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  1. Smoky Pistols

    SS Hunting / Camp knife

    I'm salivating!
  2. Smoky Pistols

    Late adopter

    While stationed in Germany, I applied for, and was accepted, for Special Operation Group. Only problem was, unbeknownst to me, I was already on orders to Ft. Ord and would need to complete a year at that post and then re-apply for admission. In that year, my knees were totally ruined and I ended up out on a medical discharge. Thirty-one years later, I sometimes wonder how my life would have been different. But, then again, there's a few things in there that I wouldn't have missed for the world.
  3. Smoky Pistols

    Now, THAT'S a new one

    Open a new account with 10 dollars and send him the info--you never know! LOL
  4. Smoky Pistols

    Australian pilot tells millons exactly how he feels.

    I didn't even notice until you mentioned it.
  5. Smoky Pistols


    DDD- Replied to you PM. I'll take them
  6. Smoky Pistols


    PM me with details for the gold--I can do PayPal, Postal MO or check
  7. Smoky Pistols


    I'll take the ivory grips--both pair
  8. Smoky Pistols

    911 on a cell

    I was just informed yesterday that if you repeatedly push your iPhone power button several times quickly (mine took about six or seven) the phone will immediately sound an alarm and dial 911 after a 3-second countdown. It will also provide for location by responders. I tried it-you gotta be quick to stop the call!
  9. Smoky Pistols

    Advice from a new shooter

    Yes, but I swear it was an honest mistake!
  10. Smoky Pistols

    Military question - uniform regulations

    It depends on what you have on under your jacket. In the Army, you can wear a shirt under your jacket that has epaulets, allowing you to properly display your rank, then you may take your jacket off whether indoors or outdoors. Depending on the circumstances, an additional nametag may be required on the blouse(indoors, maybe--outdoors, most definitely). Always take your hat off when entering a building or a form of transportation, unless you are "battle rigged" then you would normally leave your helmet on. Not that it can't be removed, but they tend to be easier to control strapped to your head--they roll well. Plus it provided a pretty good cradle for your head if you can lean your head back and cat-nap. Oh, and ALWAYS wear your headgear when carrying a sidearm!
  11. Smoky Pistols

    Outlaw Josey Wales coat SOLD PENDING$

    I just purchased one of these from Tusac and I can tell you that this is one awesome coat! Completely happy with the coat and the supplier--Great pard to do business with!
  12. Smoky Pistols

    FREE Safe

    Hell, it big enough that you could just drop it in the yard and build a roof for it!
  13. Smoky Pistols

    38 caliber loading strips All Sold

    PM sent back!
  14. Smoky Pistols

    38 caliber loading strips All Sold

    I'll take the other five strips. PM me with details please--Sp
  15. I'll take a medium brown if you have one left. PM me details

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