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    We are small internet shop offering best universal cappers for black powder shooters.

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  1. Hello, Dear Bill, I am very glad that you enjoy our capper in action. This is the most important part of the whole project that people like you enjoy my design and quality as well as functionality of Polish Cappers products. I always think with great pleasure that my cappers will always somewhere work and make people happy. Maybe in 50 years from now when I will pass away in peace they will still remind that sometimes ago in Poland was a man who invented this great product. This thought is wonderful. We sold ( in fact my wife who is running our small company since March 2017) close to 500 units up to now and we have 100% of satisfied Customers in many places around the globe. We have 100% success in delivery rate and no complains. This is for us very important because we would like to be best in class Company which will have superb service, best product and full control over the entire process. Therefore we do not cooperate with any other third party shops etc.(we have many requests for this cooperation) we like to have 100% control of our product lifecycle and therefore the only place on Earth to acquire our products is our e-shop https://www.polishcappers.com From my point of view this is very good solution for all Customers because you have guarantee that you are buying original product with top notch quality. As you can see even delivery time is quite reasonable and in your case is around 2 weeks. Of course it depends on the destination but overall is ok. We charge flat rate for delivery world-wide just 15 PLN (around 4 USD) so it is attractive as well. I am very glad to hear all those great words, thank you all for support. I hope our tiny business with Polish Cappers will continue to operate and maybe soon even more Customers would like to buy our cappers. We do not advertise widely , the only advertisement for us are our happy Customers and their friends network. So please show and share our cappers with your friends maybe they will be interested as well. I am sure your brother-in-law will be happy as well and this is great Christmas gift I am sure. We do not expect to lower the price as well due to the fact that the brass is not cheap as well as labour costs are increasing in Poland. Thanks for good words about my little aside project called homemade Swinging Sticks this is of course just for me not for sell ;). I started as well new initiative (project called Polish Locks), there is a page https://www.polishlocks.com where I present brand new lock mechanism for safes, padlocks and doors. One of the biggest world-wide company who producing locks is already interested to use it in their solutions so will seeā€¦. BTW, we just received next order from Virginia state, thanks a lot we will send your capper today. Best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  2. Hello, just for your enjoyment my latest The Swinging Sticks video with nice music: https://youtu.be/W-xeXaQVH2I Please share it with your friends this is most probably the biggest Swinging Sticks kinetic sculpture on Earth ;). It was presented (small version) in Iron Man 2 movie some time ago. Cheers, best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  3. Hello next order from Hawaii just arrived. Thanks a lot we will send your capper today. Here is updated map of our US Customers: best regards, Polish Cappers
  4. Well we sold around 10 units to Australia so far. BTW I am broadcasting live now my little project called "Swinging Sticks", you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2f_lQiXXcg best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  5. Hello, Dear Bill, you are quicker than I am and you already announced your order Thanks a lot, your capper is now ready to go to you, we sent you picture of it and will send it today. Please be patient because sometimes it goes 10 days and sometimes up to 30 days all depends on US Post Office. Normally it will be in US just after 5 days after we sent it. If you will wait too long please let us know we will provide you with tracking number so you can track it in US Post. I hope it will be fast in your case. Here you can enjoy my latest small project "like" Iron Man 2 Swinging Sticks pendulum : https://youtu.be/19EnR_opgg8 I hope you will enjoy the music too. best regards Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  6. Hello, next order from Illinois just arrived, thanks a lot. There are still couple of states that we do not present at all ;). Will see which one will be the last one. best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  7. Hello, next order form Michigan just arrived, thanks a lot. We will send your capper tomorrow. best regards, Polish Cappers
  8. Hello Next order for our PCC cappers is from Alabama, thanks a lot. We will send it tomorrow (Monday). Here is updated map of our US Customers: USA is now 35% of total our market since we started 03/2017 :). best regards, Polish Cappers
