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  1. Stock Laser Engraving

    Chuckaroo is the best
  2. Hostiles

    Go see it, Its is good.
  3. laser checkering for 97 forend wood

    Chuckarro is the BEST that I have used.
  4. CCI Primers

    Thanks for all the info.
  5. CCI Primers

    I got 1000 CCi shotgun primers for free Do they work good for Cowboy shotguns. Have always used Winchester
  6. Change in Start Time for North Alabama Regulators January Match 2018

    Thanks for posting Mark
  7. Backups question

    I have been shooting for about 22 years. I think I have used backups 2 times that was when I sold my main match guns.
  8. Which shot shell press do you like?

    Spolar Gold is the best you can load one day for all year of Cowboy shooting
  9. What bullet do you reload

    Chey-Cast coated RED 125 gr. TC good ones
  10. Sawyer, From Graduate # 13 Marry Christmas. Best money I every spent Bama Kid
  11. I have a friend that uses 231 in 38. He uses the 105 or 125 grain @ 3 grains and they are very light load. Not a mouse fart load just light. Personally I like them heavier but that gives you a good "low" range........or starting low point. Good luck. 

  12. 231 Power load Thanks

    Can someone PM me a good Cowboy load for 231 with 125 gr bullet an Clays Power 38 spc Thanks
  13. Brass Magazine Plug

    Thanks Major Art that is it. Bama Kid
  14. Brass Magazine Plug

    Do anyone make a Brass Magazine Plug for a Uberti 1873 Rifle
  15. Laser Work on Stocks

    Thanks Bama kid