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  1. Red Eye Jim

    short stroke a Miroku '73

    Click on the caliber where it says .357-38 for the drop down to select caliber. They're still making .44-40 and .45 Colt versions. I'm just twisted enough to want one of each.
  2. Red Eye Jim

    My new toy

    A Jeep CJ with 4 doors is just wrong. (I know that a Wrangler is not a CJ, but it's closest thing they make today...)
  3. Red Eye Jim

    How to describe a string?

    Thank you everyone for your input. If it didn't have a name I was thinking maybe calling it the "Don't Sweep"... I do think it might take a little thought, but you're likely right that this isn't a sweep for large diverse posies...
  4. Red Eye Jim

    How important is it to have matching pistols

    Answering the question: Matching revolvers = matching shooting = consistent shooting = smoother shooting = faster times overall. If you're not to worried about your time, then don't worry about matching your revolvers. Pedantic answer: We don't shoot with pistols, we shoot with revolvers. (tongue firmly planted in cheek) Longer answer: I don't always shoot for time at a monthly, so I don't always use the same two pistols even within the same match. I've currently only got six. My matching Ruger pair are my originals. I've got two 7.5" Old Army revolvers for when I want to shoot Josey Wales, and I have 7.5" Old Model in .45 that I've decided to pair with a 3.5" Birdshead in .45ACP as my "Outlaw" pair, and I have this great idea for an outfit to go with 'em, but I haven't fully put it together yet...
  5. Red Eye Jim

    How to describe a string?

    Assume 5 targets, labeled 1 through 5 left to right. What do you call the string that goes either 1-5-2-4-3-4-2-5-1-3 or 5-1-4-2-3-2-4-1-5-3 (shooter's choice) in the stage description. Also, if the second stage set with the same targets is then: "Single tap sweep all five targets starting from either end twice." Should you then clarify both times, or would it better to say: "Single tap sweep all five targets twice starting from either 1 or 5"
  6. Red Eye Jim

    WR Not Going Update

    What is their alias?
  7. Red Eye Jim

    It's Baaaaack!!!

    The snow must have melted.
  8. Red Eye Jim

    Wire Slowdown update

    Always seems to happen during a snow storm I've noticed.
  9. Red Eye Jim

    TSA Compliant Drivers License

    Interesting BOT...
  10. Red Eye Jim

    Would you shoot this match?

    I'd need to practice gunfighter for my right hand. Also I don't have some of the side-match guns that would be used...
  11. Red Eye Jim

    My Invisible Ink Fountain Pen

    I did just happen across this post. A bit silly, but it's cold outside.
  12. Red Eye Jim

    Discussion at the post office...

    But how many S. Creeks can you find on a map?
  13. Red Eye Jim


    I didn't see a reply to this message so here's my understanding: SASS sanctioned matches that must abide all SASS Rules are: State Championship Regional Championship Winter Range (US Championship) End of Trail (World Championship) Club level matches are at the discretion of the club and match directors, but encouraged to use SASS defaults to keep consistency for visiting members.
  14. Red Eye Jim

    Olay Superbowl Ad

    For me, the best ads were: 1. Bud Light/Game of Thrones 2. Amazon - Alexa Beta (Dog Collar) w/ Harrison Ford 3. Bubly starring Michael Buble' They were the ones that made me laugh. The best in game movement for me was when Tony Romo called the Jinx by Jim Nance on the first missed field goal...
  15. Red Eye Jim


    The charge would most likely be Involuntary Manslaughter, as there was no intent to do harm, although I suspect the charges would be reduced in order to get a plea.

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