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  1. Smoky Pistols

    Sick of rain !!!

    Push them clouds out over Nevada way, we'd be happy to take them. Lake Mead is on the brink of being only 1/3 of total capacity. I'm not even fond of rain, but we could sure use a good bit of it!
  2. Smoky Pistols

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    LOL You don't need to worry about me until I show up in a U-Haul so I can carry my prizes home! And that's a long, long, long way off! And besides, I like gunfighter--that switching the second gun to the strong had just gets be all flustered!
  3. Smoky Pistols


  4. Smoky Pistols

    Loose Tooth

    LOL--Good point--I didn't think of that
  5. Smoky Pistols

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    LOL--Well, so long as no one's kicking me in the knees I'm good. They hurt enough already!
  6. Smoky Pistols

    Loose Tooth

    Yeah--they'd never find the tooth then! LOL
  7. Smoky Pistols

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Gunfighter! This is gonna be interesting!
  8. Smoky Pistols

    The Paper Cowboy

    Is this one of 'em? Cause I'm willing to do it!
  9. Smoky Pistols

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Hell's Comin and so am I ! Application emailed this morning and check is following
  10. Smoky Pistols

    How would you respond?

    I always hated those battles over checks, but my late wife took great pride in winning them. Finally came to a head with my MIL and we came to an agreement when we visit each other. "My town, my ticket"
  11. Smoky Pistols

    Second chances?

    I read or saw something, a couple years back, that said basically that Hollywood and the networks are being so careful to only make shows and movies that make them money. That's why they are returning to shows that were done years ago and revamping them. They figure that if the formula worked well before, then its proven to work again with just a bit of tweaking. Saying that they can make it better now with better effects, CGI and such. They don't want to lose the money
  12. Smoky Pistols


  13. Smoky Pistols

    How Far To The Fire?

    We are getting California smoke in Las Vegas even! I'm surprised that CA hasn't declared it a possible carcinogen and outlawed it outright!
  14. Smoky Pistols

    Big Triple Steam Engine Starting

    +1 to that Pat! Back in the late nineties, I had the opportunity to purchase a '67 Apache 20 pickup. When my wife asked me why I wanted it, I popped the hood and said, "See that-it's only got a water pump and an alternator and I know how to replace both!"
  15. Smoky Pistols


    Sergeant Carter, Sergeant Carter!

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