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    We are small internet shop offering best universal cappers for black powder shooters.

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  1. Nice Major Crimes, it is pleasure to hear that you enjoy our cappers. Today we received next order from New Jersey, thank you your capper is already sent. We receiving many very nice words from You our Customers. We have over 200 feedbacks that our product is awesome, top notch quality etc. This is very nice indeed. We observe also that in the last few weeks our delivery time to US is very short. We received many feedback that we delivered less then 10 days, sometimes less then a week. Here is such a example from our Customer: " Received today, less than a week from Poland, very fast shipping. Excellent capper, works great with my Uberti 1858 New Army’s. I was a little concerned about making an international order. Your communications with the customer have been excellent. I will certainly recommend you to my friends Thank You. " This feedback is very important to us because we see you have still some concerns making international order. We understand this. We can guarantee that you can be 100% secure working with us. You have 100% guarantee that your purchased capper will be delivered to you. We sending via registered letters, we have tracking numbers of all our cappers sent to you. You can ask your local Post office for help if there is something postponing. We have up to now 100% delivery rate all over the world. So you have no reason to be afraid that you do some international order. We are over one year now on the market with our cappers. I think we started to build our quality and trust in the eyes of our Customers. Our mission is to be the best capper producer in the world with the best possible service and serve our Customers with pleasure, have good communication , treat all of you with respect and be close to you as "family". Thank you again for your commitment and your support. We are sure that our products will be soon use in most places where people like black powder smell ;). Please remember, we starting as the producer of our PCA model for Remington Users as we know that there was not so good solutions on the market supporting this nice revolver. Then many many Customers asking us to extend our range of cappers for Colts revolvers. After one year we decided to made it and now PCC model is available supporting most of the revolvers including Colts. We will see how this small business will be working. For sure we can guarantee you that we will not stop it until we will generate profit to survive on the market. I hope there is so many Customers in the world that sooner or later we will be able to increase our production and lower the costs. Now it is not possible and our products are quite valuable but it is so many operations involved to produce our cappers that the price must stay on this level now. We treat this business more like hobby and the scale is very tiny now (one capper sold per day in average) so we hope that this rate will increase soon. There are millions of users and potential our Customers, please share with your friends our products. You are our ambassadors, only you can show our product to other potential customers. We do not have funds for big advertisement so please help us to be visible as much as you can. You can go to our FaceBook page and give us a like the same on YT channel, you can demonstrate our capper to other etc. Please help us to speed it up. Nevertheless thank you again we are proud of our product and I hope we will have success soon being the company of first choice regarding cappers for your guns. Cheers, Polish Cappers Http://www.polishcappers.com PS. New order from North Dakota, thank you we will send your capper on Monday.
  2. Hello, next orders for PCC cappers from USA, UK, and Australia thanks a lot. We have c.a. 150 units of PCC on stock right now. Please visit our shop here http://www.polishcappers.com this is the only place where our products are available. best regards, Polish Cappers
  3. Hello, thank you for your feedback. this is very valuable for us as we do not have a chance to test our capper on all models of revolvers specially we do not have in Poland Rugers Old Army at all. We assumed that if it works on Colt Navy 1851 .36 with medium size frame then it should work on ROA as well. It seems that it is little bit to thick in the head size and the head needs to be little bit narrower. So if you can measure the current head filled down little bit to fit your ROA please give us this valuable feedback. We will adjust it in the next production run if possible to be fully fit to ROA revolvers. As I mentioned we do not have possibility to try ROA in Poland. I hope you can adjust the head easily and it will work great. We change the description in our shop temporarily erase the ROA from specification until we will fix it during next production run. Nevertheless our capper should work with Colts and Remingtons and Rogers Spencer fine. Please watch our videos because as you pointed correctly the action is completely different to snail type cappers. TIP: 1. Newer open /use the actuator/ when you point capper down. You must use actuator to push the cap towards the head when the head is little bit upright position. So not allow to fall free cap into the head. Watch our video with transparent lid to help you practice this movement. TIP 2: Please try to push the cap on the nipple not to much and not to weak just enough to stay on it. Please match the correct size of the cap and nipple and you will not have any issue with not staying cap. So the movement must be aligned with the nipple. Push and go back. it is not possible to go side way as in other cappers on the market. Here is push and reverse movement. Forward and back the same path. Please do not try to bend the head when you are inside the cylinder. You can damage your capper. And do not use to much force because the capper is quite big in the hand and you can easily over power your push towards nipple. You need to find correct movement and master it. then you will be able to load your revolver in several seconds without any issue. Thanks for your feedback and please inform us about correct size of the head for ROA cylinder. The difference will be thousandths of the inch for sure. best regards, Polish Cappers
