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  1. Hi Raincrow,


         If your money is tight, consider this.  Look for a Dillon press on EBay.


         Dillon will send you missing parts for your machine no matter where you got it.


         My brother-in-law did this.  He would by Dillon presses, send for the parts if any were missing, and Dillon would send the parts to him.


          He found some really nice presses, hardly used.  He never has to change dies; he has a machine for every caliber he shoots.  This is just a thought if your green is lean. 


          If you buy a Dillon; it will come set-up for the caliber of your choice. It will make rounds right out of the box with a few minor adjustments by you.  It is not hard and after a year, you will be helping other people get started in reloading.


          Dillon lists the price of their Square Deal B, in their catalog, from around $400 but if you buy one, you should buy the "strong mount" for it which is an additional cost.  Also, the discharge bin,  spare parts kit, low primer sensor, and low powder sensor all or are additional cost but well worth it.  $400 is just the base price.  I spent the money but have been happy for a decade.


          Another thing to think about is this:  If you load .357, you might want to buy a little stick-on sewing machine light or get a magnet base bore light so you can see the powder in those tall cases.  It's good to see there's powder in there so the bullet comes out. :P


          I use Trail Boss powder which goes through the press flawlessly, it's "idiot proof",  but it's expensive. If I didn't use Trail Boss, I would use Clay's.  


          Let me know when you want the recipe for Prairie Dawg's Lite 12 gauge shotgun shells!


          All the best,


          Slow Mo Dern 



    1. Raincrow


      Thanks, the square deal B is looking like the best choice or me. Green is lean so yes will e looking for something on line if it comes up while I save up.

  2. Should you start reloading?

    Worthwhile thread for us noobs to reloading. Appreciate the wisdom all have offered. Thanks.
  3. What if you only want to reload 357/38?

    I did forget to respond to a couple poignant points made. Clearly any progressive rig will be complicated and has multiple processes that have to work in concert. There is a higher percentage of potential failure so one must be diligent in reviewing the steps. Again, my training plus long life experience with mechanical contraptions have me very cognizant of process review and refinement with practical experience along with Lean Six Sigma sensibilities. I love understanding Rube Goldberg devices and what makes them function. I work around a few critical processes that have a zero failure tolerance, so approach this with eyes wide open. It has also been suggested to me, in the recent past, one can get a reasonable deal on a progressive and treat it like a single stage until one feels comfortable with the process. Again, I am very grateful for the informative responses and heartfelt support. It is refreshing to be among such a mix of honorable well intentioned folks.
  4. What if you only want to reload 357/38?

    Wow! Thank you all for so much good information and context. So many I want to reply directly to but will do a general reply all. I really expect I will only be reloading 38/357 as I am nearing retirement also, and those are what we have, besides 22. Not likely to need rifle load unless we move closer to Moose or Grizzly country. Any hunting I do will likely be Bow for Blacktail in the woods and the Rossi with Hornady leverlution bullets will be also be quite adequate, if I choose to go that way. (I suppose I should look into black powder seasonal requirements!?) Any Boar hunting I decide to do will be archery also and many years ago I looked into it and you are allowed to carry a side arm in case you get charged. (Now THAT is really a sport!) Again, my Ruger service six 357 magnum will be quite able to take care of that duty. I probably will not need to load more than 3-400 a month, and as folks mentioned it is something I can do in the winter ahead of time. I appreciate the suggestions with that in mind. As a professional quality assurance guy for military logistics, I wholeheartedly get the discussion about paying attention, and also about enjoying the process, maybe a mild Zen like mindset with cowboy jazz and/or Gypsy jazz in the background. In retrospect my idea of having a football game or a road race on in the background is probably a bad idea! So the speed of changing dies is not an issue for me, consistent quality is. Speed of production is also not a big concern, since at least for the next few years I will not become as active as many players here due to bothersome real life duties like currently painting the interior of the house. Exterior will be due in a couple years. I also appreciate the advice about 12 gauge. I happen to have this 20 gauge modest single shot bird gun from an Old Coastie buddy that owed me cash, but it turned out that was all he could come up with after a divorce, so we squared up on that, to help him out. Anyway, I have probably left out a response to someone but please know that your feedback is appreciated and I plan to review some more. It is clear I should narrow down to a couple single stage possibilities and a couple progressives and get familiar with pricing. (The SDB is intriguing, I'll look into it and the Lyman turret.) Then I can continue saving up and watch for deals both new or particularly if a decent price comes up on a specific used rig, that suits my choices. Much obliged pards and I am sure a few others are benefiting from this discussion.
  5. So pards, I've been paying attention here, online and other places but am still unsure what is the best bang for the buck reloading start and long-term. I am only planning to reload one caliber. I have the Lee press for shot shells and getting ready to start my first batch. It came set up for 20 gauge but also has the 12 gauge goodies thanks to a seller here. Good since I am waiting to choose another shotgun last of my firearms gear. I don't plan on needing to swap pistol calibers quickly or even slowly anytime in the foreseeable future. What I would like to ask is what would serve me well long-term loading 357 reliably? I tend towards Hornady or maybe RCBS, but don't give a rip about changing dies. I want to be able to set up a modest but accurate process I can afford and count on. I need help looking beyond the ads and maybe jaded reviews. Lee and Dillon are less familiar but I am open, and other greenhorns would be interested in your feedback. Recently I read good info on rolled crimp, so am leaning that way as well. I don't know what I don't know, so am obliged in advance. Be nice, not looking for a brand range war. Thank you
  6. would this Hat be ok for cowboy shooting

