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    shooting of all kinds. Archery. Hunting, flyfishing.

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  1. Hillbilly Drifter

    OVV this Saturday June 23rd

    lol great memory! yes you bought a Winchester 66 from me 6 months ago or so
  2. Hillbilly Drifter

    OVV this Saturday June 23rd

    hope that wasn't my old rifle Rye......
  3. Hillbilly Drifter

    Cooking 101 - For us guys.

    my cooking expertise is as follows: Cold meals- peanut butter on white bread hot meals- Peanut butter on toast
  4. Hillbilly Drifter

    only in Australia

  5. Hillbilly Drifter

    Someone parked in front of my driveway....

  6. Hillbilly Drifter

    RV Downsizing

    what a great find!!
  7. Hillbilly Drifter


    I cannot imagine this. Too sorry and prayers to you and your late wife.
  8. Hillbilly Drifter

    Elvira Cover

  9. Hillbilly Drifter

    Update - Ford diesel Vs Ram diesel

    I have had many trucks through the years for many things. Pulling horse trailers, hunting, daily use and now a 13000 lb 5th wheel. I selected a Ram 3500 SRW 4x4 crew cab 6 1/2 ' bed for the 5th wheel. I have never (until now) been impressed with the Dodge/Ram products. this thing is a beast! with the cummins 6.7 turbo diesel, I get all the torque and power one could imagine as well as decent fuel economy. At 5600 miles so far I have averaged 19.1 MPG and that includes my towing miles (approximately 500 of the total miles or 10%) All depends on your needs and use but this is a GREAT vehicle. It is also my daily driver.
  10. Hillbilly Drifter

    The NFL caved....

    My Bourbon goes nekkid.....
  11. Hillbilly Drifter

    The NFL caved....

    they are dead to me.
  12. Hillbilly Drifter

    Cheyenne has crossed over

    Really liked him. RIP
  13. Hillbilly Drifter

    Be thinking of me.......

    Prayers your way Noz.
  14. Hillbilly Drifter

    I'll be picking this beauty up tonight..

    Gorgeous!! Im jealous
  15. Hillbilly Drifter

    Winchester/Miroku 73 question

    I would certainly believe they are interchangeable. nothing terribly complicated or precise in those two parts. I got mine from Pioneer Gun Works.

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