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    SASS, sporting clays, old muscle cars, trying to be a good example for my son, and just trying to be a good man

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  1. Wicked Wayne

    For Sale Cimarron 1885 High Wall Deluxe $700

    So...... do you consider the rifle fixed or just sorta fixed (light hit issues etc) thx WW
  2. This guy is trying to sell his shotgun - but his post seems to have been hijacked by pay pal issues - posts get hijacked a lot good luck to this seller over and out
  3. The ad said nothing at all about pay pal - that all got started by someone other than the seller
  4. Wicked Wayne

    Gun Cart by Yul Lose for sale

    Beautiful cart and great craftsmanship, but pricey.
  5. Wicked Wayne

    WTB Magazine for a Winchester model 100

    I have a spare- how much will you pay for one - this one shows some wear
  6. Wicked Wayne

    SOLD-Uberti El Patrons Stainless

    These guns look to have different barrel lengths in the photos. Or my eyes may be playing tricks - pls advise wicked Wayne
  7. Wicked Wayne


    Seems both sheathes are set up for lefties - nice knife but the guard looks clunky and unfinished - good luck with your sale
  8. Wicked Wayne


    Do you have anything in mind for a trade? The price seems to be scareing folks off since you can get lesser quality SxS for a lot cheaper a lot of the time thx Wicked Wayne
  9. Wicked Wayne

    SOLD Glock 19X-LNIB

    Hi - potential glock buyers may ask what generation your pistol is - seems to be a gen 5 from the rounding of the frame near the end of the barrel - thought this might be of interest thx and good luck on your sale wicked wayne
  10. Wicked Wayne

    SOLD Glock 19X-LNIB

  11. Wicked Wayne

    WTS .45 cal 38/.357 cal and 12ga belt slides

    Are the 12 ga and the 38/357 slides still available? pls advise thank you - wicked wayne
  12. Wicked Wayne

    cataract surgery lens options

    Multifical lense in both eyes is the only way to go - depending on insurance it can cost you around 7-8K$ out of pocket but is worth it - just my opinion - I can now see anything from very close to very far with no glasses at all dont let the cost be the deciding factor goos luck wicked wayne
  13. Hi - nice shotgun - what is barrel length and what is length of pull if you don't mind - thanks - wicked wayne 195514

  14. I will look for buckaroo hulls for you - where do you want them sent - reply to me at gumcw@yahoo.com


    wicked (not so much) wayne


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