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  1. LonesomePigeon

    Pedersoli Lightning info request

    Thank you for the replies. I will pm Roger Rapid. PS. I just noticed I posted this in the wrong forum. If a mod would like to move it to the main forum that would be fine.
  2. LonesomePigeon

    Pedersoli Lightning info request

    Hi. I am looking for info and/or experiences with recently manufactured Pedersoli Lightning rifles in .44-40. I have been saving with a mind to get a new Uberti Winchester '73 in .44-40, which would cost me about $1350 from my LGS. However, now I can get a new Pedersoli Lightning in .44-40 for about $1200. Whichever I get I'm not looking to race it but I do want it to be reliable for plinking and target shooting. Also, I do reload .44-40 with black powder and the Big Lube Mav Dutchman bullets so if these Lightnings need a specific type of ammo I can likely accomodate that.

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