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    Brad Pitt
  2. What are these?

    Are you sure? It looks more like an old version of a fanortner mount!
  3. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    Yep--levity---that's what this thread needed!
  4. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    *ponders* I wonder if real cowboys bitch this much!
  5. Update on Tex, SASS #4

    Happy thoughts and quick healing wishes to one of the original SASS cowboys!
  6. Gun for sale

    Very nice! Congratulations Crabby!
  7. Does anyone else have this problem?

  8. Non SASS LEO Duty Belt

    Too small for my girth, but I have a question--Could this be used for wild bunch and if so, would you want to?
  9. SOLD - FS 5 1/2" original model stainless .357 Vaqueros - SOLD

    Wow--that took a whole 6 minutes! Dammit!
  10. Tank Reality

    Boy, that brought back a few memories! Used to hate the wash rack at the end of a field exercise. First Lieutenants were so much damn fun--even in commo. We had just finished out a month in the field and while on the wash rack had seen one of the inside duals on our deuce had picked up a nail. We checked and it wasn't leaking, so we finished the wash and parked it on the line, fully intending to come in Monday and change the tire out. All is good until we are standing in formation getting ready to be released and out 1LT walks up and says, "Sgt Spencer, you have a flat on one of your trucks." I asked him which one and he gave me the bumper number and then informed me that he had seen the nail in the tire and pulled it out. I swear to God he then said, "I pulled it out and it went flat!" with an astonished look on his face! My guys were ready to kill him--three extra hours in the motorpool that night! Doing it all the hard way because the motor pool staff had been released already.
  11. Gun for sale

    Still waiting to see what it is!

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