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    hunting, cowboy action shooting,muzzleloading, archery,anything old west!

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  1. Silver Creek Jack

    .380 peas hep me.....

    yup on this! Great pistol!
  2. Silver Creek Jack

    Clothing for sale #3

    Great, will send you the gold tomorrow!
  3. Silver Creek Jack

    Clothing for sale #3

    I will take #12 pants and vest if they are still available. SCJ
  4. Silver Creek Jack

    Pair of 1860 Armies, Pietta SOLD

    PM sent! SCJ
  5. Howdy D ! I have a nice Colt Gold Cup ( 1911 style) .22 caliber pistol and holster, Has been shot and holster has been worn by me, that I would trade you for those 1860's if your interested. Shoot's really good no jams! let me know if your interested and I will be in Wichita tomorrow- SCJ

    1. Dantankerous


      Thanks for the offer but right now I'm just sellin' for cash.


      Hope you are well!


      Put the Chapman shoot next May on your list. Itsa gud 'un!



    2. Silver Creek Jack

      Silver Creek Jack

      You bet, hope you get what your askin! Yup well as can be here, I have shot Chapman before and had a blast, don't they have a shoot this fall? Was thinkin so...

  6. Silver Creek Jack


    I only ship with Fed EX, always been a great company to ship anything I needed. SCJ
  7. Silver Creek Jack

    need your guys opinions

    Yup, for the money Jigged buffalo, for the looks and the cooool factor those Grashorn elk grips would be the ticket! SCJ
  8. Silver Creek Jack

    “...I know, let’s have a spelling contest.”

    No need to go heeled to get the bulge on a tub like you! Wyatt Earp to Johnny (you madcap) Tyler, Tombstone. SCJ
  9. Silver Creek Jack

    His and Hers Roll Top Gun Cart

    Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship, one of a kind! SCJ
  10. Silver Creek Jack

    This rifle is sold!

    Yup me too, its goin to a good cowboy! SCJ AHhhhhh you coulda hid it.... you missed a great rifle! SCJ
  11. Silver Creek Jack

    need a 22 inch octagon 44-40 barrell

    A little information I got today from Marlin (now Remington arms) from a not to friendly or helpful "associate" they no longer make 44-40 barrels, sweet, does not make me want to buy a Marlin of any kind again. SCJ
  12. Silver Creek Jack

    This rifle is sold!

    Rifle is sold! SCJ
  13. Silver Creek Jack

    need a 22 inch octagon 44-40 barrell

    Hi Bill, the measurement is from the muzzle to the chamber mouth inside the receiver-22". unusual I know but that is what it measures, I know the guy I got the rifle from and he said he bought it new and never touched it. I'm looking at all options right now and sure do appreciate all the input! SCJ
  14. Silver Creek Jack

    This rifle is sold!

  15. Silver Creek Jack

    need a 22 inch octagon 44-40 barrell

    Thanks SD!

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