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  1. Brass 38 special

    Gold shipment has arrived--Thanks Little Joe
  2. Leather goods

    Hey Heck- Bring #13 with you to our meet on Friday and I'll buy that as well.
  3. Brass 38 special

    Thanks for the update

    Brazos Cain- got the shipment today. Thanks very much. Looking forward to trying out the bonus!
  5. Brass 38 special

    Hiya Little Joe- Dis the Pony Express get my MO to you yet?
  6. Deluxe 73 Rifle WTS

    PM sent

    PM Sent
  8. FS-New price-Lee classic 4hole Turret press 38cal

    I'll take it if it is still available
  9. Brass 38 special

    Okay, was a little taken aback when I walked into the post office yesterday and found them closed--LOL But just got back from getting the money order off to you. It is posted and headed your way. Sorry for the delay. Tell you what--make me a little bit of a deal on the rest of your rounds, and I may just take the lot off your hands. Regards--Spencer
  10. Hotels after Vegas

    As the man said, " a reasonable expectation of privacy" but keep in mind that anything left out in the open could be deemed "enough cause " to warrant further investigation. As a former casino employee, I can guarantee that if a maid or maintenance person walked into your room and saw a large pile of weapons, there is a pretty good chance that security would be sent to investigate, possibly in the company of the police.
  11. Brass 38 special

    I'll take 1000. Tell how and where to send the gold
  12. Brass 38 special

    I'm interested--shoot me a PM
  13. Wanted your empty cap containers

    LOL--That didn't help, I'm still in the dark. Are you going to coat the inside with the required chemicals and then develop the tintype inside the canister? I'm guessing how it works after one photography class--a very loooooong time ago!
  14. Kirkpatrick Leather LH-09 Holster Rig

    I'm interested. Send me a PM and let's do a deal.
  15. Kirkpatrick Leather PS-2 Shotgun Belt

    I'll take it. Please tell me how and where to send the gold