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  1. Chicken George*

    73 Carrier Modification for Reloads

    I think most consider it a little faster if you can do it right but it also has a lot more possibility of messing up things bad. I see a lot of the top shooters using it. I am used to ending the rifle with the action open and loading from the top you load it open. So it seems more natural to me just to throw one in after I end the same way I always do. Remembering to not open the action to load through the gate seems to be more difficult to get used to for me.
  2. Chicken George*

    73 Carrier Modification for Reloads

    Our other gun has the same problem you are describing. My boys have been loading over the top and are careful to not push the carrier all the way down and seem to be doing fine. But I noticed that there is some play in the carrier and the front tilts down a little. If I tilt it straight they will go in even with it all the way down. I'm thinking the carrier is just getting too worn in a few places (maybe also where the lifter hits it) and plan to put a new carrier in that one soon and see if that fixes it. I want to put in an aluminum one anyway.
  3. Chicken George*

    73 Carrier Modification for Reloads

    Thanks!! Yes, I meant to say rim. I will fix that. I assume the bottom picture is the older gun? That picture seems like a good one to copy. Also wonder if over time it has worn down some to get it to that point. I didn't even think about a modification that is seen could be illegal. Looks like mine is aluminum so it will show up more. I did think that it wouldn't lift up the casing as high and maybe not eject it as well but I guess it would be a matter of ejecting or not. It has to lift it high enough to pop loose. Guess I could check at what point that happens and how much room there is to spare.
  4. Chicken George*

    73 Carrier Modification for Reloads

    I decided that I want to get better at my rifle reloads and start reloading from the top on my 1873. Our other (older and more broke in) 73 works fine but on mine the rim of the casings (38s) hang up where it gets higher on the carrier. Unless I wiggle the lever back and forth for a bit or force it, it won't get past that edge. Before I file that edge down a bit so it will slide by, I thought I would ask if modifying the top of the carrier is a common thing or if it could potentially cause issues. Seems like a Smith once told me that as scratches develop in that area, that they should be smoothed out but other than that I haven't heard anything about modifying there. I have noticed that the replacement carrier that Pioneer sells appears to already have this modification. If anyone has a carrier that has been modified there, maybe you could post a picture of it. I don't plan to take off much and only do a little at a time until it works but I am curious how much could be taken off before it would affect something else.
  5. Chicken George*

    Finally built my dream 1873

    Great info!! I like what you did including the buttplate. I could never get used to the crescent buttplate. Always stabbing me when I didn't have it just right because I am going fast or when the slick metal made it slide out of place. I didn't want to modify my stock so I taped on some foam rubber to make it somewhat flat and made a leather cover to hide it. I used suede leather on the back part so it now sticks to my clothes where I put it. Shot with someone once that had a piece of wood glue gunned in the crescent with some felt on the back. Pretty ugly but worked for him. Make the gun work for you.
  6. Chicken George*

    Cap and Ball Info?

    At Winter range EMF gave all the junior shooters 1851 Navy cap and ball guns. What a great and generous company!! My boys have been wanting to shoot them but I don't know anything about C&Bs. I thought I could give them for Christmas the minimum they would need to start using them. We don't plan to compete with them or anything. It would be just for fun. They have 36 and 44 caliber guns. Sportsman's Warehouse seems to have everything in stock. I know I need lead balls in those sizes. Do I need size 10 or 11 caps? Certain brands better? Can I use Black MZ for the powder (I would prefer to use that if possible because it's cheap and my friend uses it)? Could anyone recommend a light load for them? Any required tools needed? Also, are there any good tutorials anyone can recommend on the subject?
  7. Chicken George*

    3 ?s for 1897 shooters

    Man, we've broke 3 or 4 ejector springs just this year. But we dry fire dummies that are most the weight of live rounds. Maybe I should try the ones at the Smith Shop to see if they last longer.
  8. Chicken George*

    Rifle tuning/drop-in parts.

