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  1. Chicken George*

    Putting. Short stroke in 73carbine

    Kirk, We hope to see you and your wonderful family at EOT!! How come you guys aren't on the who's coming list? I know someone else that his family kept not showing up on the lists. He finally called. They had messed up and didn't have them registered.
  2. Chicken George*

    winter Range on TV tonight

    So it looks like it played once yesterday, twice today, and will play one more time on Tuesday at 3:00 eastern.
  3. Chicken George*

    winter Range on TV tonight

    Thanks! We enjoyed shooting with you and your wife. It was a great time! Hope to shoot with you again. I hope they post this episode. It looks like they haven't posted any full episodes since August but I'll keep checking. I did find the episode info and ordered a DVD of the show. It was only $10 including shipping. http://www.shootingusa.com/TV_SCHEDULE/SHOW_37-06/show_37-06.html
  4. Chicken George*

    winter Range on TV tonight

    We missed it. Any way to still see it or get a copy? They were supposed to let us know when they would show it.
  5. Chicken George*

    Change the Spirit of the Game penalty!!!

    "Being a Gamer" penalty.
  6. Chicken George*

    410 single barrel shotgun for youth

    Thanks for pointing that out. I guess what I wrote came out differently than what I wanted to say. I should have said "It's way easier to get what you need and cheaper to reload 12 gauge. They can be loaded down to very light loads which can be well below standard/available 410 loads." The scariest thing about shooting a gun is the recoil and reducing it should be a high priority however you go about it. I have seen many kids get turned off to shooting when the recoil was more than they expected, especially when the gun wasn't properly held on their shoulder. As far as what gun to get, I think a short barrel and a short lop are the most important things in a gun for kids. The further the weight is away from the body, the harder it will be for them. That's why I suggested starting out shooting outlaw style which has worked well for us. The weight is more balanced on the body and it is not difficult to hold almost any size gun that high. Also, no getting punched in the shoulder. Aiming is a lot easier than you'd think. As they get stronger they can raise it up to where they can look down the barrel but still have it under their arm. Then finally onto their shoulder. It has worked for us but your results may vary.
  7. Chicken George*

    410 single barrel shotgun for youth

    The lighter the gun the more recoil it will have. It's way easier/cheaper to load 12 gauge down to light loads and can be well below 410 loads. My 6 year old daughter has been shooting our 97. Made some loads with no lead to start with and going up from there. Our young ones just start out shooting it outlaw style and have no problem at all.
  8. Chicken George*

    What's up with regionals?

    SASS is a different kind of sport and I'm still trying to wrap my head around a few things. I guess I assumed that most would want to go to their state championship and if they did well, they would go to regionals. If they did well there they would move up to nationals. In most sports you would have to qualify for the first one and then the next, one step at a time. It's kinda crazy that people go to whatever they want. Especially, that they go to other states to compete in that state's championship. What other sport can you do that? It's kinda cool though and I like it!!!
  9. Chicken George*

    Spirit of the Game Penalty

    ??? They are VERY rare right now. I was referring to those that have said that in the good old days of SASS that there were a lot more "fun" things added to the shooting. If there are less extra or unusual things now days like they say, then there will be less chances for people to refuse to do them and get a SOG.
  10. Chicken George*

    Spirit of the Game Penalty

    I guess things like requiring to shoot from the hip (or duelist) are some of the things that folks are complaining about when they say that the fun things that used to be done aren't done anymore. Adding things to do while shooting guns could be dangerous and it's not like you can practice when you never know what they will have you do. Maybe SOG penalties won't we given out as often anymore for the same reasons. I do like hearing hearing these experiences and hope they keep coming. As far as whether you need to say the line to start, it seemed like at EOT last year our PM made it sound optional. Not sure if it was just with that match, just with that PM or if there has been something official. If I remember right, he said that if you want to say the line, this is what it is. Also, I don't remember the line but on one stage, the line had a cuss word in it. He said that the Buckaroos wouldn't be saying that line and they weren't going to say it in front of them. I really liked him!
  11. Chicken George*

    Spirit of the Game Penalty

    A stage called for a double tap Nevada sweep starting on the middle target. Shooter shot the revolvers correctly and then started the rifle with 3 shots on the middle target. They realized they messed up but their mind went blank and didn't know how to continue. They dumped the rest of the rifle rounds on the right target. One of the spotters wanted to call a Spirit of the Game penalty besides the obvious P but was overruled. Later I was talking about it with another shooter. They said someone once tried to give them the Spirit of the Game penalty because they usually just tell the TO that they are ready rather than say the line. This got me wondering when this penalty should be given. I know what the handbook says but I would like some examples. If you have seen it given, what did they do? It seems like one of those rules that could be pushed on for lots of things. I've bumped into a few shooters who try to give out as many penalties as possible. I hope this one doesn't get used by them other than how the penalty was intended. In my opinion, this penalty involves knowing the shooter's intent which is tough to judge. Therefore, the penalty shouldn't be given on the first offense. If they continue to do it after they have had a warning, then you would know their intent. Not sure if my opinion is correct and would like to hear from those who know.
  12. Chicken George*

    What's up with regionals?

    We went to the Four Corners Regional last week and had a great time! I have only heard positive things said about it and also the ones they have done in the past. I am surprised that more people don't go to it. I think there was only one other pard from New Mexico besides my group. I thought with all the great shooters in Arizona, there would be quite a bit more from there also. I have heard a few shooters say that they don't go to regionals. I am a fairly new shooter and just curious why? Is it just this regional or is this common everywhere? Was it just a bad year? Is a regional award not prestigious enough?
  13. Chicken George*

    Four Corners Regional - Dixie Desperados

    Yes, it was very well done and an excellent match. Very nice shooting facility with great props. Good mix in the stages. They did a superb job!! They are a top-notch and friendly group of folks. We would definitely attend again.
  14. Chicken George*

    Congratulations to Robyn DaVault, 4 Corners Regional Champion!

    Congratulations Robyn!! That was tough with so many great shooters like runners up, Waterloo, Nick Nitro and others. It was a great match! A lot of fun and very well put together.
  15. Chicken George*

    Which lead do you like for 45LC ?

    For 45 LC and 45 ACP both, we use 200 grain RNFP. I love the coated because they are easier to work with, cleaner in your gun and don't gum up the reloader. I highly recommend Bang and Clang! They have perfected the best hardness and have the most consistency in size and shape. We had lead fouling with one brand and then compared a lot of other brands. Bang and Clang is definitely the best!!

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