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  1. Hello, next order from Pennsylvania, thank you. We sending your capper tomorrow. best regards, Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  2. Today we received next order from Connecticut, thank you. One year passed since we started our production of PCA and PCB series /PCB was short run 50 units/. We believe still we are not visible enough for our future Customers. So if you own our capper and you are our happy Customer please share this as much as you can with your Friends. We are selling through people network our Customers and some forums only we do not sell through many shops around the globe. We have many requests for cooperation but we decided that in order to have full control over the quality we will sell only through our shop http://www.polishcappers.com . Only there you can buy Polish Capper. We will continue this mode until we can do it as today. If there will be enormous demand some day in the future we will consider other channels of distribution but this is not the case today. There are days that we are selling 6 units but most usual situation is 1 or 2 cappers per day. Sometimes there are few days without any order so our business is still very tiny and needs more visibility. When we will go level up then maybe there will be a chance to have lower price than today, everything depends on the scale of production and sell dynamics. We still need c.a. 35 PCA units to sell before we will start next gen production of the PCC series. If you have any feedback to us /especially from our current Customers/ let us know, please use our e-mail [email protected] or use our contact form on our page http://www.polishcappers.com and write to us any your ideas, what we can change in our capper if you need any change, size and capacity, engravings any other hints? This is the time we can hear you and take into consideration any valid feedbacks before we will run next series. If we can ask you to give us a like on our Facebook page or share the information of our shop among your Friends we will be very grateful. This will speed up the whole process. As you know we are very open to you and we share all information with you, Thank you for up to now support this allowed us to be on positive income now. We survived first year on the market so not bad and we are now on plus, so we are among 5% of start ups which survive first year of operation. This is promising for next year as well, everything depends on You our Customers. USA is our second largest market, of course Poland is the main one and we have some Customers in EU. My dream is to spread our capper around the globe that nearly everyone who is black powder shooter at least will hear about us. You can help us of course to spread this information. Have a nice day. best regards, Polish Cappers
  3. Hello, I would like to thank you for next order from Washington. I would like to show to new Customers how our capper is made so they can see it in details. Here is the picture of this capper we sending today to Washington: You can see here the front cover. Body is made of high quality polished brass. There is at each universal capper engraved the image of the White Eagle from the time of the January Uprising in 1863 and a unique serial number and the inscription MADE IN POLAND. Here is the picture of rear side with the nice cocking lever to load percussion cap to loading head of this capper. Here is the view of the inside compartment and the mechanism. As you can see all is made by milling the solid brass. We use fully automatic 3D industry size milling machines. It allows us to produce with super accuracy and each capper is the same. The quality is awesome. You can now understand why it is not so cheap, this is not just sheet of brass and punched on the press. This is solid construction made from solid brass. The lid has c.a. 1mm thickness and the body is solid too. Here you can see this capper and c.a. 150 caps inside. The maximum capacity is 170 caps but to operate correctly we recommend max 150. You can mix all types of caps i.e. Remington 10 and RWS 1075 and others. There is no way that caps will fall over inside the capper. and zoom.. We know it is not cheap but it is worth every dollar you pay for it. The price is constant in PLN /Polish Zloty/ 185PLN including delivery everywhere around the globe. When we started our shop http://www.polishcappers.com in Feb 2017 it cost c.a. 44 USD now the cost is 54USD because the exchange rate PLN/USD. We try to support also SASS through our advertisement here: http://www.sassnet.com/Marketplace.php Under firearm accessories Here is the current map of our Customers in USA: All further information, instructions and much more you can find in our shop here: http://www.polishcappers.com Thank you so much for your nice feedback, we have 100% satisfied Customers from USA and many other countries. Here is the video showing proper operation: best regards, Polish Cappers
  4. Hello next orders from Florida and France. We still need more to sell before start PCC series for Colt users. You can adjust current PCA model to any Colt by filling down the head little bit as shown on the below picture. Then you can load Colts Walker, Dragoon, 1851 Navy, 1860 Army as well as other revolvers. This is 5 min work filing down and curve the bottom of the head as here on this picture below: Have a nice day, Polish Cappers There are 40 units of PCA to sell now before we will start new series PCC.
  5. Hello, First order from Nevada finally arrived, great and thanks a lot. You are first person from Nevada. We will send you your capper on Monday. best regards, Polish Cappers
  6. Hello, next order from Pennsylvania and few from UK and France meantime. Thank you. best regards, Polish Cappers
  7. Hello, just for new readers, here is our advertisement in Cowboy Chronicle: http://www.sassnet.com/CCArchive.php best regards, Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  8. Hello , next order from Arizona US just arrived, thank you very much. Your capper will be send today. best regards, Polish Cappers
  9. Hello, next order from New Zealand just arrived, thank you very much we have already 4 Customers there ;). best regards, Polish Cappers
  10. Dear "Brett Black" this is excellent question. As we announced few months ago we will start PCC series of our capper as soon as we will reduce our stock of current PCA version. We produced originally 300 units of PCA capper and since march 2017 we sold over 240 units over the world. We still have c.a. 60 units on stock. Good news is that we are now on positive P&L so we started to earn money and we covered initial investment. We need to sell more PCA (around 40-50 units more) to start PCC version for Colt users. This is pure business decision. So all depends how fast we will sell that 50 more units of current PCA version. It could be month or few. I personally think we will start PCC end of march 2018, all depends on our Customers and the speed of sales PCA model. I would like to thank all Remington New Army Users who bought our PCA model so far. We have 100% positive comments up to now. This proof quality of our product. Best regards Polish Cappers
  11. Hello , just received next order from Indiana, thank you very much. best regards, Polish Cappers
  12. Hello, we just received next order from Missouri, thank you very much. We will send your capper tomorrow. Here is current map where are our Customers in US: We saw in the News that there is strong winter now in US. Please stay warm and take care of you and your family. Hopefully everything will be ok. All the best in New Year 2018, Cheers, Polish Cappers
  13. Hello we just received first order from Sweden, so nice. Next orders from France and Poland, great. Waiting for US.... All the best in New Year 2018!. best regards, Polish Cappers PS. December was busy time for the post offices around the globe. Therefore maybe the delivery time could be little longer. Normally it takes from 7 to 23 days and depends on your local post efficiency. Our post office usually send it abroad in 3 days then your local post take it over for you. If you have any issue with long delivery time and you start to worry please let us know we always send you then the tracking number so you can check in your local post office what happened. Good news is that up to now we have 100% delivered cappers, no single disappearance or problem with delivery.
  14. Hello, new order from Idaho, thank you very much. We observe that our currency PLN (polish zloty) is now the strongest currency in the world. It is not good because our capper is getting more and more expensive in USD. Our price is fixed in PLN 185 including delivery world-wide. We started our shop in march 2017 when 1USD=4.25PLN now it is 1USD=3.42PLN around. It means our capper in USD cost approximately 53USD incl. delivery using current rate. We can't influence this so this increase c.a. 8USD is pure to the rate PLN/USD. We hope your currency will be stronger and it will be better for you. On the other hand we hope you can still afford it. We wish you all the best and Happy New Year 2018!!! best regards, Polish Cappers
  15. Merry Christmas! We wish all our present and future Clients all the best in this holy time. Take care of yourself and your family. Truly yours, Polish Cappers