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  1. Laramie

    shout out to Dave Smith at Guncraft in Ruskin FL

    Good luck at winter range Purdy Boy.
  2. Laramie

    Anne Bancroft or Katherine Ross

    Beauty begins from the inside. In the graduate, Ann Bancroft was ugly from the bone!
  3. Laramie

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    My favorite guns change from match to match, but always Mary Ann!
  4. Laramie

    Indoor CAS at Niles, Ohio Saturday February 09, 2019!

    But he didn't put a hole through his trigger finger!
  5. Laramie

    Remembering Norman Rockwell

    I have given up hope for growing up long ago. being a responsible adult is so boring!
  6. Laramie

    Remembering Norman Rockwell

    Me in the late 50S. Two Mattel fanner 50S!
  7. Laramie

    WTC - What are my options with the pistols?

    What they said.
  8. Laramie

    SPF Non-CAS Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine Paratrooper

    Sorry. Must have been a slip of the texting finger.
  9. Laramie

    **CANCELED** Tusco - Next Match... Groundhog Day

    Maybe I just need a nap !
  10. Laramie

    **CANCELED** Tusco - Next Match... Groundhog Day

    But, but, no fair! We never get to have any fun!
  11. Laramie

    Indoor CAS at Niles, Ohio! Thursday January 31, 2019

    I think I might just "shirk" work and join your little party.
  12. Laramie

    Question about 4473 and call-in

    Now I'm depressed!
  13. Laramie

    Question about 4473 and call-in

    But ten years! you have some making up to do! Think of the homeless guns!

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