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  1. Hello we received next order from Pensylvania thanks a lot, your capper will be send today. BR Zbigniew https://www.polishcappers.com
  2. Hello, next orders coming from New Zealand, France, Germany and Washington state USA. Thanks a lot. Here is global map of our Customers still a lot to cover ;).
  3. Hello , thank you for new orders from California, Arkansas. Here is new updated map of our Customer in US. First place California second Texas so far and there are still some states that nobody order yet. Some of you ordering two cappers so nice, we are so glad that you like our product. We continue our add in Cowboy Chronicle for next quarter, thank you. best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  4. Hello, today I found this good information that some users already adopted our capper to other guns. http://1858remington.com/discuss/index.php/topic,11156.msg193885.html#msg193885 I asked for some detailed pictures so anyone can do the same with current PCA model if needed. We will produce PCC with this modification in few months when we will sell out our stock with current PCA / Remington 1858 model/. Thank you for supporting us, best regards, Polish Cappers
  5. Hello, new orders coming. First from Idaho state and second from Utah and next one from Arizona. Thank you very much. Here is updated map where our Customers live in USA: Best regards, Polish Cappers
  6. Hello, we just received next order from South Carolina, thank you very much, your capper will be send today. best regards, Polish Cappers
  7. Sure we deliver world-wide. We have already Customers in Australia and New Zealand ;). You need to wait for PCC model or take this PCA and adjust the head to Colt Navy by yourself. I expect PCC version in 2-3 months. It depends how fast we will sell most of PCA /Remington version/. best regards, Polish Cappers
  8. Hello, next order from California, thanks a lot your capper will be send today. Here is updated map of our Customers in USA. best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers Hello just arrived next order from Washington state, thanks a lot.
  9. Hello, next order from Arizona, thank you very much. Best regards Polish Cappers
  10. Well, it is difficult to assess why he is sad. Sometimes people do not like to smile even if they have good reason for that. I do not know really. I know this gentleman on 3rd place he is not smiling on this picture because he is very good shooter, very often he is on first place. He is my "guru" and I learned a lot from him. So here I know why he is not so happy this time. Nevertheless there are all of these people very nice and friendly. It is really nice to be part of this black powder community and have a chance to be together during various competitions. Cheers, Zbigniew
  11. Hello, today we received next order from Texas and new one from Scotland UK. Thank you very much. I found this beautiful holster made by Mike you can see it here: http://1858remington.com/discuss/index.php/topic,11156.60.html Mike is great craftsman and his holster looks so nice. Maybe you can contact him and ask for one ;). best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
  12. Hello today we received first order from Massachusetts state. Thanks a lot. BTW I have been today on training in shooting range and I shot 50 rounds from 25m from my LePage .44 pistol standing one hand grip. Here is the picture after 50 rounds: best regards, Zbigniew
  13. Yes Cool, this is what Wiki says: The city was named after Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, in honor of the Revolutionary War hero Tadeusz Kościuszko, who was Polish and had also fought for independence in his homeland. Warsaw was a steamboat port, the furthest point up the Osage River they could navigate. This is next proof that we have a lot in common as nations ;).
  14. I have good information, Today, during the Mazovian Cup, where I had the pleasure of competing and winning the first place, I tested my PCA capper with a handmade filled down head on various Colts. It turned out that it worked without problems with the Colts Navy, Dragoon, Walker and Army. This means that I do not have to file down it as much as I thought it would take a much smoother filing. This brings me to the point that I will go next week with my PCA modified capper to black powder gun shop and will double check with various Colts if it works well. If it will be OK then in the end of this year PCC model will be produced. Best regards, Polish Cappers Here is few pictures: I am on first place, so now you know how I look like Cheers, Zbigniew
  15. Next order from Oregon state, thank you so much. Here is updated map of current our Customers in US: Bigger red dots mean more Customers from that area. best regards, Polish Cappers