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  1. Red Eye Jim

    Calling all "Jackalopes"

    Oh. We have a Jackalope at our events here. Didn't realize it wasn't the same guy.
  2. Red Eye Jim

    Calling all "Jackalopes"

    I'm tempted to get him a pair just because.... I'd have to get them overnighted so I could have them in time for the Molalla River Rangers Christmas Party on Saturday. They'd be a hit in the Elephant Exchange I'm sure.
  3. Red Eye Jim

    My newest addition

    Ditto. I got it back in 87. I sold it in 89 to afford Christmas with my family...
  4. Red Eye Jim

    The hat box in the closet

  5. Red Eye Jim

    Share your format for stage description

    +1 but I just started writing stages this month, and have been creating my own images so far, they're a tad ugly...
  6. Red Eye Jim

    Ruger New Vaqueros .45 SS

    Thank Thor. I was beginning to get twichy...
  7. Red Eye Jim

    Just how many "Categories" does SASS have ??????

    If I were going to write the rules I'd try and simplify the form so that anyone can enter anyway they want, but they may end up scored in a "simpler" category based on minimum mandates. Then I'd form it up this way: Overall - (Everyone gets this one right?) Aged based\Safety breakout: Buckaroo(ette) - Mandatory (all competitors under 14 must shoot this category) Junior - Mandatory (14-16) Elder Statesman/Grande Dame (recomended) Cattle Baron/Baroness ( strongly recommended) El Patron/La Patrona (possibly required) Tenderfoot (First timers only and should be asked to wear a yellow kerchief, and be partnered with an experienced RO that they shadow for duties, etc.) Gender break for those ladies that feel they want their own. Then propellant Modern (Unless someone has a better name for smokeless) Soot Lords/Ladies (Frontier Cartridge if you must).. Then grip Modern (Calling them squaw grippers is funny but not appropriate) Duelist (Double as well but only if both categories have enough entries) Gunfighter Then Costume B-Western Classic Cowboy None Then your age categories Wrangler 49'er Senior Silver Senior If a match director feels the need for other categories to broaden the draw for the match, then so be it, but they could be listed separately. (It could be that Frontiersmen really still want to be separate from Duelist Soot Lords despite really shooting the same way...)
  8. Red Eye Jim

    What’s fer dinner?

    Pizza and Beer.
  9. Red Eye Jim

    Army-Navy 2018

    Go Air Force!
  10. Red Eye Jim


    Pauly Shore?
  11. Red Eye Jim

    Stan Lee dead at 95

    Nice clip. The did the right one for last. Rest in peace old friend. Excelsior!
  12. Red Eye Jim

    Glock 45

    I think I plan on picking one up before the end of the year, along with the Ruger PC Carbine.
  13. Red Eye Jim

    Best brawls

    Well in that case, yeah, The Quiet Man is definitely up there. That's one of the most entertaining things about that movie.
  14. Red Eye Jim

    Results ruin this night, probably try...

    We watched the Brittish Baking Show on Netflix. Paused only long enough between episodes to get my blood pressure up over I-1639...
  15. Red Eye Jim

    Sooner than later?

    You and me both. I've just put a Ruger PC Carbine on the top of my list. I've been holding back on a CMP purchase forever, mainly because I've always wanted an M1 in 30-.06 rather than .308...

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