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  1. Leather goods

    I’ll take #2 shotgun belt. Thanks
  2. Lyman tang sight SOLD

    Sold to Linecutter PM sent
  3. Lyman tang sight SOLD

    I have a Lyman tang sight I took off a Marlin 1892. It’s got a nice patina on it. I don’t see a model number but there is a small s and a larger m on the bottom. There is a ding on the top but the aperture is still perfectly round and it adjusts up and down and locks as it should. Comes with the mounting screws. $55 shipped. Lyman chart says it should also fit Marlin 1897, 39, and 39a. It DOES NOT fit a 1894.
  4. Interesting side matches

    Thanks for all the good ideas guys!
  5. Interesting side matches

    I'm looking for some ideas for a side match other than the usual long range or speed events for a monthly shoot. I'd like to try something fun and different for our club using main match guns so everyone can participate. Thanks
  6. Long hunter shotgun

    Thanks for the good info guys. Hoss shoer you need to show up to some shoots this year for me to see you!
  7. Long hunter shotgun

    I'm looking to upgrade my shotgun. Shooting a Stevens 311 now. Can't afford an SKB or BSS. Long hunter shooting supply sells a Stoeger with action work for what seems to be a reasonable price. Does anyone have first hand experience with one that you can share with me? Or what is the best option available in that price range? $6-700 Thanks