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  1. Puma lever action

    The Puma 357 I bought years ago is what led me to this merry sport. Steve Young (Nate Kiowa Jones) helped me quite a bit and there is other good You tube info as well. Fun to shoot, my friends always get a kick out of trying it when we go to the range. I'm not likely ever going to be in the upper 5% as I only get out to CAS once in awhile. Anyway, 20" Octagonal outa be nice and accurate as well. If 45 is your flavor sounds like a fair deal.
  2. Those are sweet looking irons! I bought a similarly tuned set of Smokewagons from another member here and am quite happy. Those grips are wicked cool! Some new shooter looking for a deal should really consider this set. Very fair price you'll have a hard time to match. No personal interest just thought some new to the sport might need a second set of eyes and opinion.
  3. White lithium grease

    Not nearly as experienced as the others here but it is darn good in my lever gun. I like others have some left around from other projects, some spray and some red bearing grease too. Like the old Brylcreme (sp?) or was it Score hair goo? "a little dab will do ya!"
  4. Henry Single Shot 45-70 LEGAL for Plainsman

    Sent a note to that effect, 38-55 Winchester/Ballard, and joined the mailing list. I'll be getting the tang mounted site and folding buckhorn for my 357 Rossi from Nate first though, when I can afford it. Need the rest o my reloading stuff, too. Be glad when taxes are done.
  5. Welcome Will Power!

    So yeah great name. As regards to most fun with clothes on the Indy car dude driving with same name might have a valid argument about that. Sorry I’m a race fan. Fast car on a track is an experience. Says 2008 SCCA ITS Reno western regional champion. Love my RX7.
  6. Henry Single Shot 45-70 LEGAL for Plainsman

    I admit a passing interest in this for the future. I wonder what a 38-55 would do in one? Could be awesome long range shooter. 45-70 would be cool for wild country north of me.
  7. For Sale Pedersoli Lightning 26" 44-40

    Gotta say the same... Nice.
  8. Need to sell my compete Cowboy Action Shooting gear

    Sorry for your strife, Our hearts and prayers are with you.
  9. How long to wait for buyer???

    As a newish member here and having completed a few buy deals here, including very nice pistols and most recently a great oilskin coat, all were more than satisfactorily experiences. Part of all the successes included getting a sense of who you are dealing with, at least through PMs or voice. I agree with folks here, once a commitment has been made, back and forth should pick up frequency with strong follow through. In my past year experiences, "the cowboy way" is a thing, and it warms my soul to have met and interacted with folks here. There is buyer beware, but certainly seller beware is also a consideration. In your case, yeah things happen, maybe distractions, hopefully not something bad, but while it's nice you finally heard back, over a week no response would be my, "it's back up for grabs" but I have a history in customer service so may be a bit jaded. Wish you the best on this sale.
  10. What if you only want to reload 357/38?

    Nah, I am probably as far North as I plan to be (plans are interrupted by life). Even if we move to more dangerous critters territory a shotgun slug also has a serious effect, and chances are I'll be adding a SxS or period correct pump to go with the bird gun I currently have, before too long. Even if I did get a 45-70 some day, a used single stage would be sufficient.
  11. Thank you! Pleasure doing business and this is a good 2 smile deal. Looing forward to showing up in this coat!

  12. What if you only want to reload 357/38?

    Thanks Cheyenne Ranger, You just answered my next question, as I expect one would want to experiment with a long range rifle bullet, too. I realize for competition I'll want the low kick for the revolvers, rifle I am OK with hotter loads but nothing to really gain in a match. Eventually long side match it might be fun to test a bit. My 357 seems to be pretty flat out to a little over 120 yd. To be honest, in reaction to the possibility I may want to load a different caliber in the future it would be for like I said, Moose or Grizzly country, then I'd likely go 45-70. Not anywhere on the near horizon. Again, grateful for all the feedback.
  13. Hi Raincrow,


         If your money is tight, consider this.  Look for a Dillon press on EBay.


         Dillon will send you missing parts for your machine no matter where you got it.


         My brother-in-law did this.  He would by Dillon presses, send for the parts if any were missing, and Dillon would send the parts to him.


          He found some really nice presses, hardly used.  He never has to change dies; he has a machine for every caliber he shoots.  This is just a thought if your green is lean. 


          If you buy a Dillon; it will come set-up for the caliber of your choice. It will make rounds right out of the box with a few minor adjustments by you.  It is not hard and after a year, you will be helping other people get started in reloading.


          Dillon lists the price of their Square Deal B, in their catalog, from around $400 but if you buy one, you should buy the "strong mount" for it which is an additional cost.  Also, the discharge bin,  spare parts kit, low primer sensor, and low powder sensor all or are additional cost but well worth it.  $400 is just the base price.  I spent the money but have been happy for a decade.


          Another thing to think about is this:  If you load .357, you might want to buy a little stick-on sewing machine light or get a magnet base bore light so you can see the powder in those tall cases.  It's good to see there's powder in there so the bullet comes out. :P


          I use Trail Boss powder which goes through the press flawlessly, it's "idiot proof",  but it's expensive. If I didn't use Trail Boss, I would use Clay's.  


          Let me know when you want the recipe for Prairie Dawg's Lite 12 gauge shotgun shells!


          All the best,


          Slow Mo Dern 



    1. Raincrow


      Thanks, the square deal B is looking like the best choice or me. Green is lean so yes will e looking for something on line if it comes up while I save up.

  14. Should you start reloading?

    Worthwhile thread for us noobs to reloading. Appreciate the wisdom all have offered. Thanks.
  15. What if you only want to reload 357/38?

    I did forget to respond to a couple poignant points made. Clearly any progressive rig will be complicated and has multiple processes that have to work in concert. There is a higher percentage of potential failure so one must be diligent in reviewing the steps. Again, my training plus long life experience with mechanical contraptions have me very cognizant of process review and refinement with practical experience along with Lean Six Sigma sensibilities. I love understanding Rube Goldberg devices and what makes them function. I work around a few critical processes that have a zero failure tolerance, so approach this with eyes wide open. It has also been suggested to me, in the recent past, one can get a reasonable deal on a progressive and treat it like a single stage until one feels comfortable with the process. Again, I am very grateful for the informative responses and heartfelt support. It is refreshing to be among such a mix of honorable well intentioned folks.