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  1. Wild lead

    ‘73 ejection problem

    I'm by no means a gunsmith this very problem happened to me last week and after much searching and changing out parts the carrier is what fixed mine
  2. Wild lead

    Selling all my cowboy gear

    Pm sent
  3. Wild lead

    Selling all my cowboy gear

    I'm interested in the codymatic
  4. Wild lead

    Noz be.............

    Happy birthday .now get some sleep.
  5. Wild lead

    Footwear, the search may have ended.

    Are these boots acceptable?
  6. Wild lead

    So that's where it went.

    That identical thing happened to me I was 16 years old 300 miles from home on interstate 64 mile marker 80 sitting along the interstate with a dumb look on my face and $17 in my pocket parents unaware I was going to Indiana chasing a girl I'd met that summer. Small block Chevrolet center bottom plate screw on a two-barrel carburetor went through the intake and through the valve and cracked the head and left a mark on top of the piston. Chasing that girl was the best thing I ever did after 30 years I wouldn't know what to do without her
  7. Wild lead

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS: Two Ruger Single Six .32 H&R Mag 4 5/8" For Sale

    I'll get in line if all the others full through but I don't think anyone's going to beat Boom stick to the punch when these get listed from time to time
  8. Wild lead

    cocke hammer

    The one I don't understand and I'm sure somebody can explain it on my 73 riflewhy can't it be at half cock or technically safety. I grew up hunting with a Winchester lever gun course when I was hunting it was always a chambered and on half cock safety
  9. Wild lead

    Branson Triple Classic was a Hoot

    Posse 1 had a blast
  10. Wild lead

    '73 one piece firing pin

    You can have a much much lighter hammer spring. Instead of your extension hitting the firing pin then hitting the primer it's one piece with less energy loss
  11. Wild lead

    Famous people

    James Arness. me and friend we're delivering firewood in Iberia Missouri when a helicopter landed in the field we sat there and watched Marshal Dillon get out of the helicopter and meet a man about purchasing a cattle dog. We watched from a distance after he left with the dog we went and spoke with the gentleman ask him is that he thought it was he said yes
  12. Wild lead

    Really ticked off

    I have been waiting since October also after talking to somebody mid December they said they would ship at the end of the year I called today and they said my order has been cancelled that they had sent me an email for me to respond but no email was ever sent
  13. Wild lead

    Who Got You Started?

    Exactly one year ago today friend and I decided to go shoot. Missouri Southern Rangers Marshfield Missouri on a Wednesday. I've been shooting my entire life but cowboy action shooting has become my new addiction. Never have I met a better group of people. All willing to help in any way encouragement / techniques / firearms. Then i discovered two more ranges close by now I shoot every weekend

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