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  1. July Smith

    judge verses governor

    If the main goal is to shoot .410 shells at snakes, for the money you can't beat those little single shot shotguns. The youth models aren't much heavier than the governor.jk If the main goal is to have a 45cal revolver I'd be in the market for a decent used 45colt revolver. A Ruger Blackhawk, Uberti or Pietta can all be had for less than the current MSRP on the S&W Gov. You can also shoot the 45colt shotshells out of them for the occasional snake. To be honest most 45colt handguns pattern better with those shotshells than any 410/45cal combo gun I have ever shot. I like you have not been impressed by any Taurus products. I've shot perhaps 5-6 of their firearms including the Judge and thought most were junk, bad triggers, reliability issues, binding cylinders, accuracy issues, and longevity issues. Even at half the price of the competition that's still too much for a Taurus in my experience.
  2. July Smith

    New forum member - couple of questions

    Q1: Can't answer, but I bet if you find a local club and ask they will let you shoot with what guns you have on hand and allow you to simply take a miss on whatever targets you can't engage. Obviously, this will kill your score, but you will still be able to have fun and meet fellow shooters. Q2: I'm fairly new to SASS so all my guns are still stock. I can still use them in whatever shooting application I feel like outside of SASS. I'm the limiting factor, not the guns, so until I get faster and cleaner I will save my money on custom work and buy more reloading components. Q3: My advice would be to first acquire a complete set of gun leather i.e. two holsters, stout belt, and some form of shotgun shell holder. Show up with what guns you do have and work a deal with another member to borrow what guns you don't have. Edit: If you happen to be local to me you are welcome to run my back up set of guns. I have a set of Cimarron pistols in 38/357, a Browning 92 in 357 mag, and an extra CZ SxS. I'll be happy to loan you guns and ammo for the rifle, just pick up a box of wadcutter 38s for the revolvers and some low recoil shells for the shotgun and you are in business.
  3. July Smith

    1887 Shotguns and FL brass shells

    Thank you all for the replies! Looks like I will keep my eye out for an 87. Obviously, a mechanically sound original would be the ideal 87, but of the repos which are considered the best? Which repos should be avoided?
  4. July Smith

    1887 Shotguns and FL brass shells

    Maybe an odd question, but will an 1887 lever action shotgun feed and eject full-length brass shells? I really like using the full-length brass shotgun shells for a variety of reasons but I switched to plastic for the ease of shucking them from a SxS. I have seen a few 87s crop up in the classifieds section and I was just wondering if brass hulls would work. Wouldn't it be cool to run an 87 with a drop 2 modification and full-length brass shells?
  5. July Smith

    This may explain why I keep having a miss!

    Very cool guns. I'd be curious how well double charging the cylinders actually worked. https://youtu.be/6Ew9xCtb0aU
  6. July Smith

    WTB a pair of ruger 44-40.

    Just out of curiosity, did Ruger ever make New Model Vaqueros in 44-40? I've only ever seen Old models in 44-40 from the factory.
  7. July Smith

    Black Rifle ghee?

    Some friends from India got us going on Ghee sometime back. Think of it as distilled or concentrated butter. You can spread it on toast, but it seems to really be best when cooked with. Seems to season cast iron pans well too.
  8. July Smith

    Why I won't drive a Smart Car!

    All jokes aside those cars are actually pretty stout. Here is the video that shows the actual crash shown in the OP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iKGfo1wmOM
  9. July Smith

    WTB S&W model 25 2” barrel holster

    I don’t have one, but I know where you can get one. http://lobogunleather.com/owb-outside-the-waist-band/enhanced-pancake/ Really nice people to deal with, very high quality holsters, reasonably priced, and they have always delivered the product within 3-4 weeks. Lobo’s enhanced pancake model is a personal favorite of mine.
  10. July Smith

    Big Lube bullet molds for sale. 36 and 44cal

    The black residue shown on the 36cal mold is Frankfort Arsenal Drop Out. I find the Drop Out works really well on helping small cavities fill out properly even with pure lead.
  11. July Smith

    Big Lube bullet molds for sale. 36 and 44cal

    SPF to Dawg!
  12. I have two 6-cavity Big Lube molds for sale. Both of these molds are designed to cast bullets for cap and ball revolvers. Please see links for further information. http://www.biglube.com/BulletMolds.aspx?ItemID=d3fb4508-70e1-4d9b-87bd-6d9c2d504d33 http://www.biglube.com/BulletMolds.aspx?ItemID=db4de6d2-f7f1-4cc9-be13-60a8c627d736 The 36cal mold is used but not abused. Asking $75 +$7S&H. The 44cal mold has never been cast with. Asking $85 +$7 S&H. These are designed to work with Lee 6-cavity handles. Willing to combine shipping if you want both molds. Check or money order, no PayPal. Like any conical these do take a little more finesse to load in a cap and ball gun, (have to make sure they get seated fairly straight) but you do not need a lube wad under the bullet or grease in front of the ball. They both cast bullets approximately the same weight as their round ball counterpart so you don’t need to worry about these grouping significantly higher than your round ball loads. These can also be used in 38cal and 45cal center fire cases for some very light loads. Thanks for looking!
  13. July Smith

    Frontiersman - - Gunfighter?

    I don't disagree, but the rules for Frontiersman are written, "Revolvers must be shot Duelist or Double Duelist style." Seeing as this address no safety concerns I can only assume it was written to discourage any and all forms of shooting that are not duelist style. .
  14. July Smith

    Frontiersman - - Gunfighter?

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say it probably goes against the spirit of the category. While gunfighter is cool and probably the most fun style of shooting I have had at SASS matches, I think Frontiersman as a category is supposed to stay a little more traditional. That being said, if Frontiersman Gunfighter was offered that is probably the category I would shoot in.
  15. As the title indicates, I am looking for a Ruger Hammer Strut that will fit a New Vaquero with the Inernal Lock. This type of hammer strut is a little shorter than the standard strut found in Black Hawks and no lock Vaqueros. If somebody has an extra or knows of an online source I would appreciate it.

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