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  1. Boomstick Bruce

    WTB: 1858 Remington conversion cylinder

    Btt... Last chance before I order one new...
  2. Boomstick Bruce

    1858 Remington SS 5.5 Conversions 45 Colt

    Legally with the conversion cylinders installed they are modern firearms and fall under all the nfa/ffl rules. If the cylinders were removed and shipped separately from the guns, there is no ffl needed...
  3. Boomstick Bruce

    Loading a Howell Type Conversion

    Oh and the Wolff spring is more than just a slot cut into the spring. It's thinner, skinnier and a better type of spring steel. Well worth the money. I've been shooting, building, modifying and customizing 58's for nearly 20 years. I've made some nice guns and I've screwed up some nice guns too. So from experience I know what to do and what not to do when it comes to the 58...
  4. Boomstick Bruce

    Loading a Howell Type Conversion

    The best way I found was to leave the hammer down, start installing the cylinder from the right side while slightly turning the cylinder and pulling back on the hammer at the same time, once the cylinder is in the frame, continue to turn it and slide the cylinder pin back. The hammer should be at half cock once you have the cylinder in the frame. At this point I would rotate the cylinder so the empty chamber is going to line up with the hammer so I can go full cock and lower the hammer onto the empty chamber. With the 5 shot you'll have to CAREFULLY lower the hammer onto a live round, then pull the hammer back enough to unlock the cylinder, then let the hammer back down between chambers so the bolt drops into the "safety" notch. Letting the hammer down on a live round is why I don't like the 5 shot Howells, it's too easy to put a hole in something you don't want a hole in, again, don't ask me how I know this. The Kirst has a dummy chamber for the hammer to rest on so it's just like loading a Colt SAA.
  5. Boomstick Bruce

    Loading a Howell Type Conversion

    its a hammer spring, less tension on the hammer=less pressure on the sear. less pressure on the sear = less trigger pull. the spring is designed for a colt SAA, us '58 shooters use them in the 58's. I have them in all 12 of my 58's.... eventually in this thread, someone is going to chime in and tell you to back the hammer spring screw out to lessen the hammer spring pressure, don't. the screw will eventually back all the way out and the spring will jump off the back of the hammer and bind up the gun. don't ask how I know this...lol... the howells and taylors cylinders are made by Kenny howell... all taylors does is sell them and fit them... I prefer the 6 shot because the Remington as designed as a 6 shot but... my kirsts are 5...
  6. Boomstick Bruce

    Loading a Howell Type Conversion

    http://1858remington.com/discuss/index.php/topic,5248.0.html What's the date codes on those Remmys? If you bought the cylinders from Taylor's, you can send everything to them and Tom will fit them to your guns for FREE! I shoot a pair of stainless uberti 5.5's with Kirst gated konversions as match guns.
  7. Boomstick Bruce

    Replacing the bolt on a Rossi 92

    I think the "S" and "F" left next to the plug after you remove the safety is worse...
  8. Boomstick Bruce

    No more Rossi 92's???

    Gallery of guns is still showing out of stock https://www.galleryofguns.com/genie/PowerSearchTabView/SearchResultsFirearms.aspx?&mfg=Rossi&mdl=All&cat=All&type=Rifle%3a+Lever+Action&cal=All&rebate=No&zipcode=25413
  9. Boomstick Bruce

    Replacing the bolt on a Rossi 92

    Why does everyone hate the safety so much? Mine has one and other than I think a safety on a lever gun is pointless, I don't have any problem with it.
  10. Boomstick Bruce

    WTB: 1858 Remington conversion cylinder

    Doesn't matter, I have 12 Remington 58's as long as it fits one I'm happy...
  11. Boomstick Bruce

    Starting with black powder

    I'm using pyrodex rs (2f "equivalent") in my shotgun loads and triple 7 3f in my 45 Colt rounds. I haven't shot a match with black yet so I can't give you any feedback on that but I have been shooting c&b revolvers for nearly 20 years and I prefer triple 7 due to less fouling and easier cleanup.
  12. Boomstick Bruce

    Shotgun belt number of loops??

    Mine is leather and holds 12 in pairs, I run a double, it also has 4 on each side for pistol/rifle rounds
  13. Boomstick Bruce

    New to forum...SASS

  14. As the title says, I'm looking for a stainless Taylor's conversion cylinder for a 58 in 45 Colt
  15. Boomstick Bruce

    Short Stroke revolvers

    can you short stroke 58 remingtons with 5 shot kirst konversions??? hmmmm

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