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    We are small internet shop offering best universal cappers for black powder shooters.

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  1. Hello new order from Pennsylvania just arrived. Thanks a lot we send your PCC capper today. Thanks, Polish Cappers
  2. Hello, next order from Las Vegas Nevada just arrived. Thanks a lot, we will send it today. Short message to new Customers who visit our shop. We know that there is no place to write State like TX, NV etc. when you order. Don't worry about this. we always address your package correctly because we double check every address in google map and we know what state you are in. So we add your state based on your address and city. We have 100% delivery since we started in March 2017. So don't worry be happy with your new capper. best regards, Polish Cappers
  3. Hello, next order from Tennessee state. Thanks a lot. "We will send your capper tomorrow, please show it to your friends and let us know when you receive it. " This is our standard message to our new Customers, we ask you always to share your experience and our product with your friends this is the only way we can be known widely. Thanks for that. best regards, Polish Cappers PS. New order from Washington state just arrived, thanks.
  4. Hello, next order from Minnesota state just arrived. Here is current map with all US Customers: BTW, If you need extra leather holster for our Polish Cappers I know that Mike is doing them in US. Here is his page: Leather Holster for Polish Cappers Capper You can ask him and he will produce beautiful leather holster for our product. Cheers, Polish Cappers
  5. Hello, we just received next orders mainly from Europe, UK, Sweden and some from US , Kentucky state. This month is rather average around 20 units sold, we expect much better results maybe just after holiday time. BTW, I am not loosing time and paralel to Polish Cappers business I am going to set up new web page www.polishlocks.com. I just have bought this domain and prepare offline full web page (all materials are ready to post now). This new initiative will start in September and maybe you like to ask what is it about? Here is the answer: After few months of research I finally invented and designed first time ever really 100% secure lock mechanism. This is 100% mechanical lock without any single spring inside and it is pure combination lock so you do not need key. This lock mechanism I called obviously Polish Combination Lock (PCL) and now I am ready to present it to the world. It will be completely new approach to locking, no possible to crack and bypass. People will be safe and it will be apply to Safe, Residential Doors, Padlocks etc. This is completely new market as cappers are only for Black Powder enthusiasts my new PCL lock is for everyone. I will start looking for any Partnership across US and Europe to produce my invention. You will be able to catch all details in September on my new page www.polishlocks.com (now is inactive yet). I had already face to face presentation with one of best Polish Lock Manufacture called GERDA and I am waiting for their decision till the end od August. You know me from my capper quality and I can ensure you my new lock is perfect solution. You can be 100% sure that no one can crack it without total damage. Even best "Safe Crackers" will have zero chance to open it without proper combination. Please share that info, if you have any idea how to find proper manufacture in US to cooperate please let me know , my e-mail for this subject is: [email protected] See you soon on my new web page and I am sure you will like this innovative new approach giving you 100% security level. best regards Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  6. Hello, we just received order no 400 from Kentucky, thanks a lot. This is small reason for our celebration :). There are still 11 states where we do not have any Customer in US. US is our main place outside Poland and in Europe our main places where we selling right now are: UK, France, Germany and Sweden (not incl. Poland of course). Our visibility on the market is growing steadily as our Customers recommend our cappers to their friends. This is the main way we spread across the globe our cappers. Thank you very much for your support and feedbacks. best regards, Agnieszka Polish Cappers
  7. Hello next order from Texas, we will send your capper tomorrow. Here is current map of our US Customers so far....: best regards, Polish Cappers
  8. Hello, next order from Ohio just arrived, we will send your capper today. We add in our shop special link "Customers Voice and Opinions" for all new Customers just to read our current Customers voice regarding our company and our cappers. You can find those opinions by clicking the link in our e-shop http://www.polishcappers.com ,we hope it will help new Customers to make final decision about the purchase. We would like to thank our existing Customers from around the world and especially from the USA for trust they have placed in us. Best regards, Polish Cappers Since Feb 2017
