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  1. Boomstick Bruce

    Engraved 1892 EMF Hartford SPF

    Can't see the tags on my phone, sorry
  2. Boomstick Bruce

    Engraved 1892 EMF Hartford SPF

    What caliber?
  3. Boomstick Bruce

    Your favorite 12ga load for CAS.

    $5.50 a box at Wally...lol..
  4. Boomstick Bruce

    45acp WB loads

    Yup I'm going, i bought Tommy's 97 at the Showdown! Trooper Ozzy has me covered for 45acp, but I'm bringing a friend and he's going to need ammo. We went to Taylor's yesterday but they don't have any. I have us covered for rifle and shotgun. He's going to use my rifle and shotgun until he gets his own. If he likes shooting WB of course (which after shooting with you guys for two years now, I'm sure he will!!!) Thanks!
  5. Boomstick Bruce

    45acp WB loads

    So I just got a brand new Rock Island 1911 and I'm going to start shooting wild bunch a few times a year. What's a good load for a stock RIA 45?
  6. Boomstick Bruce

    What is this sweep called?

    The exact sweep that got me a p and ruined my clean match at the WV Showdown... Badger sweep....errrrrr
  7. Boomstick Bruce

    Components for sale.

    well that was fast... i responded less than 5 minutes after you posted the ad...
  8. Boomstick Bruce

    SKB shooters pay attention.

    get the new stock here, I ordered one of their stocks for my Stevens 315 and its very well made!!! https://shop.macongunstocks.com/Ithaca-Flues-Ithaca-Lewis-Ithaca-NID-SKB-280E-SKB-100-SKB-200_c17.htm
  9. Boomstick Bruce

    Components for sale.

    ill take the 45acp, pm me where to send the gold and a total with shipping
  10. Boomstick Bruce

    45 LC Loads

    5.0gns of TB under a 200rnfp.. my 58's like it and so does my 92! I use federal magnum primers, gives a little cleaner guns at the end...
  11. Boomstick Bruce

    Where are you buying your lead bullets?

    https://statelinebullets.com/ least pricey ive seen yet for 200gn 452rnfp... heck a friendly guy too!!!
  12. Boomstick Bruce


    The 2018 West Virginia state championship showdown is in the books! I had an amazing time! I met some new people, and got to hang out with some old friends. I introduced a former co-worker turned friend on to wild bunch and after the match he informed me he purchased consecutive ser# RIA 1911's. one for him, one for me!!! I bought my first 97 Winchester and got a few rounds downrange with it, which is good because "ole faithful" (my single trigger Stevens 315) started acting up, doubling, popping open when shooting it and not cocking on open but I still managed to squeeze out a clean match!!! (ok I got a "P" on the last stage, shhh don't tell anyone) Walker colt won overall, Mad Dog Max won the WV Championship and Sunshine Marcie won both for ladies!!! I cant wait until next year!!!
  13. Boomstick Bruce

    SOLD. SOLD Uberti 1858s for sale--Lay away?

    It wasn't hard, just take your time. Or you could just send them to Walt Kirst or Gary Barnes and have them do the conversion for you. You'll probably get enough money for the cylinders to cover it all, if not you'll get darn close. Besides, you'll never come across another set unless you come shoot with me...
  14. Boomstick Bruce

    SOLD. SOLD Uberti 1858s for sale--Lay away?

    sell all the cylinders off, buy a pair of gated kirst conversions with the mason ejectors in 45colt, build yourself a set like my guns.... you should be able to get at least $100 per cylinder which would cover the whole conversion on both guns and possibly put some extra $$$ in your pocket... I sold the C&B cylinders from my stainless uberti's for $140 each on feebay to help pay for my kirsts.. everyone who has handled and fired my 58's has loved them...
  15. Boomstick Bruce

    FS: holster belt and 38 slider

    Btt one last time, $70 shipped

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