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  1. Job interview today... (Update 1/12/18)

    sounds like you got the job. Best wishes to you
  2. Henry Single Shot Rifles

    my local shop has one in 45-70. very nice wood and smooth action. been tempted....
  3. Football

    it is good to hear that!!
  4. would this Hat be ok for cowboy shooting

    they laughed at my hat......once
  5. way OT: plez recommend an accurate .380???

    When you go to the gun store to look at the P238 also look at the P938. Identical in almost every detail including size but shoots 9MM very accurate and shooter friendly. I went from the LCP Ruger to the P938 years ago. Love it!
  6. 1866 Carbine in 22LR

    thanks Widder
  7. 1866 Carbine in 22LR

    I am considering it is 22LR also. why did you change the loop?
  8. 1866 Carbine in 22LR

    I have the Henry Evil Roy in 22WMR with the large loop and short bbl. It is a ton of fun to shoot!
  9. who makes best leather lever wrap

    Pioneer gun works has a nice one reasonable. I have put 3 on so far. perfect.
  10. John Wayne’s Pistols Up for Auction

    I would expect them to bring MUCH more than that
  11. Editing posts/replies

  12. Another foot surgery...dang!

    really sorry to see you have to go through this Pat. Hope the surgery is successful. Burning all your paid time off this early in the year really puts a damper on the rest of the year when you are well.
  13. Western Movie on Tonight

    Thanks Flint!
  14. Job interview today... (Update 1/12/18)

    Prayers Charlie that life will flow in a positive way. I retired voluntarily last March at age 62. Oddly I was contacted yesterday for a job interview today. I live in a completely different state than I retired in. I am torn whether I want to return to working or not but I will listen. sometimes our direction is guided by something bigger than us. I wish you the best.

    good advice!