  9. Thank you Ron for your kind comments, it was speed delivery indeed. We pay attention to details since very beginning therefore we have 100% happy Customers around the globe. Today we received next order from Missouri, thanks a lot. If you have any questions to us just drop us e-mail or use our contact form on our e-shop page www.polishcappers.com FYI ( sometimes our e-mails as reply to yours not reach you. So if you do not receive our reply to your questions it means we can't reach you on the e-mail you use to contact us. We are replying almost instantly if we do not sleep, time difference is huge sometimes. We added in our e-shop the Currency converter link so now before you purchase you can check price in your currency. It will help we think. best regards, Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  10. Hello, many of our customers from US asked us why there is no place to put State name in the address box during the ordering process. Unfortunately we are using some "ready to use" package of the software to run our e-shop and the address field is the same world-wide. But don't worry we always manually check every address you put using Google before we address our registered letter to you. So you can write the name of your state if you want i.e. just in the same line where you write post code or just don't worry about it and we always based on your post code check on Google where you live (state) and we address your letter correctly as you can see on the earlier posts (look at the picture above). You can be sure 100% that we address correctly and just before we send you the letter we show you the picture of addressed envelope to doublecheck with you if everything is right. We have 100% successful delivery to US and to other countries so you can be sure that you will get it. Sometimes it takes up to 30 days but you can always speed it up by contacting your local post office and use the tracking number we can provide you to speed it up. We know that very often it is hold for few days in the Customs in US and after your call to local Post Office it is deliver you quickly. (All depends on the state you are living, there are states that our cappers are delivered in less then 10 days and in other places even 30 days). Thank you very much for your orders and the trust in our Company Polish Cappers. We are proud to serve you and we count for many more orders coming soon. Cheers and best regards, Zbigniew and Agnieszka Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  11. Yes Sir (Lead Ringer), we will send it tomorrow. You paid by credit card for first try without problems. Congratulations, did you call your bank before the transaction as Ron suggested or you just you did it and it went smoothly? Thank you very much you are our third Customer from Kentucky ;). best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  12. Dear Ron, you are great. After few attempts you finally managed it and you successfully payed by credit card. First two transactions ware rejected and third one passed through. Please inform us and other users what happened and how you manage it. This is important because we had several cases in the past that our customers try to pay using credit cards and after rejection they resign or reorder using PayPal. You manage it and you solved this issue, please give the hint for the future our customers how to do it smoothly, what you did? thanks a lot, we will send your capper today, God Bless You, Zbigniew
  13. Hello Ron, Thank you for your order. The price for our PCC capper is equal for everyone world-wide and is 185 PLN (Polish Zloty). The delivery cost via registered letter is equal for everyone world-wide and is 15 PLN (Polish Zloty). This is fair play solution and the final price for you depends on the current currency rate between your (USD and our PLN) in the moment you pay for your order. You chose credit card payments. So when you will finish your transaction and when you will pay the system will convert the price to USD so in fact you will be charged in USD after conversion and we will received the amount in PLN minus the provision from the transaction operator. The same is when someone will use PayPal instead of credit card. the only difference for us is 3x bigger provision we pay for this transaction. So Ron, as soon as you will finish your transaction and you will pay fot it we will send you your ordered capper. You do not need to reorder, you already received the order confirmation with the link to payment. PS. The same rules of payments are for people from EU (they pay in Euro) or from other parts of the world. We charge only 15 PLN for delivery (equal price regardless where you are living) in fact this is much below the real value but we decided to make it fair for everyone. So you can check current price in your currency using the cash converter or just ask your bank what amount in your currency they want to charge you when you buy from us for 200PLN as Total. Remember the price is fixed in PLN and vary day to day in your currency depending on the daily exchange rate. best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  14. Hello, we just received first order from Maryland state. Thank you very much, we will send your capper on Monday. best regards, Polish Cappers
  15. Hello new order from Georgia just arrived , we will send it today. Here is our latest Customers map in US: Thank you very much for your trust in us and your support. There are still some states that we do not have single user of our cappers ;). best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers

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