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  1. looks like someone polished the guns too... usually with the stainless pietas, the machine marks are quite visible, especially In digital photos... those look like mirrors!!! please sell them quickly before I buy them!!! (Im down to ten 58's now, i shoot a pair of kirst converted stainless uberti 58's in 45colt)
  2. Boomstick Bruce

    Getting into CAS for the budget minded

    I started (a year ago) with a pair of pieta 58's with "drop in" 45 colt cylinders, a rossi 92 and a stevens 311... I now have a pair of stainless uberti 58's with gated kirst conversions in 45colt and kirst ejectors, the same rossi 92 (45also) and a single trigger stevens 315 I slicked up and cut down to 20"... I blew most of my 2018 SASS budget on those ubertis 58s ($500 a piece for the guns, $500 a piece for the conversions) yeah... I know... im shooting over $2000 worth of cap and ball revolvers that aren't even originals... I could do much better guns for that kind of money!!! my next big buy will probably be a pedersoli lightning rifle in 45colt... I shoot a 200grn bullet using the lee book "starting load" for trailboss so blowback with 45colt is not a big concern... I do love my old 315 but I will be buying a single trigger stoeger in the future or maybe an '87... not sure yet...
  3. who/how were the hammers done?
  4. Boomstick Bruce

    modofying a DA to only fire SA

    Can one modify a double action revolver, a pre 1899 44/40 Belgian top break to be exact, to fire single action only and use it for SASS? I just picked up a pair of these things and they are in excellent shape and thought it would be cool to use them in a match or two.
  5. title says it all and i know its a longshot but I'm looking for the original round knob stock from a stevens 315 SXS
  6. Boomstick Bruce

    SOLD Palmetto Spiller and Burr .36

    I was going to ask the same question... wondering if you would be interested in swapping for my snub nosed "birdshead" grip 58 Remington I built...
  7. Boomstick Bruce

    stevens 315 "doubling"

    rafe, its mechanical, always right, left firing sequence... its not just me its been doing it to, a friend of mine, my dad and myself all went out to the shotgun range the other day and it did it to them too... I just replaced the firing pins because they were bent (probably from 100 years of dry firing) that seemed to help at first but it did it twice out of the box of 25 I just shot, which, btw, is much less than before... maybe the sears are worn? design flaw? hmmmm
  8. Boomstick Bruce

    stevens 315 "doubling"

    oh and if you fixed it, what did you do?
  9. Boomstick Bruce

    stevens 315 "doubling"

    so my single trigger stevens 315 had an issue doubling, i.e. hit the trigger once and immediately after the right barrel fires, the left barrel fires, it's quite uncomfortable I tell you! does anyone else run one of these shotguns? have you had trouble with it doubling?
  10. Boomstick Bruce

    What's the fascination with Consecutive Serial Numbers

    I bought an iver Johnson second model 32 hammerless at a gun show in va back in 04, I moved to main in 07 and shortly after won an auction for another iver Johnson second model 32 hammerless from a seller in CA... when the cali gun showed up it was one number lower than the one I bought in VA! I sold them as a set a year or so later for $600 on auction arms!!!! btw my stainless taylors/uberti remingtons are nearly consecutive numbers, off by 12 numbers and I do the left/right thing too, the one has the grip screw head facing right, the other left, so they are left and right (they are in my avatar)... my next set of guns, a pair of engraved 75's, will be consecutive number guns or ordered with custom ser#'s
  11. Boomstick Bruce

    No more Rossi 92's???

  12. Boomstick Bruce

    Help new shooters, don't hinder them!!

    I started with a pair of pieta 58's with 45colt drop in cylinders, a rossi 92 in 45colt and a stevens 311a 12 gague... I have moved up to a pair of 5.5" uberti 58's in stainless with kirst conversions and ejectors in 45colt, a stevens single trigger 315 and I'm still still running the 92... the thing about all the guns I started with is they are pretty much equally not great for SASS out of the box, the nice thing also is I can work them into what I need... I worked on my 92 with the help of steves gunz video and spring kit, watched some you tube videos on how to make the 311 SASS ready (which applied well to the 315 also) and I replaced the mainspring in my remingtons with wolff springs for a SAA and slicked them up all myself... the guns are much better now and I saved a bunch of money! (that I immediately wasted on these conversion remingtons, look up the cost of going that route!) anyway, its a hobby... if SASS was anything other than a hobby, we would be making money doing it and we'd call it a job! btw, Iove my guns!
  13. Boomstick Bruce

    SAA: Why not carry 6 with the firing pin between case rims?

    We had a member over on the 1858 Remington forum that dropped one of his 58's in the kitchen and it went off and blew a hole through his hand.
  14. Boomstick Bruce

    No more Rossi 92's???

    How do Henry rifles do in cas/sass? I know the 92 used to be the rifle to have until sass started allowing short stroke kits on the 66/73's but I've never even seen a Henry at a match... In fact, I don't think I've even seen a Henry in 45 Colt... ever...
  15. Boomstick Bruce

    No more Rossi 92's???

    whats hrac?

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