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  1. Non CAS Glock Conversion Barrel 9mm

    BTT for the weekend crew
  2. I am looking for a Glock 22 conversion barrel from .40 to 9mm. I am looking to see if anyone has one for a reasonable price - not trying to pay retail of course. Let me know if you have one laying around, or any other conversion cylinders for Glock. Thanks cowboys and cowgirls.
  3. SPF - Oak Tree Boots - 14D

    I need these - size 14 is great. Do you have other pairs? Let me know
  4. Decapping Depriming 45ACP

    Do you have to crimp 45ACP? I have read that when shooting semi-auto guns it is not necessary and not a good thing. What do you guys do?
  5. Decapping Depriming 45ACP

    Got it everyone - and sorry about all the debate......wow....you ready for this one. Yes, I am NEW to reloading - like I just bought press and powder in the last 2 weeks. . Only reloaded 38 special on the turret press - and bought a NEW square deal B a week after I sold the one I had here in the classifieds....didn't think I would have time to reload, talked myself out of it twice and though the last time was the final time. Now I have 5 pounds of Trail Boss and 8 pounds of Unique and two presses to work off of.. Well, when I reloaded the 38s, I used the decapping die in station 1, sizing die without pin in station 2 for the primer to seat whilst holding the casing. Well, you guessed it. I wanted to get them decapped today before work....and....YEP....I put it in the wrong hole. I was trying to de-prime where the primer would typically go in. UGH....rookie mistake. Real rookie mistake. It's ok, I learned now and, well, how else will I learn unless I make mistakes. Oh - whomever has the 45acp brass for the cheap - I could use about 1K more. I only have what I shot in wild bunch last year - about 400 rounds of brass. Thank you everyone, I knew it was simple. I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I will get there.
  6. Decapping Depriming 45ACP

    Ugh - super frustrated. Does anyone know if the 45ACP has some secret to depriming? I have a Lee Loadmaster progressive press. I put in the universal deprimer and typically roll along with depriming them prime by hand to ensure the seating is correct. Worked great on the 38s I reloaded - but the 45ACP are killing me. I broke the universal pin as a primer was stuck on the pin after decapping. How would that happen?? I dunno. But - to the question at hand.....Once I broke the universal pin, I put in the regular depriming and sizing die. It will no take the primer out. I turned it in, tightened it all up and lowered the pin. But it just pushes the pin back up - I know it is hitting the bottom of the shell case, but it doesn't pop out the old primer. Yes, I got the pin TIGHT too. Are 45ACP that hard to deprime? I am so confused with it right now. Thanks - help if you can.
  7. Is this a good deal for a beginner reloader?

    I just began reloading - like 2 weeks ago. Here is what I have found out - I bought a NEW Dillon square deal B. But....I also purchased a used Lee Load Master. Honestly - I like the Lee Load Master....and it is cheap. The case feeder - however rudimentary it is - works and works well. Beats loading each case by hand. Here is what I do.....and this is just me. I put in the universal depriming pin only and deprive all of my tumbled brass. Then I do the hand prime. Basically because I was getting lazy in watching the primers and ran out twice in the press. Also, because I wanted to inspect the primers themselves first....when you hand prime it doesn't take long at all and the best part to me is ....if it is not sunk in deep enough, it will not slide out of the shell holder in the hand primer. Two for one deal to me. Then load the primed cases in the feeder, shape the cases, fill with powder, seat the bullet, crimp and done. I loaded right at 350 38 special an hour with the Lee Load Master. The powder settings with the kit are almost foolproof. Almost, always weigh them. Back to the square deal....I have it setup for 45 colt, can load about 200 an hour now, but am not as confident in the powder measure as I am with the Lee. All in all, it is just advice. Watch tons of videos and go from there. I would not go with a single stage even if I started out again.....unless you have lots of time on your hands. I am mechanically inclined, like to see how things work and went for it. Take my advice and go with a cheap progressive like the Load Master, Ebay sells them pretty cheap and dies are pretty reasonable as well. Or, go a different direction.
  8. SOLD. Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme 20 ga nickel

    This gun is so pretty. 20 gauge is a plus to me. Well, is it still available?
  9. WTB SS Ruger single six 22 mag Cylinder

    Yep, they are around $100 on Flee Bay
  10. FS Dillon Square Deal B 45 Colt

    SPF - Thank you.
  11. This is a unit I purchased from another cowboy at our range. He said he used it for the last two years and purchased it used from a cowboy as well. I bought it on a whim, but am not going to use it to reload - time is not on my side, I will just purchase new ammo. This is what I paid - $200. Asking $200 with free shipping. Thanks, what you see pictured is included, no more and no less.
  12. SOLD: Bond Arms TEXAS DEFENDER 45 Colt/410

    This is a great price. It's a little loved...but super deal. Someone needs to snap this up. If you don't have someone in a couple days - let me know. I have a couple already. For anyone interested, they do not kick as much as you think. Pretty lite recoil and honestly pretty accurate. Great price - someone get this....
  13. Want to buy Wild Bunch rig - waist size 40

    What I do for Wild Bunch is use my belt that I use for cowboy shooting and replace the holsters with a 1911 holster and some magazine holders. Inexpensive that way, but works.
  14. SPF - Pair of Ruger BlackHawks .357/.38

    PM sent sir
  15. -SPF- S&W M29-10, .44 mag, 4" bbl -SPF-

    PM sent

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