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  1. LonesomePigeon

    Colt SAA .45 Price change SOLD PF

    Those type of marks are sometimes caused by removal and insertion of the cylinder. They can be prevented by sliding a piece of paper in between the frame and cylinder whenever you take out or put in the cylinder.
  2. LonesomePigeon

    Guns at Winter Range Swap Meet

    I sent you a pm on the 1851 Navy's and the Centaure's. I don't see a response so I'm going to send it again.
  3. LonesomePigeon

    Looking for Mass Compliant Uberti Buntline

    I wonder if Longhunter's might be able to make you a barrel from scratch. I heard they made a .38-40 barrel for Marlin 1894 recently.

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