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  1. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Short update: Next orders from Kentucky and Arizona many thanks. We sending cappers today. Best regards, Polish Cappers
  2. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Hello after short break we received next order from Texas. Dutch your holster looks very nice, congratulations. I am so happy to see all our Customers happy too. I won few competition on National level here in Poland. So I am very happy. Next ones will come this and following week. Here is few medals I won including Gold, Silver and Bronze. best regards, Polish Cappers PS. First order from Tennessee , thank you very much.
  3. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Dear Dutch I am so happy that you like it. It is so good because originally I made it for myself ;). Regarding year 1863 please read those two links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_Uprising https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plik:Eagle_of_the_veteran_of_the_January_Uprising_1863.png Basically this White Eagle is to commemoration and honor all Polish veterans of this January 1863 Uprising who fight with Russian Empire. I took this symbol because it is just from the time of our black powder guns and those guns played a vital role there as well. Of course in the future when this nice capper will have proper visibility and renown it will be possible to add any customisation on the back side. Once again thanks Dutch that you "jump to rabbit hole" and you are happy now. best regards, Polish Cappers
  4. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Yes PCA model will be available still in our shop, no change here is perfect for Remington New Army as designed originally. Today I had a chance to test modified new head from PCC model on Pietta 1851 Colt Navy Yank Sheriff Yankee kal. 36 and it works perfect. I need to test it on more Colts as well but I think if it works fine on this one it should work on other as well. To be sure I need to catch someone with different Colts. Unfortunately almost everyone use Remington New Army and Colt Army but very rare other Colts. BTW we do not have Ruger Old Army in Poland so I can't test it but Larsen promised to describe this mod so I will apply it for PCC as well. I am happy that this Colt Navy Yank Sheriff works smooth with this modified head. This head below supports all Colts, Remington etc. All guns or nearly all I am not sure about small pockets. This is manually filled so not excellent yet but will be milled perfectly. If PCC should be fully universal for all guns its head will looks more or less like above. If it will be for all apart of Remington New Army where we have PCA model then the head will be the same but without those narrow passages aside of the head. Will see what decision we will take. Best regards, Polish Cappers
  5. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Today first order from Connecticut, thanks a lot. Tomorrow we will send your capper. Here is updated map: We updated also our shop page www.polishcappers.com Best regards, Zbigniew
  6. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    I spoke to few shooters in Poland and they like the concept of two different cappers for remington/PCA/ and Colts, Rugers etc /PCC/. My wife said to me that it will better as well. I am sure this PCC capper will be best in class for Colt users, you will be able to put the cap on the nipple firmly without correcting it by stick :). Capacity 150-160 caps the same like PCA the only difference loading head but it will be superb the same quality like PCA version. I will give a chance to order two cappers in one shipment so the user can take both in one order. It will be competition for current solutions but quality and functionality reliability will be like PCA - magnificent. I am sure this will be very good and the best way to approach. This solution will not need any testing period and can be introduced quickly. So my current choice is: 1. Keep PCA as it is to adres Remington market without any compromise. 2. Introduce new PCC capper for all revolvers apart of Remington New Army model /PCA is here/ I can start PCC production in September after holiday. So soon both models will be available and both will cover whole range of guns. PCA still can be adjusted to operate with Colt Army or Ruger but for the rest PCC will be perfect solution. So sorry Blackey Cole I can't go for any compromise and sacrifice any quality or reliability both must be masterpiece in their class. So if you need solution for Remington New Army PCA is now your choice and for the rest PCC will be. I feel this is the best decision for the future and all users will value it positively I am sure, everyone want to have top notch quality and will be so. best regards, Zbigniew
  7. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Hello, I think very much intensive about new PCC model. I have two ways to approach it: 1. Change current design to adjust it to Colts and other revolvers including Remington or 2. Apply new head just for Colts and other revolvers /not for Remington/ with the rest the same. Point 1: There will be capper for everything but will need to make current head thinner in front and this is not necessary for Remington users. Current PCA model is perfect for Remington New Army and will last "forever" because is very strong, durable and works just like should works. Changing current head will create something lets say Remington users not need and can affect durability as well. Maybe it will be great but long testing needed to be sure it will last "forever". Point 2: New head for everything apart of Remington is quite easy to apply, it will be strong and durable without testing /this narrow passage both sides the loading head will gone because is just for Remington drum/. So it will be thinner in front but strong asides so it will last "forever" as well. The dilemma I had now is what way to choose. New PCC for everything but not for Remington is easy to apply and will be super solution for people who needs strong great capper for their Colts etc. If I decide to change current head it will affect its durability for sure because it will be thinner in front and aside of course still will be strong but testing will be needed. Other question is : Does People like to have two Superb cappers for their guns or just one fits all but not as good for Remington users as today /less durable/, I do not know the answer yet. Maybe the best solution is to have two cappers one for Remington PCA and one for Colts and other revolvers which will be almost the same apart of the shape of the loading head. People seeing PCC for everything can stop buying PCA model and sacrifice the quality for Remington. 100$ for both cappers that are superb is not so difficult to handle if you know that you will have the best solutions possible on the market. I am still thinking of this and which way to take. All I need is to give you best possible solutions that will be grat forever and will not compromise in quality and durability. So if you have any comments that can help me to take proper decision please share with me. PCA is perfect and PCC must be perfect as well. I am sharing with you my thoughts because it is important to give you full picture and to receive feedback from you. Thanks and best regards, Zbigniew There is one important question in the end of the day: Is it better to have two superb cappers covering the whole range of guns with best possible quality etc. or just one for everything sacrifice the quality and durability? I must be convinced before I will go one way or the other.