    While I agree with what's been said above some things are super easy, like the free spin on a NMV. There is a little Allen screw in front of the hammer down at the bottom. Take that screw out, the little spring and the pin. Done! If you change your mind put it back in. But first check how smooth it spins. A lot of times the pawl/hand rubs and needs to be modified.
  9. Chicken George*


    He can definitely shoot!! Amazing to be up to speed so soon after surgery! Happy for him. He deserves it. One of the nicest guys there is. I was hoping to see him go against Cody. That would have been fun.
  10. Chicken George*

    Cody James wins Bordertown

    When he shoots his best, no one can beat him! Pretty sure he had the fastest time on 7 of the stages. But he is also humble and down to earth. He gave his clean match pin to my daughter. I also liked how he let the top woman at the top 16 shoot off catch up and then beat him. A true class act!! Comes from a great family that raised him well!
  11. Chicken George*

    Western Division Champions.

    Okay, I learn something knew every day here. Thanks guys! I was confused because there is a western region and thought division was being used interchangeably.
  12. Chicken George*

    Western Division Champions.

    What's the division? There are divisions and regions?
  13. Chicken George*

    Western Division Champions.

    I'm confused... They both won our Four Corners Regional and I thought they had to be in the region to be the overall winners.
  14. Chicken George*

    WTC- Malfunction Preventing a P

    I was the TO for a gunfighter shooting a Nevada sweep with his pistols. Sweep ended on the far left target. He cocks both guns together and shoots both pretty close to the same time. His second to last shot (with his right hand on the second from the left target) went click and then he shot with his left gun and hit the left target. He then kept cocking and pulling the trigger on his right gun trying to go through all of them again to get his last round to go off on that second from the left target. My first instinct was to stop him but he was an older and much more experienced shooter so I let him finish. The round never did go off and he moved on with the rest of the stage. (The round ended up having a bad primer.) After the stage I mentioned that it was good that the round didn't go off the second time around because he would have earn a procedural. He said that wasn't the case because "a malfunction can't cause a penalty". I don't think he was correct but I thought I would look it up and also ask. Only things I can find in the handbook that he may be referring to are "Malfunction – Failure of a gun or ammunition to function as designed or fire satisfactorily" and "Malfunctioning firearms still containing rounds will not warrant penalties so long as the malfunction is declared and the firearm is made safe." The main reason I am second guessing myself is because I am thinking about how shotgun targets with an order can be engage in the correct order and then misses can be re-engaged in any order. I have 4 questions. 1- Would the shooter have earned a P if the bad round went off on the second try? 2- Could any malfunction, whether with ammo or a firearm, ever prevent a P? 3- I assume the penalties being referred to in the HB would only be safety penalties from live rounds ("Malfunctioning firearms still containing rounds will not warrant penalties")? 4- Would you as a TO try to help someone in that situation?
  15. Chicken George*

    Light 410 load

    I think you could get away with 3/8 Oz from my experience but can't help you with 410. We started reloading shotgun shells recently. I wanted to make a real light load for my little 7 year old daughter who is just starting and also thought my buckaroo boys could use the same load for practice (not matches) to save money (less shot = less $). We all shoot 97s (12 gauge). I bought the smallest wads I could find which were for 3/4 Oz and bars for my reloader in a few sizes down to 1/2 Oz. I bought powder bushings in a few small sizes. I started with the smallest of everything expecting to have to move up. The powder ended up being a little more than 11 grains of 700X. After putting in 1/2 Oz of shot I put in dry rice until it fills up the shell where it should be. Tried them out and was completely surprised! They knock down targets perfectly fine. Compared them a lot to the low noise/recoil AAs that we normally shoot and can't tell the difference in knockdown ability. They are extremely light! My daughter has no problem and likes shooting them. She actually keeps asking to shoot them more often. I have even been using them in practice and really enjoy them. I feel like I'm cheating to use them though. But I think our buckaroos/buckarettes will be using them for matches and everything. Not sure on the speed of them, our chrono doesn't seem to pick up shot shells well. Hope you can figure out something for 410s but my opinion has always been if they can lift a heavier gun the heavier gun will kick less. So we started all our kids with guns they can also shoot when they get older.

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