it is a double crimp grooved design and the beauty is you can load it in either 38 or 357 mag brass and still have the same O.A.L. and not have any issues with trying to get shorter loads to cycle reliably. http://www.accuratemolds.com/bullet_detail.php?bullet=36-175L-D.png
  2. Sounds more like a Clinton style suicide.
  3. July Smith

    Non-matching Revolver Barrel Lengths

    Whichever barrel length you do decide to go with I would highly recommend getting all your holsters fitted for the longer barrel. I first started with a pair of 4-3/4" and already had a set of Tom Threeperson style holsters for that barrel length. Then I got a good deal on a pair of 5-1/2" but needed new leather. Now I shoot a pair of Navies with 7-1/2" and Armies with 8" barrels. As other guys already said, proper leather makes barrel length a bit of a moot point so just go with whatever you like the feel of.
  4. July Smith

    Any Beretta 92 fans here?

    I've shot a few Beretta 92s and like them when it comes to shooting. I don't like the slide mounted safety and feel like the safety is sort of backward. Taurus makes a copy of the 92 and they have a thumb (1911 style) safety/de-cocker which ergonomically I think is an improvement, unfortunately, neither the 9mm or 40cal Taurus I shot was reliable. Does Beretta make a 92 with a frame mounted safety or are they all up on the slide?
  5. July Smith

    A little story about the former Soviet Union

    While not a short story the three-part Gulag Archipelago series by Aleksander Solzhenitsyn should be required reading.
  6. Looking for a Uberti 1873 Carbine flip up or "ladder" style sight. I know I can probably get one through VTI bought that I'd ask here first. Please note it has to be the shorter carbine style ladder or else it won't fir my carbine.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a cleaning rod that will fit inside the butt stock of an 1860 Henry?
  8. July Smith

    Ending a sentence with "just saying..."

    Used to work with a guy that would end every sentence with, "and also as well." Drove me crazy.
  9. July Smith

    Bad hunters

    Used to live next to a ranch that would lease to all sorts off yo-yos. In Texas it's okay to bait deer, it's not hunting, but it ain't illegal. We would have to put down wounded deer all the time. Those city guys would show up with a brand new 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag and manage to gut or butt shoot deer from a blind at ranges inside of 75 yards! Often times that was the first time that rifle had ever been fired and the scope was at best bore sighted in.
  10. July Smith

    73 Carrier Modification for Reloads

    Maybe I am missing something... but why not just practice loading through the gate? Is over the top the accepted faster method or is this a left-handed shooter thing?
  11. July Smith

    Uberti 1886 (45-70) Buffalo Gong Matches

    I don't have my load manual in front of me, but the 1886 is a very strong action. If your load is within specs for either trapdoor level loads or marlin loads they will be fine in your 1886.
  12. July Smith

    What are "western spurs"?

    You better run and change your alias to Lola.
  13. July Smith

    Uberti 1886 (45-70) Buffalo Gong Matches

    It's made out of an old plow disk, but it's about the same size as a manhole cover. The paper patch doesn't do anything for preventing blowback with BP. With black powder I stick with standard grease groove bullets. Paper patch is more accurate but you have to figure out a way to keep fouling soft or else that gain in accuracy is lost after the first or second shot. You can use grease cookies or wads behind the patched bullet, but then you really start cutting into case capacity with the 45-70 and the O.A.L. limit in a lever action. Of course, options do open up for longer seated bullets if you are willing to single load rounds, but I haven't experimented much with that.
  14. July Smith

    What are "western spurs"?

    I wear a set of spurs from my dressage riding days. They are essentially the same thing as the cavalry spurs shown in the OP's post. I have never ridden a horse that appreciated or benefited from the large gaudy rowels. I understand B-western and Classic are both costume categories and trying to go for a certain look, but the cavalry spurs are certainly very authentic. To the OP, spurs often have the shank bent inwards because some riders see this as a benefit (topic for another day) but I have noticed a lot of SASS cowboys wearing the spurs on opposite feet to put the bend outwards. It looks a little silly to me, but then again I think the bent shank looks out of place anyways so turned in or out is up to the individual wearer in this game.
  15. July Smith

    Uberti 1886 (45-70) Buffalo Gong Matches

    For smokeless loads I really like Reloader 7 (sometimes listed as RX7 in load manuals) and paper patched bullets. I have not found anything more accurate than a paper patch in large bore rifles and yes you can crimp them and run them through a lever actions magazine tube. My Browning 1886 will shoot 1.5” from center hole to center hole at 100 yards (the shots shown to the left of that 3-shot group were from a different sight setting) and if I hold the front sight at the top of the buckhorns it will ring the 300 yard gong.

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