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  1. Cleaning out, reloading/leather

    Got the Trim-Mate yesterday, and all works well. A real pleasure doing business With you RRR--and thanks for sendin' back my change!
  2. Hunting Knife with 3.5 inch Damascus blade.

    I bought a couple off of QDG. Very nice craftsmanship and great service!
  3. Alligator Jack has retired #45814

    I'll take the club timer if it's not spoken for already. Send me a PM for gold delivery. Thanks
  4. Cleaning out, reloading/leather

    I'll take #2-RCBS Trim Mate Electric. PM me with details for the gold.
  5. best thing to thread this for

    Or, why not just drill the shaft and use a washer and a cotter pin to hold the roller on?
  6. FS - Various bullets, partial boxes

    I'm sorry, but I've lost track. What's still available?
  7. "Excuse me. Excuse me."

    That and the Mean Joe Green commercial get me right in the feelz ...... every stinkin' time!
  8. Man to prove Flat Earth in his homemade Rocket Ship!

    Holy crap Cyrus--thanks for the physics lesson--That was freaking AWESOME! I've never understood how that works. What a wonderfully simple, yet very informative explanation!
  9. How much ammo do you keep on hand?

    I have the same problem at my place! Girlfriend and I were discussing the Las Vegas shooting and she said, "I really don't understand how someone can have that many guns and ammunition". I gave her my carefully crafted "shuttin' up face"! She has yet to see the gun room.
  10. SOLD Siemens "Pure 7BX SLV " hearing aids SOLD

    Maybe they work too good and he's just tired of listening to her? HEHEHE
  11. Gettin out of the game

    I’ll tkae the gun cart fuzzy. Will pm some contact info to you
  12. Central/Southeast Texas Area SASS Members

    Thanks Frio. Will check them out!
  13. Gettin out of the game

    Hey Fuzzy- How much are you asking for the gun cart and can you send pics?