  4. Hello , new order from Florida state, thanks a lot. We sold over 40 units of PCC in the last week Mainly to USA but also to UK, France and Germany. Thanks a lot. We send 3 cappers to this competition in October 2018, http://www.bordertowncas.com/index.php. As far as I know two PCC capers will be for the winners and one PCA for an auction. Please visit our shop at http://www.polishcappers.com , you can change the language to English by pressing the US Flag on the top of our page. There is detailed instruction how to order on our YouTube Channel or you can follow few simple steps: 1. You can go to our shop page www.polishcappers.com 2. You can choose your language (US Flag on top of the page). 3. You can then choose one of two cappers PCA or PCC 4. You can add only one unit to the basket /this is limit of registered letter/ 5. You can choose delivery methods by clicking on the dot left from the sign “Registered Letter” 6. Now you can choose payments methods – now PayPal is the best and Credit Cards is ok as well 7. Then you click “Proceed to check out” 8. Then you write your delivery address etc. 9. Then you click on the box that you read and agree the Regulations and Order and Pay button 10. Then you will be redirect to the page PayPAl or Dotpay if you prefer credit card payments 11. Then you do your payment and you will receive confirmation 12. Then we will ship the capper to your delivery address. Please show your new cappers to your friends , this is the only way we can make them aware of our great product. If you have any issue with your credit card (sometimes bank is holdings the oversees transactions, then reorder and use PayPal). We feel great having 100% happy Customers from all parts of the globe ;). Thank you again, best regards, Polish Cappers Agnieszka and Zbigniew from Poland
  5. Hello, finally we have procedure how you can speed up delivery of our capper if something starting to delay. Here is the story of our Customer. So if you have similar case or you started to worry about your delivery please write to us , we will give you your tracking number. Then you need to contact with your local Post Office and they will localise your capper and speed up. Most cases is that your Customs hold it for few or more days. PS. Next order from California, thank you. best regards, Polish Cappers
  6. Dear Lou, you are super fast ;). We are working like Rolls Royce engine, don't worry it will come to you. Few Facts: You Order 01 of May 2018 at 00:02 our CET ;). (1st of May is national holiday here in Poland). We send it 02 of May mid day. I checked it now in the Polish Post system and it left Poland territory 03 May at 23:04. Now it is most probably already in US and you need to be little bit more patient I think ;). I can send you tracking number and you can ask your US Post Office when you will receive it. I can tell you that you can wait even 30 days from our experience but most probably you should receive it this or next week. I do not know why US Post Office postpone sometimes delivery, ask them please and give us feedback please if you know the reason for that. I can ensure you our level of service is top notch and we cannot take responsibility for any delay if we do not control it ;). Don't worry and wait few more days please it will have happy end as usual. We have 100% delivery rate up to now. best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  7. Hello, We have been asked by Too Tall Bob to donate a few our cappers and become one of the sponsor of this event http://www.bordertowncas.com/index.php So if you go there for competition you will have a chance to win our PCC or PCA capper. (We decided to donate 2xPCC and 1xPCA). This event is in October 2018. I try to send low serial numbers maybe even PCC 00001 and PCC 00002 I hope you will enjoy this event and meantime please visit our shop http://www.polishcappers.com , you can have one of our capper much earlier Best regards, Polish Cappers
  8. Dear Ethan, you are lucky, no 124 is going to you tomorrow. Thanks for your order. best regards, Polish Cappers
  9. Hello, new order from Mississippi state, this is first time from this state. Yes, you will not be the last state in our game ;). Here is the current map of our Customers in USA: best regards, Polish Cappers
  10. Hello, we have received next 10 orders for PCC from US, UK, France. This is absolutely record! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We took few days off as there is national holiday in Poland but we try to send them today or just on next Monday. We are surprise how fast our PCC was delivered to Australia. Super, to UK it goes 3 days to US depends 7 - 30 days and we do not know why. Usually it left Poland just up to 3 days after sending by us. We are very happy having 100% satisfied Customers. best regards, Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  11. Dear Pat, yes you can use PayPal or Credit Card as you wish. First payment option is CreditCard /we pay less provision/ or second PayPal /we pay twice more provision/. To all new Customers: Our universal capper model PCA is specially designed for Remington New Army and after little adjustment you can use it on larger frame Colts. Our new universal capper model PCC is already modified version of PCA and supporting all revolvers. We are proud that our product starting to be popular and our brand starting to be synonim of top notch quality. We always pay attention to details so you should be very happy as you wrote. This is super filling when you have 100% happy Customers. Cheers, Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  12. Hello, new order from Ohio for PCC capper just arrived , thanks a lot we will send it tomorrow. Here is video about PCC capper. I am not expert for making videos so please forgive me any imperfections. The video has sudden end because my camera died :). All videos on our YT channel are without editing just pure life. Have fun , best regards Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  13. So you are fast We just received first order from West Virginia for PCC capper, Thank you. Next order for PCC from Michigan as well, thank you very much. Here is current map of our Customers in US. Best Regards, Polish Cappers
  14. Hello new order for PCA capper from Delaware state. This is first time from that state, thank you. There are states where we are not have Customers yet, going from West to East: Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, West Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine. We will see which state will be the last one ;). Take care and stay safe. best regards, Polish Cappers
  15. Hello, don't worry it is not so difficult. Here is short instruction how to order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya3k74Schy8 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwCsif_8GpQ Cheers, Polish Cappers

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