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  1. Chicken George*

    How can you shoot this?

    The difference in opinion is fascinating and entertaining! I'm not about to try to change anyone's minds nor do I care to. They are only opinions. But out of curiosity, I do have a couple questions for those that believe the scenario would be quad tapping. Is there anything that could be written after asking for a triple tap that would allow you to shoot a target that was triple tapped with the next round if you choose to without changing it from being a triple tap? A way of ending the first instructions so they don't influence the second set. Also, what if there were only one set of targets for rifle and pistol. If someone shot rifle first, correctly ending on the center target, would he not be allowed to start pistols on the center target? When would it naturaly end? Just at the end of the stage? I assume if you ended a stage on a target and used the same targets for the next stage, no one would think it could continue to accumulate if you started with the same target?
  2. Chicken George*

    Whats the Call

    It's sad that these bad calls are happening and it's not just at small clubs. My kid got the same call at the last Winter Range. He thought he jacked a round out so he put down his rifle (lever forward/open) with his last round on the carrier. They gave him a SDQ. That call dropped him from 2nd to 4th place. I didn't see it and my kid didn't know what the call should be. I have it on video and you can see that the action is open. I have thought about posting videos of some of the obvious bad calls we've had to help people learn but I don't want to humiliate anyone.
  3. Chicken George*

    leaving fired hull in shotgun. yea or nay?

    I think the advantage of an SXS would be almost unnoticeable if you still had to open it. I think shooters wouldn't want to set it down without emptying it in case it accidentally closed (penalty) when a quick jerk on the way down would avoid that. Also, most shooters I know that shoot SXS, end with the shotgun whenever possible right now so those stages wouldnt be any different.
  4. Chicken George*

    leaving fired hull in shotgun. yea or nay?

    Then I would say that it has to be open OR empty for it to be a no call. Closed with spent hulls or open with live shells should get a penalty.
  5. I said MSV but I did not understand what was being asked. Thanks PaleWolf for the clarification! This means that the shooter did not verify that all his guns were empty and safe at the unloading table. I vote for no change to this rule.
  6. Chicken George*

    Coming to line with hammer back penalty

    I vote MSV
  7. Chicken George*

    leaving fired hull in shotgun. yea or nay?

    I vote "no call". If it is open, it is safe. I always thought it was dumb that you will get called for having spent hulls in the chamber if you set it down, but you can carry it, running around all you want and walk to the unloading table that way. If it was really unsafe it would be bad to be moving with an unsafe gun.
  8. Chicken George*

    Ruminations concerning EOT TG meeting

    If I were going to add another category, it would be on the other end. An open beginner's category that you can't win a buckle with. Entry fee could be less and shooters could shoot it even if they didn't have all their guns, leather or whatever yet. Just shoot what you have. Those with health problems that can't do everything could also shoot it.
  9. Chicken George*

    Practicing with the '97

    Thanks for posting that!! That is crazy fast!!! Just curious, what finger are you pulling the trigger with? When you have a shell in your hand does your thumb go around the stock at all or offer any support? Hard to tell in the video.
  10. Chicken George*

    Lesson from another discussion

    I must be in the minority on this but I don't mind people joking around, talking and other distractions as long as people are enjoying themselves. I shoot better when I and those around me are having fun because I'm relaxed. If there are shooters on the posse that are stressed out, too serious, complaining about things, trying to find as many penalties as possible, or just plain grumpy, I am not relaxed because I'm walking on egg shells. I'm thinking about those things and thinking is what I believe is the cause of most people's mental game issues. One of the biggest takeaways that I get from Brian Enos' book (and other mental game books) is that concentration and thinking are bad things when your performing and to avoid certain thinking beforehand. Looking back at stages I bombed, I was thinking about something while shooting. For example, I was thinking so much about staging a gun an unusual way to save a half second that I ended up shooting it a lot slower and in the wrong order. My opinion is that all the thinking and concentrating should be done beforehand. Then don't think at all when shooting. Just relax, be aware, let whatever happens happen and have fun. Preparation is the key to a good mental game (and so many other things). I take as much time as I need in the morning of or night before, thinking, concentrating and visualizing how I'm going to shoot each stage that day and drilling the order into my mind. I may practice a stage in my head a couple different ways if any instructions are unclear. Then when I get to the stage all I have to do is think of the order in my head a couple times until it comes naturally without hardly thinking (I already programmed it in my mind, I only need to make sure it is pulled up). If it comes easily with all the distractions and everything else going on, then I prepared enough and don't need to think about it anymore. Sometimes they may make a change to the instructions or I see a better way to shoot a stage that I hadn't thought of. If it is something that will make a big difference I may change but try not to and it is usually a small change. I practice that new thing in my head until it comes easily. Once I got it down, I try to relax and not think about my shooting. I don't think about my scores, my competition, my previous mistakes, or anything else that may influence my shooting. But I can think about anything else, other people's shooting, helping out and get distracted all I want. In fact, I try to get distracted and think about other things so I don't worry and can relax. When I am at the loading table I am thinking about loading, making sure I have what I need and look over my guns. Right before I go up I quickly think about the stage a couple more times but if I have done the earlier preparations it will come to me easily, without hardly trying and I can relax, knowing that I am ready and can shoot the stage well. I smile because I am ready to have fun (it is a game). I don't have to close my eyes, visualize, concentrate or anything that a lot of others do (I did it earlier). I can understand why it would be stressful to try to do those things last minute in that environment and why someone would yell at me because I asked one of my kids a quick question at the loading table. (I am sorry and I do understand that there is an unwritten rule that you don't talk at the loading table.)
  11. Chicken George*

