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  1. Boomstick Bruce

    45 lead

    Waimea, outlaw bullets! That's who it was! Thanks!
  2. Boomstick Bruce

    45 lead

    I ordered lead bullets from a member here about 2 months ago and can't remember who it was. Real soft 200gn lrn that doesn't lead up my converted cap guns. Has blue lube. It was like $35 for 500 shipped. Came in a flat rate box. That's all I can remember... Any ideas?
  3. Boomstick Bruce

    Wild bunch rig

  4. Boomstick Bruce

    Pocket pistols

    Check your messages
  5. Boomstick Bruce

    Pocket pistols

    All SPF
  6. Boomstick Bruce

    Pocket pistols

    32 H&A SPF, 32 S&W SPF I'll let the 38 Hopkins go for $125 shipped.
  7. Boomstick Bruce

    Wild bunch rig

    Bump, lowered $125 shipped
  8. Boomstick Bruce

    Pocket pistols

    Yes, funny you mention it now... As of 10 minutes ago, the 32 Smith is SPF and the brass is SPF I'll let the 32rf go for $108 shipped (the 8 to cover shipping, I paid 100 for it a few weeks ago) And the 38 H&A for $125 shipped...
  9. Boomstick Bruce

    45 Colt Round Ball Loading Data

    .454 round ball weighs about 141 grains, should make for a decent mouse fart load... My Remingtons that are still c&b have much less recoil with full power triple 7 loads and round balls than my converted 58s with 5.5gn of trail boss and 200gn bullets
  10. Boomstick Bruce

    Blown Guns During SASS Matches?

    Here's the only pic I have of the Walker I blew up a few years back. Black powder, 285 conical. I may have loaded 4f by accident, I may have forgot to lube the bullet, it might have just been one of those things, I just don't know. I will tell you this, it scared the crap put of me!
  11. Boomstick Bruce

    Blown Guns During SASS Matches?

    Boiler tech are you? When I still worked on boilers we called it "rapid disassemblance of parts, unassisted"... Or "coughing a firebox" when it didn't come apart... I once sent a flue cap from an old coal to oil converted brick set 3 blocks across Baltimore... Stupid city school stationary engineer tried to restart it more than two dozen times and filled it with oil, didn't bother to tell me of course. I replaced the flame eye, started it up, then KABOOM!!! Found the flue cap 3 blocks away in the middle of the street... I "popped" a chamber on my 47 Walker with a 285gn conical and a full chamber of black powder (not sure if I accidentally filled it with 4f or not). I took a buddy of mine to the range with the same Walker with a different cylinder and it chain fired on him. The first time he ever shot a cap and ball, first round, chain fire...lol... Scared the hell out of everyone and the only chain fire I've ever seen. Had a guy I worked with buy a first model Iver Johnson 32s&w from me, go out and buy 32acp hollow points and blow it up... Seen quite a few 73s jam up or break but never a kaboom at a match... Never seen a 92 jam either
  12. Boomstick Bruce

    Pocket pistols

  13. Boomstick Bruce

    Wild bunch rig

  14. Boomstick Bruce

    Ruger with a 9mm cylinder


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