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  1. Bushy Blonco

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    Since we also have some Cowboy Poetry with our Tall Tales at the Lazy Arrow ShootOut: The cowpokes gathered 'round the fire, After shootin' many stages. They'd come to hear the biggest liar, And tales of deeds outrageous. Roger Rapid was a riot, Telling of his pedigree. How he was kin to Wyatt, Even showed his family tree! The clincher was the Buntline, Engraved with Wyatt's name. It moved him to the frontline Of the Tall-Tale hall of fame. The cowpokes roared with laughter, Even Snakebite smiled some, As he put his best side forward, Yup, he turned and shook his bum!
  2. Bushy Blonco

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    In light of Snakebite's "Editorial" post on the Wire (which has led to the sharing of a wealth of knowledge) I would like to say that the goal of the Lazy Arrow ShootOut video above is the same goal we shoot for at the Lazy Arrow ShootOut weekend: we want everyone to have fun, be challenged, all while not taking ourselves too seriously! For some that fun is fast-and-close with few distractions, for some that's shooting the hangman's rope and the moving mine car or tossing a bag of "gold" and holding the rubber chicken. And for most everyone, hanging out and visiting with friends at the the campfire and activities is the real fun. We strive to make it a great experience for everyone and see the maximum number of smiles. We'd love to have you join us at the Lazy Arrow ShootOut and tell us how we're doing with your happy faces!
  3. Bushy Blonco

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    Jailhouse Jim, your hospitality and generosity are what make CAS so great! It's always a pleasure to shoot with you at Lazy Arrow! (And all the smoke and thunder you bring with those big black powder loads make me smile every time, especially that 10 ga!)
  4. Bushy Blonco

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    Whoa there, pardners, there have been no unseemly modifications to my Yul Lose cart! Perhaps a bad case of cart-envy prompted Snakebite's delusion. As you can plainly see, it's still as pretty as the day Yul finished it, and it even serves as my pulpit for Cowboy Church in our tent at the Lazy Arrow ShootOut!
  5. Bushy Blonco

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    Howdy Yul! It was great to meet you at the Western Regional. I sure enjoy my beautiful guncart that you crafted for Fithly Lucre; I always get lots of complements at every shoot I attend! I hope you can make it to our Lazy Arrow Shootout, it's a very friendly and fun match in a fantastic setting on a working cattle ranch, you'll have a great time!

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