  9. Hello, next order from Missouri just arrived. we will send your PCC capper on Monday. Best regards. Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  10. Hello, today we have nice day. We received new orders for PCC from Norway, Holland and Austria. All first time ever from those countries and in one day. Nice. best regards, Polish Cappers
  11. Hello , next order for PCC capper from New York just arrived, thank you a lot. We will send it tomorrow. best regards, Polish Cappers
  12. Hello, this time I would like to touch new subject little bit off the main topic but maybe you can help me with it as well. I have just opened my new web page in order to promote my new invention. After several months of research I created truly secure lock mechanism. This lock I called of course Polish Combination Lock ;). You can go to my new web page and discover all details here https://www.polishlocks.com This is new project and my vision is to offer to people worldwide most secure Lock for multipurpose use like padlock or safe or even residential door truly secure lock. I am now looking for any Partner or Investor to cooperate and to start the mass production of this wonderful solution. People deserve to have best possible level of security and my invention offer this. The first stage is to make a workable prototype of the simple padlock with this Polish Combination Lock inside. All information is available on my web page or YT channel. To do so I need to find someone who can do it for free and then to send it to few people for review and build strong demand on the market or collect some founds and do it myself (I do not have machinery, lathe etc. to do it and I will use those collected founds to pay for building prototype. So there are two ways both possible. So if you know someone with proper machinery to help here to produce prototype please let me know. This Lock can change the status quo on the market. No more cracking, bypassing etc. Today it will be most secure lock on Earth in my opinion. Nobody will be able to crack it as today in many other solutions. So I like to share this info with you. Of course Polish Cappers is going on without any issue this is second project I like to start ASAP. Please share this info widely. There is web page, YT channel and Facebook page to help you spread this info around. best regards, Zbigniew Olejnik Polish Cappers https://www.polishcappers.com https://www.polishlocks.com
  13. Hello, today is great day, next order came first time from Maine state. We will send it today. This is great because we would like to be present in every state and so far as you know from the map we still have few states without single Customer. BTW you payed by credit card without any issue thanks a lot for that. There are still the following states without our presence: Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island. So 10 states left to visit :) It is not bad taking into account that we started from "ground zero" our company in March 2017. I hope we will speed up our business and presence in US as this is our main overseas market. Thank you very much for your support so far, we are doing our best to satisfy you as well. So it is win-win game and it is founded on solid fundaments we share as the Nations together. Here in Poland USA is our closest friend and our "guarantee" for further peace and good development. First time ever we started gradually be independent from Russian propan gas and we started buying it from USA. Great cooperation and US military troops are present here in Poland so we feel much more secure. I am writing this few words just to let you know what is going on in Poland. We are now in the best time ever, our economy is growing , unemployment in lowest ever and we have great perspective to further development and USA is our strategic Partner. God Bless America, Polish Cappers
  14. Dear Patrick, thank you very much for your order. Your PCC capper is now ready to go to you. We will send it today. Please show it to your friends and let us know when you receive it. You have already in your e-mail the picture of your capper (we always send it before posting it). Thank you also for paying by credit card it is much better for us than PayPal (less provision we have to pay for transaction). You are Patrick our sixth Customer from Indiana state so far. There is 7 hours difference between us here in Poland is now 08:13 AM and in your city Patrick is 02:13 AM and you are sleeping most probably ;). Making business for such a long distance is funny. We receiving usually one order per day. So when we wake up in the morning we check if there is any order for our cappers, especially from US. I and my wife we make bet what state the order will come from. I can tell you it is very difficult to predict ;). This is nice little game for us every day. We wish all our Customers all the best, best regards, Zbigniew and Agnieszka Polish Cappers
  15. Hello, next order from Australia just arrived we will send it on Monday. BTW there are so good shooters at MLAIC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Austria. Our team from Poland has 3rd place in Kuchenreuter Replica 25m Pistol competition. The best ware shooters from Germany and France , can you imagine 99 points, WoW. Our best shooter has 96 points ;). The results you can check using the link from previous post above. best regards, Polish Cappers

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