    I like the Aussie style of hats but I am biased, my Bro in law lives there and gave me a nice Drizabone. It is my go to hat in real rain and cowboy shooting in the cold. The dark brown oilskin hat is quite hot on a muggy Northwet day so will probably convert my Laguna Seca or EAA straw hat to cowboy summer service. My local western wear store has a great variety of hats but I am almost always drawn to the stylish Aussie leather ones. It could be argued you're on the run from down under. Was watching "Robbery under Arms" this week, a Brit movie filmed down under in 1957 with David Mcallum (Man from UNCLE Ilya ) so was getting ideas.... Meanwhile I am still saving up for reloading gear so will work with the hats I have. IMHO I like your choice. BTW I know most Aussie hats snap up on the left, but I always wanted it to be able to go up on the right for archery.
  7. Hey Pards, mighty grateful I found my way to this sport. Appreciate the good advice.

  8. 38 Spl crimp, roll or taper

    This greenhorn is very glad for this thread Cactus Jack! Just getting started this direction, too. Have a starters manuel, a shotshell reloader and planning on the rest after taxes, if we survive them.
  9. 92 bullet jacked out.

    Hi Lawman Mays, You've got good advice here. I got into this game because I always wanted a lever gun and bought a Puma (Rossi) 357 a few years ago. Got a sorta cool knife to go with it. I found Steves Gunz site and learned a ton. I have some mechanical skills so slicked mine up. Then I wondered what this SASS thing was about on his name so fell down that rabbit hole to here. I am No where near fast on the single action pistols or my simple single shot bird gun, but am reasonably quick and accurate with this lovely rifle, thanks to Steve's help, goodies, and other tips along the way. Marples sight and folding buckhorn are on my wish list for long range. Over all length (OAL) bullet is crucial to mine now. Normal commercial cowboy and hotter loads in 357 cycle flawlessly. Standard 38 special almost not at all. From advice here, I may try 38s loaded to the same length but I am comfortable with 357 in the rifle, too much kick in the pistols for fast targeting. Once I have my reloading bench finished this will be fun to try out. If you are not comfortable modifying your firearm, then you are right to look for competent help. Still, it is a good idea to get Steve's (Nate Kiowa) video and look at a couple other tear down and put together vids on you tube, so you can fully maintain it well. You probably already have those skills, but I did learn a few neat hacks that helped this hobbyist do it easier. The pistols I have were bought used here, already tuned and I only maintain them. Shotgun, time will tell. Didn't mean to ramble but I love the 92 lever gun. So darn fun and accurate. Brought me to this friendly tribe. I am still a greenhorn to this sport so here's a couple grains of salt to go with that. Have fun.
  10. Rossi 92

    Sounds like a heck of a deal for 44 shooters. Best of luck folks!
  11. PMs exchanged, check is in the mail.
  12. New to sport

    Welcome and I can attest to the wisdom of the advice you've seen here so far. I'm still new and an infrequent participant but this is the friendliest mutual admiration and assistance society you might ever meet. Take your time, check it out. So far I have been able to make very good deals with folks here and am almost outfitted. I started last year and it's a hoot when you can make the time. Have some fun. If you're out in the North Wet I can help point you to folks more knowledgeable than me.
  13. That’s exactly what a fella needs in the cold Northwet. Is it black like in the picture or dark brown? Not a deal breaker I want to buy it please. Edit oops will send email.
  14. Taylor Short Stroke Pistols

    I'm still a tenderfoot, only been to a few meets but I picked up a pair of tuned short stroke smoke wagons from another member here. Very happy with them as they are plenty more pistol than I am fast accurate shooter, yet. They fit me well and my plan is to improve where I can use their inherent capability. Advice among folks here is step up and get a pistol you can work up to. Best of luck.
  15. Christmas and upcoming taxes keep me from committing so I wish you best of luck. Someone is going to get a good deal. Thank you.