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  1. pair of stainless 1858's F/S

    I have come into so money trouble and need to sell off a few guns I don't shoot. so I'm letting my stainless euroarms .44cal 1858 remingtons go. These guns are in great condition and the actions are nice and smooth. looking to get $300 each or $550 for the pair shipped to your door
  2. Vintage Winchester 1890 Rifle .22 Short

    I have a rossi version in stainless... its a hoot to shoot and gets all kinds of looks at the range!!!
  3. WTB M1 .30 Cal Carbine pre 1945

    Find this on Armslist, I don't know if it's what you're looking for it not as I'm not into WWII guns. http://www.armslist.com/posts/7278916/morgantown-west-virginia-rifles-for-sale--m1-carbine-price-drop
  4. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Alias: Boomstick Bruce SASS#: 105711 Where I'm from: West Virginia Active shooting: one year
  5. WTB: Para Ordnance LDA

    come one someone... i've got six 100 dollar bills sitting here waiting...
  6. Uberti Taylors & Co Cattleman Black Powder Revolver

    Jim is right, it's only frontiersman it's banned from.. ok for all other categories.. I had a pair, never shot SASS with them because I was told the same false info that they weren't allowed so I sold them. I wish I had kept them...
  7. WTB: Para Ordnance LDA

    Any double stacks???
  8. WTB youth guns

    rossi 62 for the coolness factor, pair of heritage rough riders for the cheap, and a double 410... i have a 62 myself... its one of the most reliable rifles i own... never a single jam or fte in thousands of rounds...
  9. WTB: Para Ordnance LDA

    I'm looking for a Para Ordnance LDA, full size single stack in .45acp for a FTF purchase in West Virginia from a West Virginia resident. Pm me pics and what you're asking for it.
  10. WTB Uberti derringer

    I do know the eig were made in Italy, it has the same import marks and dates stamps as my Italian made 58's.. I wonder if Uberti, eig, and fie all are the same... What you are describing is exactly my eig... There is an FIE on GunBroker right now. I'll pm you the link
  11. WTB Uberti derringer

    What's the difference between those and the eig's that were imported in the 60's? I have an eig .38 i bought years ago at a gun show. It's a great little gun...
  12. Welcome Cobra Cat!

    Welcome from wild and wonderful West Virginia!!!
  13. Birdshead grip vs Traditional grip

    I bought one of Taylor's 1860 stubbies with the thunderer grip and a 45 Colt conversion cylinder. Only fired 10 rounds out if it before I sold it. It did not handle recoil well at all... Was a cool little gun though...
  14. wild bunch question

    is the para ordnance LDA allowed in WB? with its long double action trigger pull it doesn't give any advantage, more like a disadvantage... reason im asking is I'm currently going through training classes to be an armed guard and since I can carry a personal firearm I decided I want to carry a .45acp... but single action guns are not approved (i.e. no 1911's) so I have settled on either the colt double eagle (DA/SA) or the para LDA (DAO) and was wondering if it could pull double duty and be a WB gun... I guess after 107 years, cocked and locked isn't safe anymore...
  15. Stainless 5.5" ROA W/conversion F/T