  8. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Dear Hoss thank you for good words, I am sure you will be very quickly super smooth with operation of our capper. please look at this short video and you will understand best angle and how to move it correctly. Here is video: Thanks Again Polish Cappers
  9. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    OK thanks for this valuable information. So your case was the worse up to now. Average lead time is from 7 to 23 days in US. It took 22 days to New Zealand. I wonder how long it took to Hawaii we have one Customer there as well. So please share this information as well so other people know what to expect. Thanks again and show it to your Friends please maybe they have Remingtons as well. Best regards, Polish Cappers
  10. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Thank you Cahawbakid for your review. This is exactly what we need that our Customers voice matters. We designed, build and sell now this masterpiece for Remington New Army and is should works as you said. We are so glad that you confirm WOW effect and we ask other users to share they experience as well. We are sure you will be happy user. Our ad in Cowboy Chronicle /Sep. Oct, Nov/ is now approved and will be showed to people so we have hope our sell out of PCA will go on even more dynamic and allow us to concentrate on Colt users as well. BTW Colt users have very good capper from TDC USA. We did not like to be a competition for TDC product therefore we address Remington market with our PCA model where TDC is not fit well. I think there is a place for both solutions on the market ;). Once again thanks for review we will continue our mission to spread this solution over the world and help Remington users to find pleasure operating and shooting their revolvers. best regards, Polish Cappers
  11. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Hello, to clarify here: Model PCA /current one/ is designed to work with Remington New Army, pistols and rifles. Will be continue as classic one. Model PCB was identical like PCA and was in promotion just because our opening and is finished now. Model PCC will be based on PCA with modified head /thinner / to operate with Colt and Ruger Old, Remington New Army etc. Today you can as Larsen said adopt current PCA model to operate with Ruger by filling little bit the loading head as showed on the picture above. The front is 1.2mm thick and this is the whole modification needed for serving Colt Army by Uberti /this is one I bought/ You can buy PCA now and adopt carefully yourself or wait until we will run next production with PCC model but first we need to recover our investment in current PCA/PCB production. It was quite substantial amount of money and still we have c.a.170 PCA units on stock. I think we will be able to start PCC end of this year depends on how quick we will sell out PCA model. Will see. Dutch thanks for good words about our Customer service we are focused only on this device and selling only this one focusing on our Customers. We must gain trust worldwide we decided to not sell through ebay or other shops it is too expensive for us /the profit is very small on this device, it is really nice pice of metal and work/. We have our own shop www.polishcappers.com and from Customer perspective is working ok but we need to gain trust. People very often hesitate to order because we are new and small and not well known yet. This will change soon for sure. I ask all of you who already order and already have a change to use our product for writing your opinion, share it with other people, your Friends etc. All this can help us to become more visible and will build trust around our brand Polish Cappers. Thanks a lot People of America you are our main market since beginning and I am sure it will be so still. PS. We are publishing US map with red dots representing our Customers so you can see where they are, Today 4th order from Pennsylvania, thanks. Best Regards, Polish Cappers Agnieszka and Zbigniew from Poland PS. I just came back from shooting range and check the current modified head with other Colts then Colt Army by Uberti. Well it is needed more modifications that I thought. I have checked it with my Colt Army and it is working fine but with other Colts is still not working as good as I would like. We need to check how much we will need to change the loading head to operate with many different Colts. This is tricky and not so easy to adjust it to any Colt Revolver on the market. I think it should be even thinner from the front to operate with Colts, only with Colt Army works fine now. Tomorrow I will try to find out if this will work with the other Colts. This is true that changing original product designed for Remington New Army is though task. So PCA is perfect for Remington New Army but for Colts need to be changed even more than I thought. Colt Army works ok with thinner head but not all Colts are the same. Therefore we need to check everything carefully before we will go with PCC version for Colt users. Will see soon and I will let you know. If you like to load your Remington New Army there is no problem PCA is for you for sure.
  12. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    I decided to buy ad in this nice SASS Cowboy Chronicle. Our small ad /we cannot afford bigger yet/ will be in General Store section in September, October and November editions. Here is how it will look like: Best regards, Polish Cappers
  13. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Yes it is correct first order from New Jersey, thank you Cemetery. Tomorrow will be send to you. New order from South Carolina, this is first one from this state, thank you very much. Here is new map: Today 8/8/2017 we received first order from Ohio, Dutch thanks a lot for trust and "jump to this rabbit hole" ;). Your capper will be send today to you. Today 9 Aug 2017 we received next order from Pennsylvania, thank you. This is fourth order from this state.
  14. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Yes Hoss we have "Dr Google" so is easy to find ;). We always double check the address before sending to you. We comparing address you write in our shop with PayPal address to be 100% sure and check in Google if it is correct. Then we collect your package and make a photo and send to you "you have chance there to react if will be any error in your address and then we send it to you. We are very professional so there is no room for mistake I now that till now 100% of our Customers received our cappers without any issue. We always ask you to confirm when it will arrive to you. Base on this we know i.e that the time for delivery to US is in average 7-10days and to New Zealand 22 days. Please write here your feelings and experience when you will get it. Today we send all cappers ordered yesterday. We wish you all the best and waiting for next orders /there are still blanc spots on the map / but as you can see we are now from East Cost to the West and North to South which is very nice feeling. We count on Larsen and positive words in Cowboy Chronical that will help us to be recognized by other black powder enthusiasts. Cheers and have a nice day, Polish Cappers
  15. Taking a Chance UPDATE, received

    Hello, just new order /first from Wisconsin/, thanks. Here is updated map of US Customers /sometimes one red dot is more than one Customer/. Best regards, Polish Cappers