    Spotting For Family

    I guess it makes sense that you have to have quite a few silly rules to keep the few bad apples from cheating. Because SASS can't really have a list of known cheaters that are not allowed to spot or whatever anymore. It also makes sense that if you did accidentally miss something or make a bad call on a family member, everyone will wonder if you did it on purpose. It eliminates the appearance of something that could be taken the wrong way.
  12. Chicken George*

    Spotting For Family

    I haven't read the RO manuals but did a word search through everything without luck. And that's why. If things like this have been issues then I'm glad the rule is there and will be happy to follow it. Seems like it should be in the regular handbook so more people can know about it though. I think we definitely need more clarification. I want to know if this would include cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews?
  13. Chicken George*

    Spotting For Family

    Is it a real/official rule that you can't spot when your family member is shooting? I haven't been shooting very long but I hear something about it at almost every big match. Usually someone takes the spotting stick from me when one of my boys is about to shoot and says that. They are usually nice about it and it doesn't bother me at all. Other times people have said that it is a rule but they don't really care if I do. When I asked about it one time, I got "WE ARE GOING TO FOLLOW THE RULES!" On another occasion, I said that it wasn't brought up in the safety meeting and someone said "that is because it is obvious, everyone already knows that". I have heard in safety meetings that you can't write down scores for family members or someone has to watch you write it down. I totally understand that and think the TO should probably verify that every score is written correctly. The only thing I can find in the handbook about families is "SASS is one of the few shooting organizations that actively supports family participation and camaraderie above competition" which seems the other direction from not being able to spot for family. I don't mind not spotting for family and won't if it is a rule but it doesn't seem like it should be a rule. First off, if a spotter is missing things, it is pretty obvious to everyone watching and the TO or PM should replace anyone that can't or won't spot well. Secondly, most likely it will be only one spotter which will be in the minority and couldn't get away with anything anyway. I can see making a rule that only one spotter can be family but I can't imagine that more than one person would work together to decide what they are not going to see. Thirdly, why would family cheat more than anyone else, especially good friends? My kids want to beat each other and especially their Dad. Fourthly, it makes it hard to function well as a posse when there are big families like mine. We have 6 shooters now and if my brother's family was also on our posse, the majority of the posse wouldn't be able to spot most of the time. If you have to have other spotters handy and switch back and forth almost every other shooter, you might as well not have any of the family spot at all. Lastly, it just doesn't seem like the cowboy way to treat families or anyone else like they already are cheaters. CG
  14. Chicken George*

    Good job Buckaroos!!

    With all the congratulations going on I want to add a couple. Congratulations to all the awesome Buckaroos this year!!! We are getting more and better ones each year and I think that is a great sign! We had 17 and the top 6 this year had scores that would have beat first place last year. The top 12 this year had scores that would have put them in the top 2 in 2016. They are all a bunch of impressive shooters! I also want to congratulate my 11 year old son, Gut C. Gunman, who could be considered the most improved EOT shooter. He went from last place last year to first place this year. Last year was his first match and he dropped a loaded gun. Even with 4 misses this year, he still averaged 23 seconds per stage. Great job Gut C. Gunman!!
  15. Chicken George*

    Putting. Short stroke in 73carbine

    Kirk, We hope to see you and your wonderful family at EOT!! How come you guys aren't on the who's coming list? I know someone else that his family kept not showing up on the lists. He finally called. They had messed up and didn't have them registered.

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