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  1. YouTube gun instructional Videos

    yes they will force us back to the days of talking directly to each other....
  2. Happy Birthday Prairie Dawg!!!

    Happy birthday Dawg!!
  3. Two students suspended for having “fun day at the range“

    this is just too stupid to fathom...... the schools zero tolerance is fine at school but should not have this much reach
  4. Testing the waters

    Sure hope you get through this without having to sell them. The fun and friends you will make will carry you through lots!
  5. SOLD PENDING=Uberti Springfield Trapdoor Carbine 45-70

    email inbound Kid. Thanks.
  6. SOLD BOTH :Shotgun belt slides

    no problem Wayne, it is yours. I will send you a private message
  7. Welcome Old Lefty!

  8. SOLD BOTH :Shotgun belt slides

    12 Ga sold to Old Lefty
  9. SOLD PENDING=Uberti Springfield Trapdoor Carbine 45-70

  10. SOLD PENDING=Uberti Springfield Trapdoor Carbine 45-70

    pics added, more to follow
  11. SOLD BOTH :Shotgun belt slides

    price lowered to 30.00 each including shipping. These cost 62.50 each new at Texas Jacks.
  12. SOLD PENDING=Uberti Springfield Trapdoor Carbine 45-70

    I will post some today! Thanks for jarring my memory
  13. It felt like comin’ home! CC, I’m back!

    I will be starting to shoot CC at my next match. Looking forward to it. Pretty much all geared and costumed up now. Looks like fun!
  14. I bought this and fired around 60 rounds through it. Was hoping to get to use it in some side matches. In outstanding condition with original box and packaging. Very nice wood. Will take some pics of the actual gun and add them here later. this is a link https://www.uberti-usa.com/springfield-trapdoor-cartridge-rifle-and-carbine 1150.00 shipped to your FFL.