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  1. RO Class

    Last bump.
  2. Where are Winchester 2/34 980 26 gram loads

    Call me tomorrow after 3pm. Believe I can help.
  3. RO Class

    Time is getting short!
  4. RO Class

  5. RO Class

  6. RO 1 class at BAR 3

  7. RO Class

  8. RO Class

  9. RO Class

    The course in it's self is ok. I don't think it is any better or worse. The power point is only good when used inside and where there is power. The old version could be taught in 4 hours. I taught the new streamlined (powder point) version in Feb. and it took between 5 1/2 and 6 hours. Makes it almost impossible to do I and II in the same day.
  10. RO Class

  11. RO Class

    Both if there is enough interest in RO 11.
  12. RO Class

  13. Moly coated bullets

    Precision bullets are a swaged and Teflon coated bullet, with no crimp groove. No need to wear gloves, they aren't messy. It is recommend that you use a taper crimp on them rather than a roll crimp.
  14. RO Class

    We are scheduling a RO class at Ormsby ranch on Sept 16th. All are welcome. If you are planning to attend, please contact me so I can have the necessary materials and or pins ready for you. Gunslinger Cell 214 803 9258 shop 972 617 6511 [email protected]
  15. '73 Locks Up

    Put the stock firing pin extension back in and check action....