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  1. WTC, Josey Wales

    *throws up his hands and walks away, muttering, "and then we declared war on the white man!*
  2. Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    Actually, I should clarify. Most of my stages easily double their time, But I have managed to turn in a few 30-35 sec ones. It's not a regular occurrence-but I'm finding out that there aren't many REGULAR occurrences in CAS anyway! LOL
  3. Gun for sale

    Okay-piqued my interest. You gonna let us know what it is when it arrives, Crabby?
  4. Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    Okay--here's an opinion from a new shooter-just a year ago, I attended my first weekly shoot. Didn't shoot, just observed and picked up brass, helped out, got to meet several shooters. I shoot for the fun of it, looking to improve my skills and my time along the way. Pat is right on a lot of points, especially the alienation of people. Over the past year, I've gotten some helpful advice but I've also felt a little intimidated at times. I will admit that it kinda sucks to show up to shoot with your new-to-you lever action rifle, only to be told "Oh, that's not slicked up--it's going to be slow as hell. You should send it to ol' so-and-so and spend another $500 dollars to get it slicked up before you use it. Mind you, I'm not "well-off", but I do alright money-wise, (I bought four pistols, two rifles and two shotguns, plus leathers)but having that occur with every firearm you buy will put a serious crimp in your enthusiasm. I try to get out at least twice a month, sometimes I get to the range every week, sometimes not. I shoot against several people that post times in the 16-20 sec range, while I turn in 30-35 sec stages--I'm okay with that, speed will come in time. But we really need to try to be a little less off-putting when it comes to equipment. Just last week I had two squibs-not a normal occurrence for me- but someone immediately asked what loader I used and did it have a "charge check" on it. I immediately bristled because I knew where they were headed. I load on a Lee because I can afford it. If someone wants to give me a Dillon, I'll take it, but I can't justify laying out another $650 just because you don't like the color of my press! (Especially when I have one that works perfectly fine mounted to my bench now!) I understand that we all have our preferences, but how about this--Before you open your mouth to tell a new shooter what he needs, think back to when you first got into this game. You remember, when you saved up for a whole year to buy your first six-shooters, were reloading with an Ideal "squeezer" , or a single stage press. When you'd go without a beer just to buy a box of bullets to shoot the next weekend. Back when the most important thing to you was to get out and shoot and have a good time(not the time on a stopwatch)!
  5. Artillery, Infantry. and Cavalry

    Proud member of III Corps in the 80s--Actually have the original of this poster hanging in my office now!
  6. WTB Older Lee Press

    I've been looking at upgrading my single stage. Been looking at a Pro 1000--would love to try one out. Let me know what you'd take for one.
  7. The Gift of Giving Life

    Would be nice if it were that simple.

  9. What is your Favorite Western Movie

    Yes to all!

    Left Turn
  11. Associated Press Headline

    *mutters* Don't say anything about healthcare.....don't say anything about healthcare!

    Pork chops and applesauce!

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